Shakespeare Review of PSI in the UK


Page 66:
"Healthcare data is increasingly held across sectors – public NHS organisations as well as private individuals and providers. In that context, encouraging data to be shared to derive maximum value requires an intellectual property rights ownership model that aligns private interests (e.g. in privacy and commercial sensitivity) with social interest in generating collaborative uses of data."


 "Data that is derived from the activity of citizens must be seen as being at least co-owned by them and returning value to them, though the investment of business in collecting and processing the data should also be respected. There are government initiatives such as Midata, a government led project that works with businesses to give consumers better access to the electronic personal data that companies hold about them. The project recognises that data about citizens belongs to them and that they should have a way of claiming and using their ownership. Midata is currently about empowering consumers – government itself should explicitly embrace the Midata initiative to empower citizens by returning key data it holds on citizens back to them."