Antitrust and the Platform Economy

Tech Policy Institute, Video here

Lessons from the EU General Data Protection Regulation to contribute to the global discourse on data protection

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AmEx Supreme Court Amici Curiae: 28 Profs of Antitrust

Tech Policy: A Closer Look at GDPR

Capitol Forum, here

Germany threatens curbs on Facebook’s data use

Ft, here.

Facebook has...questioned the timing of the German authorities’ move, months before the EU implements its General Data Protection Regulation, a law that introduces sweeping data protection rules. Under the GDPR, businesses must give customers more information about which companies their data are shared with and to what end. “With the GDPR, Europe is already putting in place strong enforcement measures that hold Facebook and other companies accountable for privacy and data protection,” Facebook said. “We will comply with these new rules, just as we have complied with existing data protection law in Europe.”

A conversation with regulators on innovation in payment services

Hosted by ESB, here

Fairness, Competition, and Knitting

M. Vestager, here

ASICS dealers allowed to use price comparison engines - Federal Court of Justice confirms Bundeskartellamt's decision

Does it look like a luxury item to you? Where is the aura?
Bundeskartellamt, here.
Decision here


A. Casilli, P. Tubaro, ici

Fusionieren Foodora und Lieferando?

FAZ, hier

Data is power: Towards additional guidance on profiling and automated decision-making in the GDPR

E. Bietti, F. Kaltheuner, here

“BREXIT” passes EU trademark test

WIPO Magazine, here

Algorithms that change lives should be trialled like new drugs

New Scientist, here

Big Tech’s trust issues at the forefront of Davos debate

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Focus on the User

United States v. Microsoft Corp.

Briefs amici curiae here

The Introduction of Data Breach Notification Legislation in Australia: A Comparative View

A. Daly, here

Ethics, algorithms and self-driving cars – a CSI of the ‘trolley problem’

A. Renda, here

EU antitrust regulators clear Qualcomm purchase of NXP

Reuters, here

The Future Computed - Artificial Intelligence and its role in society

Microsoft, here. See also here.

The quest for truly user centric services

D. Alexander, here

Google, Tencent Agree to Share Patents in Global Tech Alliance

Bloomberg, here

The Right to Privacy, 70 Years On

BSR, here

Wie der Mensch die Kontrolle über den Algorithmus behalten kann

Netzpolitik, hier

Seminario "Economia digitale e Big Data"

Università Bocconi, presentazioni qui.

How to tame the tech titans

The Economist, here

Judgement from the Swedish Patent and Market Court - Nasdaq dismissed of all allegations

Nasdaq, here.
The Decision by the Swedish Competition Authority is here.

Companies race to gather a newly prized currency: Our body measurements

Washington Post, here

Transparency of Automated Decisions in the GDPR: An Attempt for Systemisation

E. Bayamlıoğlu, here

Global antitrust in 2018

Freshfields, here

Is Your Company’s Data Actually Valuable in the AI Era?

A. Agrawal, J. Gans, A. Goldfarb, here

Broken data: Conceptualising data in an emerging world

S. Pink1 , M. Ruckenstein, R. Willim and M. Duque, here

‘We get audience data at virtually no cost’: Confessions of a programmatic ad buyer

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R. Calo, A. Rosenblat, here

Big businesses band together in urging lawmakers to sell out your privacy

Los Angeles Times, here

Artificial Intelligence is Trade Policy's New Frontier

Cigionline, here

Alexa, What Are You Doing with My Family's Personal Info?

Scientific American, here

Fangt die Internetgiganten ein!

SZ, hier

Terms of service and human rights: an analysis of online platform contracts



K. Williams, here

Fintech, Access to Data, and the Role of Competition Policy

S. Vezzoso (this blog's author), here.

Abstract: The revised EU Directive on payment services in the internal market (PSD2) entered into application on 13 January 2018. The PSD2 introduces a sector-specific data portability rule dubbed access to account, or XS2A. Under the PSD2, specific categories of third parties (“Fintechs”) are allowed to access bank account data to provide payment-related services requested by the customer.
The Paper first outlines how the PSD2 intends to tackle well-known market failures and other issues in the EU payment sector. Second, it discusses the role of competition enforcement in the shadow of the PSD2. Finally, the Paper asks whether the XS2A rule could serve as a template for further access regimes in the data economy.

