'Troll' warning as EU gets unitary patent scheme, after decades of failure

Zdnet.com, here

Collusion through joint R&D: An empirical assessment

T. Duso, L.-H. Röller, J. Seldeslachts, here

Report on a Digital Freedom Strategy in EU Foreign Policy

European Parliament, Rapporteur: M. Schaake, here.

Page 7: "Recognises the role of artistic freedom, and the freedom to imitate and reuse, as cornerstones for creativity and freedom of expression and ideas; is aware of the significant presence of exceptions and limitations in the copyright ecosystem, especially in the areas of journalism, quotation, satire, archives, libraries and ensuring access to and usability of the cultural heritage"

GODZILLA vs MECHAGODZILLA - Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights−the Ultimate Counterweapon?

F. Juckniess and S. Larimore Wahl, here

In re Books

J. Grimmelmann (blogs.publishersweekly.com), here

Austrian rights holders want levies on Dropbox, Google Drive

Gigaom.com, here

More data about copyright removals in Transparency Report

F. von Lohmann, here

Your Data is Yours

Blog.yworld.com, here

Understanding bias in computational news media

Niemanlab.org, here

Data protection in a cloud computing environment

Opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor on the Commission's Communication on "Unleashing the potential of Cloud Computing in Europe", here.

Report: FTC Likely To Abandon “Vertical Search” Antitrust Claims Against Google

Searchengineland.com, here

ECN Model Leniency Programme: 2012 revision

In Final Stretch Of Drafting Of WIPO Treaty For The Blind, Tensions High

Ip-watch.org, here. November 21 version of WIPO treaty for the blind negotiating text from keionline.org, here.

EPO: Inventors' handbook

Epo.org, here

Ireland: General PSI License

Psi.gov.ie, here

Canada Set to Endorse the Concept of a WIPO Treaty for the Blind

Excesscopyright.blogspot.ca, here

EU at SCCR/25 on VIP Issues

"Mr. Chairman, the EU and its Member States are now also in
the position to negotiate the conclusion of an instrument
including a binding treaty," here

That Was Fast: Hollywood Already Browbeat The Republicans Into Retracting Report On Copyright Reform

TechDirt.com, here.
"Three Myths about Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix it" here (keionline.org).

Regolamento "Rating di legalità"

AGCM, qui

Transparency in EU Retail Energy Markets

Working Group Report prepared for the 5th Citizens' Energy Forum, here.

Kansas : une bibliothèque en colère contre la politique de prêt d'ebooks

Actualitte.com, here

Android Rises to 90% of Smartphone Market in China

Techinasia.com, here

Privacy considerations of online behavioural tracking

Enisa.europa.eu, here

Bundesgerichtshof zur Haftung von Eltern für illegales Filesharing ihrer minderjährigen Kinder

Juris.bundesgerichtshof.de, hier

Weakening the OA policy in the EU

P. Suber, here

Japanese Antitrust and Compliance: The Fair Trade Commission, no longer a toothless tiger?

Cliffordchance.com, here

La presse suisse rejoint le front de la Lex Google

Numerama.com, ici

Price Comparisons on the Internet

Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, here

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: When IP Does Not Seem to Matter

Ipfinance.blogspot.com, here

Quels remèdes pour les abus de position dominante ?

P. Bougette, F. Marty, ici

On German ancillary copyright for media publishers

Ences.eu, Press Release, here

La CNC sanciona por primera vez a una persona física por infringir normas de defensa de la competencia

Diariojuridico.com, aquì.

Does Oracle/UsedSoft ruling breach WIPO Copyright Treaty?

The1709blog.blogspot.com, here

Implementing Antitrust's Welfare Goals

H. Hovenkamp, here

New briefs complicate Supreme Court pay-for-delay conundrum

Newsandinsight.thomsonreuters.com, here

Competition, Standards, and Patents

P. Hellstrom, T. Kramler, here

Google's Appeal Brief in Google Books Case


The Regulatory Turn in IP

M. Lemley, here

Four More Years: What Obama’s Reelection Means for United States Antitrust Policies

Competitionpolicyinternational.com, here

L'exploitation numérique des livres indisponibles du XXe siècle - Point d'étape

Syndicat national de l'édition, Présentation ici

Bibliothèques, musées : exemples de bonnes pratiques en matière de diffusion du domaine public

Scinfolex.wordpress.com, ici

Der Wandel des deutschen Buchmarktes in Zeiten von Digitalisierung und Mobilisierung. Eine institutionenökonomische Analyse

S. Putzig, Abstract zur Dissertation, hier (pdf File). 

Warum „Do not Track” den Datenschutz nicht retten wird

Telemedicus.info, hier

Der Streit mit Apple schwemmt Millionen in die SBB-Kasse

Tagesanzeiger.ch, hier

The Role of the Efficiency Claims In Antitrust Proceedings

OECD, Background Note by the Secretariat (Fiorenzo Bovenzi and Anna Pisarkiewicz), here

Leniency for Subsequent Applicants

OECD, Issues paper by the Secretariat, here

Limitations and constraints to International Co-operation

OECD, Issues Paper by the Secretariat (A. Capobianco), here

Digitally binding

J. Poort,  I. Akker, N. van Eijk, B.van der Sloot, P. Rutten, here in English and here in Dutch.

Multi-Stakeholder Discussions à la Internet Governance Forum For WIPO?

