Data governance: Landscape Review

Royal Society, here.

Warum Google HTC will

FAZ, hier

Estimating displacement rates of copyrighted content in the EU

EU, here

Japan to certify big-data providers to drive innovation

Asia.nikkei, here

How competition can build trust in our societies

M. Vestager, here

Music Industry Recovery Continues, Powered by a Surge in Subscriptions

WSJ, here

Competition policy from a European perspective: A conversation with EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager

AEI, here

The ICO craze, explained

Recode, here

What’s affiliate marketing? Should I care?

FTC, here

Data management and use: Governance in the 21st century

 British Academy and Royal Society, here

The implications for Australian companies navigating the new section 46 misuse of market power test after the European court of justice decision in intel

Clifford Chance, here

Google confirms it will pay $1.1 billion to acquire HTC's Pixel team and license technology

AndroidPolice, here


Wired, here

Netflix and Escobar Family in Bitter Trademark Dispute Over 'Narcos'

HollywoodReporter, here

Big Tech's power remains unchallenged

FT, Audio here.

Hal Singer on the Digital Show

Audio here

Waymo wants Uber to pay $2.6 billion in damages—just for starters

ArsTechnica, here

What Role for Economists in Policy-Making?

A. Bénassy-Quéréa , O. Blanchardb and J. Tirole, here

Amazon Reviewing Site After Algorithm Suggests Bomb Supplies

Bloomberg, here

Synopsis report of the public consultation on building a European data economy

EC, here. Annex here. Position papers here

Closer together: The Case for International Cooperation

J. Laitenberger, here.

Brexit and Competition Policy (and the Google Case)

House of Lords and CMA, watch here.
CMA Submission here

Me, my data and I: The future of the personal data economy

Decode Project, here.

Now Apple needs to reinvent the digital economy

FT, here.

Auswirkungen der Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe (MTS-K): Änderungen im Anbieterund Nachfragerverhalten

J. Haucap, U. Heimeshoff, C. Kehder, J. Odenkirchen, S. Thorwarth, hier.

Swiss Crypto Valley Association Calls for ‘Careful’ ICO Regulation

CryptoCoinsNews, here.

Artificial Intelligence's Fair Use Crisis

B. Sobel, here.

Automotive Data Treasure

Deloitte, hier.

Whole Foods Is Becoming Amazon’s Brick-and-Mortar Pricing Lab

H. Simon, here.

Apple is facing questions from the U.S. Senate on the privacy protections in iPhone X and Face ID

Recode, here.

The Amazon Monopoly Problem: Prime Time For Antitrust Action Vs. These Internet Giants?

Investors, here.

Big data and Innovation: Implications for Competition Policy in Canada

Competition Bureau, here

EFF Resigns From W3C After DRM In HTML Is Approved In Secret Vote

TechDirt, here

How competition can build a better market

M. Vestager, here

Evaluating market consolidation in mobile communications

C. Genakos, T. Valletti and F. Verboven, here.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Innovation

I. Cockburn, R. Henderson, S. Stern, here.

Economics of Artificial Intelligence

NBER Conference, here. Videos here.

US: Trump blocks Lattice Semiconductor’s $1.3 billion sale to China

CPI, here

The robots are coming for Mozart

Qz, here

Facial recognition is here. The iPhone X is just the beginning

The Guardian, here.

Questions on Article 13 and Recital Art. 38 of the Proposal for a Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

MPI, Contributions here.

Data will be oil for robot cars so these humans are hoarding it now

FastCompany, here.

Flux raises $1.5 million as Starling Bank opens fintech Marketplace

FinExtra, here.

On the Equifax Data Breach, here.

U.S. agency demands endorsement info from Instagram 'influencers'

Reuters, here.

Autortiesību un komunicēšanās konsultāciju aģentūra / Latvijas Autoru apvienība v Konkurences padome,

CJEU, C-177/16, here.

Opinion Paper on Cryptocurrencies in the EU

ENISA, here.

The Amazon Monopoly Problem: Prime Time For Antitrust Action Vs. Internet Giants?, here.

Acxiom’s European Privacy Officer (Mostly) Demystifies GDPR

AdExchanger, here.

Equifax Isn’t A Data Problem. It’s A Political Problem

M. Stoller, here.

Apple is facing questions from the U.S. Senate on the privacy protections in iPhone X and Face ID

Recode, here.

Der Google-Staat, here.