Alternative title: The Devil in Data Access Regimes

XXXLutz verzichtet auf rückwirkende Hochzeitsrabatte

Bundeskartellamt, hier

Qualcomm Set to Win European Backing for $39 Billion NXP Buy

WSJ, here

Canada's competition watchdog settles with HarperCollins

Reuters, here

About the ISU decision: a policy perspective

Chilling Competition, here

Bundeskartellamt sends preliminary assessment to Facebook

S. Heinz, here

A letter about Google AMP


The New Digital Wild West: Regulating the Explosion of Initial Coin Offerings

R. Robinson, here

Baidu Sees Maps for Self-Driving Cars as Bigger Business Than Web Search

Technology Review, here

The Alice Drizzle—Barely Even Noticeable

PatentProgress, here

Trucks Cartel

CDC, here

Facebook and Google’s Dirty Secret: They’re Really Junk Mail Empires

TheDailyBeast, here

Connected Cars Workshop

FTC STaff, here

Amicus Briefs support Arista in Cisto Litigation

J. Band, here

Enhancing Fairness in Platform-to-Business Relations in the EU Through a Change of Legal Landscape

Orrick, here

Digital 'Mash-Ups,' Patents, and Copyright

E. Boudreau, L. Jeppesen, M. Miric, here

Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit

Panoptykon Foundation, Video here

EU privacy boom’s a business bust, here

MEO – Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia SA contre Autoridade da Concorrência


Non-price competition and 'witches' persecution

The Guardian, here

VW verbündet sich mit dem Chiphersteller der Künstlichen Intelligenz

FAZ, hier

Internet Users in China Expect to Be Tracked. Now, They Want Privacy.

NYTimes, here

Horizontal Mergers, Innovation and the Competitive Process

G. Federico, here

‘It Can’t Be True.’ Inside the Semiconductor Industry’s Meltdown

Bloomberg, here

La vie numérique bientôt protégée comme le corps?

20 Minutes, ici

Israel's anti-trust regulator to look at internet giants

Reuters, here

How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

R. McNamee, here

Why Are We Paying Different Prices? Hint: Artificial Intelligence is Learning What You’re Willing to Pay

T. Gaubert, here

Open banking’: radical shake-up, or a threat to your private data?

The Guardian, here

Improving Ourselves to Death

NewYorker, here

Oracle v. Rimini Street

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, here

Zuckerberg Money Manager Iconiq Bets on European Data Startup

Bloomberg, here

The personal data of many of India's citizens is for sale on WhatsApp for less than $10.

MotherBoard, here

Lufthansa räumt Einfluss auf höhere Flugpreise ein, hier

The Concept of Fairness: Linking EU Competition and Data Protection Law in the Digital Marketplace

H. Kalimo, K. Majcher, here

Could New York City's AI Transparency Bill Be a Model for the Country?

GovTech, here

Apple Says Developers Earned 30% More From App Store in 2017

Bloomberg, here

Tough new German law puts tech firms and free speech in spotlight

TheGuardian, here

Exploitative abuse and abuse of economic dependence: What can we learn from the industrial organization approach?

P. Bougette, O. Budzinski, F. Marty, here

Southwest Airlines to pay $15 million to settle price collusion lawsuit

Reuters, here

Drei Monate Hölle

SZ, hier.

Versicherungen aus dem Netz

FAZ, hier

Data take centre stage as Ant Financial fails in MoneyGram bid

FT, here

Fintech leads the way as investment in UK tech firms doubles in 2017

FinExtra, here

Why Google's And Facebook's Dominance Is Normal Market Evolution

AdExchanger, here

Germany vs Elsevier: universities win temporary journal access after refusing to pay fees

Nature, here

How the FTC keeps up on technology

FTC, here

Can This App That Lets You Sell Your Health Data Cut Your Health Costs?

FastCompany, here

EU Copyright Law and the Cloud: VCAST and the intersection of private copying and communication to the public

J.Quintais, T. Rendas, here

The economics of the Bitcoin payment system

VOXEU, here

What Is at Stake with Supreme Court Review of United States v. American Express Co.?

A. Shampine, here

EBA's finalised guidance for banks on outsourcing to the cloud lacks detail, here

Gartner Highlights 10 Uses for AI-Powered Smartphones

Gartner, here

Data aggregators: a solution to open data issues, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...