The Silver Lining Of Anti-Globalism Might Be The Creation Of A True Digital Economy

D. Rushkoff, here

GDPR and accountability (for accountants)

E. Denham, here.

AI: Aufstieg der Computer-Gehirne

FAZ, hier

EC welcomes steps taken by Amazon/Audible and Apple to improve competition in audiobook distribution

Press Release, here.

(Investigation opened in Germany the 16 November 2015: that was quick!)

Economics in Antitrust Enforcement and the Private Benefit of Scholarly Commentators

J. Broulik, here.

This almost 6-year old post is still rather apropos, if I may.

MIT Media Lab to participate in $27 million initiative on AI ethics and governance

MIT News, here

Access to data and competition

Interview with A. Mundt, here

Artificial Intelligence at WEF17

Video here.

"the market is not the right way to make certain decisions"
"most engineers don't even know why governments exist"
"a corporation is a kind of AI, already "

Transparency and Trust in the Cognitive Era

IBM, here

The distributed future is personal

D. Searls, here

Mallinckrodt Will Pay $100 Million to Settle FTC, State Charges It Illegally Maintained its Monopoly of Specialty Drug Used to Treat Infants

FTC, here.

The Missing Role of Economics in FTC Privacy Policy

J. Cooper, J. Wright, here

Trump’s vision for behavioral science in the White House is anyone’s guess

NewYorker, here.

"The President-elect, it turned out, had a gift for the behavioral arts. He intuitively grasped “loss aversion” (our tendency to give more weight to the threat of losses than to potential gains), and perpetually maximized “nostalgia bias” (our tendency to remember the past as being better than it was). He made frequent subconscious appeals to “cultural tightness” (whereby groups that have experienced threats to their safety tend to desire strong rules and the punishment of deviance), and, perhaps most striking, his approach tapped into what psychologists call “cognitive fluency” (the more easily we can mentally process an idea, such as “Make America great again” or “Lock her up!,” the more we’re prone to retain it). Even his Twitter game was sticky: “Crooked Hillary!” “build the wall.”

Ces avantages majeurs que détient Amazon par rapport à ses concurrents Google et Apple en matière d’innovation

F. Marty, ici (et ici). 

Facebook to roll out fake news tools in Germany

BBC, here

Why Los Angeles made an Alexa skill, and what the city wants to do with it

VentureBeat, here

European Commission finally admits their copyright proposal would levy a link tax for articles shared on social media

OpenMedia, here

6 areas of artificial intelligence to watch closely

N. Benaich, here

Microsoft-Chef Nadella: Künstliche Intelligenz ist eine demokratisierende Technik, hier

What if we could reimagine copyright?

 R. Giblin & K. Weatherall, here


"So to you, our dear readers who took the time to join this endeavor, we thank you. Few get excited about antitrust anymore. But apathy has a price. We cannot assume that the digitized hand will always protect our welfare. It is ultimately up to us to start asking our elected officials and agencies what they are doing to prevent these scenarios from happening." 

Updated Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property

FTC, DOJ, here.

(Still "curiously unhelpful", at first glance).

Bornes pour voitures électriques : l’Open Data devient la règle, sauf pour les données en temps réel

NextImpact, here

A Future That Works: Automation, Employment, and Productivity

McKinsey, here

The Watchers: Assaults on privacy in America

J. Shaw, here

“OK Facebook”—Why stop at assistants? Facebook has grander ambitions for modern AI

ArsTechnica, here

Artificial Intelligence - Law, Policy, & Ethics eJournal


Turkish Competition Authority fines

Dailysabah, here

Autonomy and the Collection of Personal Data: Measuring the Privacy Impact Google’s Privacy Policy Change

J. Cooper, here.

A User-Centered Perspective on Algorithmic Personalization

A. Lange,  R. Coen, E. Paul, P. Vanegas, G. Hans, here

Statement on Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability

Association for Computing Machinery, here.  

Software Copyright Litigation After Oracle v. Google

J. Band, here

U.S. appeals court revives Apple App Store antitrust lawsuit

VentureBeat, here.