Algorithms and Collusion: Competition policy in the digital age

OECD, here

What percentage will consent to tracking for advertising?

PageFair, here

Apple explains how it’s making Siri smart without endangering user privacy

FastCompany, here

The Dynamics Of Platform Business Value Creation

E. Garcés-Tolon, here.

Rights on Data: The EU Communication ‘Building a European Data Economy’ From an Economic Perspective

W. Kerber, here.

Chatbot lets you sue Equifax for up to $25,000 without a lawyer

The Verge, here.

An Exit Interview With Richard Posner, Judicial Provocateur

NYTimes, here.

Keeping It Real?

D. Gangjee, here

What does Google know about you? Its new privacy dashboard should reveal all

ZDNet, here

Leaked Draft Regulation on a framework for the free flow of data in the EU


Competition Policy at the FTC in the New Administration

M. Ohlhausen, here

Equifax’s Maddening Unaccountability

NYTimes, here

Bridging Policy, Regulation, and Practice? A Techno-Legal Analysis of Three Types of Data in the GDPR

R. Hu, S. Stalla-Bourdillon, M. Yang, V. Schiavo, V. Sassone, here

How blockchain will finally convert you: Control over your own data

VentureBeat, here

A New Way to Learn Economics, here

Current Alliances in International Intellectual Property Lawmaking: The Emergence and Impact of Mega-Regionals

ICTSD, here

Should Amazon buy Nordstrom next?

Recode, here.

La AEPD sanciona a Facebook por vulnerar la normativa de protección de datos, aquì.

Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: Datenschutzkonferenz veröffentlicht Kurzpapiere zum neuen Datenschutzrecht

BfDI, hier

Blockchain: Is the GDPR Already Outdated?, here

Eine Plattform für die Industrie 4.0, hier.

Network Effects: March to the Evidence, Not to the Slogans

D. Evans, R. Schmalensee, here.

YouTube und Google bei Urheberrechtsverstößen zur Herausgabe von Nutzerdaten verpflichtet, hier

How Facebook Changed the Spy Game, here

You Are the Product

J. Lanchester, here

Blockchain Regulation

M. Finck, here

Verizon will now trade you your personal data for ... concert tickets

Mashable, here

Our Response to the UK Government request for written evidence on A.I.

Robotenomics, here

Kann der Bitcoin die Notenbanken in Bedrängnis bringen?

NZZ, hier

Position paper transmitted to EU27 on Intellectual property rights (including geographical indications)

EC, here

VCAST Limited contro R.T.I. SpA

Conclusioni dell'AG, qui

La face cachée des algorithmes de Facebook et Google dévoilée

A. Laurent, ici

The ‘Internet Of Things’ Is Sending Us Back To The Middle Ages

DailyCaller, here

The Chips Are Down: Intel’s Victory in the European Court of Justice Has Implications on How Anticompetitive Conduct Is Analysed in EU Antitrust Cases

Orrick, here

Artificial Intelligence And Big Data: Good For Innovation?

Forbes, here

Access to “data” – the new competitive battlefield

Antitrust Law Source, here

Spotify: Don't Compare Us to Napster

HollywoodReporter, here

Tagungsprotokoll des Arbeitskreises Kartellrecht vom 6. Oktober 2016 in Bonn

Bundeskartellamt, hier

The GDPR will help or hurt publishers, depending on who you ask

DigiDay, here

Guidelines for Global Antitrust: The Three Cs – Cooperation, Comity, and Constraints

M. Ohlhausen, here

Why do big hacks happen? Blame Big Data

TheGuardian, here

Two sciences tie the knot

MIT News, here

True cost of Amazon pricing revealed

TheTimes, here

40 Techniques Used by Data Scientists

Data Science Central, here

New Software Helps Cars Recognize When You’re Texting and Driving, here

How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality

F. Foer, here

Uber Is Said to Face FBI Probe as Compliance Chief Exits

Bloomberg, here

Privacy and Platform Competition

P. Dimakopoulos, S. Sudaric, here

America's Superstar Companies Are a Drag on Growth

Bloomberg, here.

A Serf on Google’s Farm

TPM, here.

Amazon Alexa vs. Google Assistant: The battle for connected future dominance is on

Cnbc, here.

UK needs to act urgently to secure NHS data for British public, report warns

TheGuardian, here. Report here.
" It will be important for any future regulatory system to regulate emergent and convergent technologies such as cell and gene therapies and algorithms, as well as digital medicines".

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...