Another IP/Antitrust Dispute

Emulex Corp. files an antitrust lawsuit against Broadcom Corp.

ARL and Others on the Google Books Settlement (Part III)

A Guide for the Perplexed Part III: The Amended Settlement Agreement, by Jonathan Band.

Zur Geltendmachung von Rechten aus einem Patent-Pool

"Patentverletzung durch Einsatz von geschützten Bauteilen in komplexen Vorrichtungen und die Rolle der Patent-Trolle", von Willi Schickedanz, in GRUR Int 2009, S. 901.

Zur Haftung des Internetanschlussinhabers bei Filesharing-Konstellationen nach den Grundsätzen der Störerhaftung

"Die Haftung des Internetanschlussinhabers bei Filesharing-Konstellationen nach den Grundsätzen der Störerhaftung", von Sven J. Mühlberger, in GRUR 2009, S. 1022.

Un titulo de Copyright europeo

Viviane Reding "ha recordado que con la entrada en vigor del Tratado de Lisboa será posible crear un título de "copyright europeo", que sería complementario al actual".

UK Digital Economy Bill

In particular on "technical" 3-strikes measures and the licensing of orphan works (see also clause 17).

RPM and the "hardcore restriction debate" in EU competition policy

See Resale Price Maintenance in EC Competition Law: The Need for a Standardised Approach , by Frederik van Doorn

IT-Branchenverband BIKT zum "dritten Korb" der Urheberrechtsreform

Aus der Pressemitteilung: "Der BIKT ...fordert das BMJ dazu auf, durch eine geeignete Regelung im Urheberrecht dafür zu sorgen, dass patentrechtliche Verbotsansprüche gegenüber Computerprogrammen keine Wirkung entfalten können. Der Verband plädiert daher für die Einführung einer „Schutzschirmklausel“, die die gesetzliche Absicherung des Urheberrechtsschutzes für Computerprogramme gegenüber dem Patentrecht gewährleistet".

Competition between TV Platforms

A Working Paper by Laia Domènech Campmajó (PPRE-IREA, University of Barcelona)

The European Ombudsman on Intel's complaint

A non-confidential version of the Decision closing the inquiry has now been published.

More on competition policy in difficult economic times

'We are here in a very melancholy Situation' : Financial crisis and competition policy - Speech by CC Chairman Peter Freeman to the David Hume Institute. See also Competition Policy and Financial Crises, A joint report by the Nordic competition authorities

ICN Cairo Cartel Workshop

The final presentations can be downloaded

Google Books Settlement Amended

Here. A first overview of the amendments from a German perspective here. Matters concerning Open Access are discussed here, concerning CC licences in particular here, further links to ongoing discussions here.

US-Russia Antitrust Cooperation

The Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Justice have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on antitrust cooperation with the Russian antitrust agency, Федеральная антимонопольная служба (ФАС) (see the US and the Russian press releases).

On Optimal Decisions Rules for Competition Policy

See "On Optimal Legal Standards for Competition Policy: A General Welfare-Based Analysis" by Yannis Katsoulacos & David Ulph.

Open Access: Petitionen an die Legislative

Petition an den Deutschen Bundestag: "Der Deutsche Bundestag möge beschließen, dass wissenschaftliche Publikationen, die aus öffentlich geförderter Forschung hervorgehen, allen Bürgern kostenfrei zugänglich sein müssen. Institutionen, die staatliche Forschungsgelder autonom verwalten, soll der Bundestag auffordern, entsprechende Vorschriften zu erlassen und die technischen Voraussetzungen zu schaffen". S. auch "An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress Signed by 41 Nobel Prize Winners".

Oracle/Sun Acquisition: Statement of Objections Issued

See this analysis, this from, Oracle's first reaction and the US Department of Justice's Statement. See also Sun's filing to the SEC.

Oral argument in In Re Bilski before the US Supreme Court

See the transcript. Justice Breyer posed a slightly provoking question: "You know, I have a great, wonderful, really original method of teaching antitrust law, and it kept 80 percent of the students awake. They learned things --
JUSTICE BREYER: It was fabulous. And I could probably have reduced it to a set of steps and other teachers could have followed it. That you are going to say is patentable, too?
MR. JAKES: Potentially".

European Interoperability Framework

An unofficial draft copy is circulating.

Carlo Piana in Trento

Carlo Piana, Free Software Foundation Europe and Oracle Legal Counsel, Free Software Advocate, will talk at the Trento Competition Seminars about "Competition Policy, Innovation and Free/Open Source Software".

On Neelie Kroes' "steely political intent" in troubled economic times


Competition Policy and Economic Crisis

Dr. Alessandra Tonazzi, Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), will talk about "Competition Policy in Difficult Economic Times" at the Trento Competition Seminars (Presentation).

US Intel Case

See the Office of Attorney General Press Release. The AAI is quite supportive of the complaint. The Federal Trade Commission will possibly "join the fray against the chip maker".

On Creative Impulses and Copyright Law

Economies of Desire: Fair Use and Marketplace Assumptions, by Rebecca Tushnet.

Football rights in Italy

The Milan Appeals Court has suspended the award of broadcasting rights to satellite operator Sky Italia for the 2010/11 and 2011/12 seasons because of competition concern.

Remedies in the EU and US Microsoft Cases

The Quest for Appropriate Remedies in the Microsoft Antitrust EU Cases: A Comparative Appraisal, by Nicholas Economides and Ioannis Lianos

Electronic dissertations at Stanford

From Digitalkoans: "Under the program, digital dissertations will be stored in the Stanford Digital Repository, which provides preservation services for scholarly resources, helping to ensure their integrity, authenticity and usability over time (...) documents will be available to the Stanford community through Socrates, the university's online library catalog, and "available to the world" through Google, which will serve as a third-party distributor".

Gestion et commercialisation des droits sportifs de la Fédération française de football: Entente verticale sanctionnée

Décision n° 09-D-31 du 30 septembre 2009 relative à des pratiques mises en oeuvre dans le secteur de la gestion et de la commercialisation des droits sportifs de la Fédération française de football.

US Developments after Leegin

Notable developments concerning State Resale Price Maintenance Laws After Leegin, by Michael Lindsey.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...