Global Risks Report 2017: Emerging Technologies

WEF, here

New rules for robots backed by European Parliament committee, here

A course for these troubled times: Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data

C. Bergstrom and J. West, here

Europe’s Data Marketplaces – Current Status and Future Perspectives

IDC, Open Evidence for the EC, here

EPA: Fiat Chrysler diesels have illegal software to thwart emissions controls

ArsTechnica, here

Bayer says had productive meeting with Trump over Monsanto deal

Reuters, here

Bundeskartellamt verhängt Bußgelder wegen vertikaler Preisbindung bei Möbeln

Bundeskartellamt, hier. Fallbericht hier.

"Teilweise ergänzt wurde die Praxis um spezielle „Spielregeln“ für den OnlineHandel, deren formuliertes Ziel es war, ein festes und stabiles Preisgefüge am Markt durchzusetzen und deren Einhaltung überwacht und mit dem Mittel der Androhung und Umsetzung von Liefersperren bzw. der Kündigung der Liefervereinbarung durchgesetzt wurde."

France’s ‘right to disconnect’ is a nice idea, but it’s also pretty vague

TheVerge, here

The Problem with Legacy Ecosystems

M. Wessel, A. Levie, R. Siegel, here

Enter the Data Economy

EPSC Strategic Notes, here.

Amazon changes pricing practices and pays $1.1 million to settle price advertising case

Competition Bureau, here

Flying cars: transforming a dream into reality

WIPO Magazine, here

Data-Driven Discrimination at Work

P. Kim, here

The demand for AI is helping Nvidia and AMD leapfrog Intel

TheVerge, here

Nobel Laureates: Eliminating Rent Seeking and Tougher Antitrust Enforcement Are Critical to Reducing Inequality

Promarket, here

The Constitution Says Nothing About Behavioral Economics

WSJ, here

Why Fake News Is An Antitrust Problem

Forbes, here

The impact of artificial intelligence on the travel industry

Econsultancy, here

Data capitalism is cashing in on our privacy . . . for now

FT, here

Behavioural Insights at the United Nations

UNDP, here

EU proposes rules allowing media companies to freeze out ad blockers

FT, here

Proposal for a Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications

EC, here

Daten in Österreich, hier

Communication on Building a European Data Economy

EC, here; Commission Staff Working Document (49 pp.), here

Most Exponential Law Firms 2025

R. Talwar, A. Whittington, here

France does not currently need the new 3D printing laws that parliament is considering, say experts, here

What if the iPhone had never arrived?

TechCrunch, here.

‘Alexa, are voicebots taking over?’

VentureBeat, here.

Top Economists Grapple With Public Disdain for Initiatives They Championed

WSJ, here

The mind-blowing AI announcement from Google that you probably missed.

freeCodeCamp, here and here

The Humans Working Behind the AI Curtain

HBR, here

Behavioural economics – a critique of its policy conclusions

P. Booth, here

Flight Centre: Australian High Court finds agent competed with principal and breached cartel laws

J. Clarke, here

Take Me to Tomorrowland: The Cloud, Big Data, and the Internet of Things

V. Mosco, Video here

European civil law rules in robotics

EP, Study, here

I have seen the future: Alexa controls everything, here

F.B.I. Arrests Volkswagen Executive on Conspiracy Charges in Emissions Scandal

NYTimes, here

Regard d’un prix Nobel d’économie sur la politique concurrentielle

T. Schrepel, ici

Why go long on artificial intelligence?

N. Benaich, here

Deezer Hires Facebook, Spotify Managers to Fight Bigger Rivals

Bloomberg, here

Data Could Be the Next Tech Hot Button for Regulators

NYTimes, here

Uber Extends an Olive Branch to Local Governments: Its Data

NYTimes, here

What does 2017 hold for open data initiatives?

TheGuardian, here

EC-Karten-Kartell kommt vor den Kadi, hier

Tech Giants Seem Invincible. That Worries Lawmakers.

NYTimes, here

"Through A Glass, Darkly" Technical, Policy, and Financial Actions to Avert the Coming Digital Dark Ages

R. Whitt, here

The death of the single price?

BBC, Money Box, Podcast here

Competition concerns over Mastercard/VocaLink merger

CMA, here

Adtech funding drops in face of Facebook-Google duopoly

FT, here.

“Even if you manage to build a sustainable advantage for a few years, how do you scale to compete with Google or Facebook? That’s why traditional adtech does feel dead from a venture perspective.”

Management theory is becoming a compendium of dead ideas

TheEconomist, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...