Ip-watch.org, here.

Randy Picker Examines Market Power and Advertising During AEI’s Discussion of Google and Antitrust

Techpolicy.com, here

Exclusionary Vertical Restraints and Antitrust: Experimental Law and Economics Contributions

C. Landeo, here

Random House and Penguin merge to take on Amazon, Apple

Reuters.com, here

Leistungsschutzrecht als Taschenspielertrick

Politik.eco.de, hier

§ 52a UrhG wird wohl verlängert, aber vermutlich nicht entfristet

Iuwis.de, hier

Privacy Takes Center Stage in Uruguay

EFF.org, here

US-Supreme Court: Richtungsweisende Entscheidung zum Secondhand-Handel erwartet

Urheberrecht.org, hier

Buyer Power and Suppliers' Incentives to Innovate

C. Koehler, C. Rammer, here.

Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley Oral Arguments

Transcript here. Audio file here

NYC regulators propose rules for taxi apps

Theverge.com, here

Zur Reform des europäischen Datenschutzrechts

S. Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, here

Substitutes & football: a primer in market definition

R. Trindade, R. Smith, here

Lex Google : Hollande préfère un petit accord entre amis...

Numerama.com, here

The Annual Privacy Forum 1st edition

Privacyforum.eu, Presentations here

Would "Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality" work?

A. Acquisti, Presentation here

Good Things Come in Threes? DOJ, FTC and EC Officials Wax Eloquent About FRAND

Patentlyo.com, here

The Unitary Patent Package: Twelve Reasons for Concern

Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, here

EP Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on the Proposed Data Protection Regulation


Off-Topic: European Council on EU's Nobel Prize for Peace

"The European Council is grateful that the European Union was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. The Prize is an honour for all European citizens and for all EU Member States and institutions. The Nobel Committee rightly reminds how "the Union and its forerunners have for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in
Europe". At a time of uncertainty, this tribute to past achievements is a strong appeal to safeguard and strengthen Europe for the next generation. Aware that advancing this community of peaceful interests requires constant care and an unwavering will, the members of the European Council regard it as their personal responsibility  to ensure Europe remains a continent of progress and prosperity", here.

Proyecto de Ley de creación de la Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia

Congreso.es, aquì

Private Recoveries in International Cartel Cases Worldwide: What do the Data Show?

J. Connor, here

Unfair methods of competition under FTC § 5: Beyond the Sherman Act and an ex post model of enforcement

R. Peritz, here

Google News faces mass newspaper boycott in Brazil

PaidContent.org, here

Beyond the integration of Markets: The citizen at the heart of EU law

J. Almunia, here

Poland and Hungary Adapted PSI Directive Transpositions (Infringement procedures closed)

Epsiplatform.eu, here

Google se paie la presse

Owni.fr, ici.

Fostering Internet Competition

Brookings Institution's event (Oct. 10, 2012), podcast here, uncorrected transcript here (Spencer Weber Waller starting at 10:22, again at 22:45, 33:00, 37:03, Q&A at 43:00, mentioning waves - ;-) - of creative destruction at 51:50;  see his recent paper on Facebook and antitrust here).

E-Books in France: Shunned or Just Getting Started?

Publishingperspectives.com, here

Apple reportedly reduces Samsung's role in A6 chip production, decreases dependency on its biggest rival

Theverge.com, here

Licensing music works and transaction costs in Europe

KEA, here

Network Neutrality and Privacy According to Art. 8 ECHR

B.-J. Koops, J. Sluijs, here

Copyright, Interfaces, and a Possible Atlantic Divide

S. Vezzoso (this blog's author), here.
Abstract: "Recent copyright cases on both sides of the Atlantic focused on important interoperability issues. While the decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union in SAS Institute, Inc. v. World Programming Ltd. assessed data formats under the EU Software Directive, the ruling by the Northern District of California Court in Oracle America, Inc. v. Google Inc. dealt with application programming interfaces. The European decision is rightly celebrated as a further important step in the promotion of interoperability in the EU. This article argues that, despite appreciable signs of convergence across the Atlantic, the assessment of application programming interfaces under EU law could still turn out to be quite different, and arguably much less pro-interoperability, than under U.S. law."

HathiTrust: A Landmark Copyright Ruling

Publishersweekly.com, here


F. Polverino, here

Re-use of Public Procurement Data

Epsiplatform.eu, here.

Maßnahmen zur Steigerung des Wettbewerbs auf den Kraftstoffmärkten in Deutschland

J. Haucap, R. Dewenter, U. Heimeshoff, here.

Europe's Cloud Computing Strategy Calls for More Standardization

M.cio.com, here

MySQL: A Business Parable

- Open Source, the IP always owned
- LAMP web stack, MySQL a de-facto standard (FB, Google, Twitter, Yahoo)
- dual licensing (consulting and support, T-shirts sale: uninteresting to VC)
- VC, looking for an "exit"
- Sun and then Oracle acquisitions
- Oracle "not a charity"
From the Open Forum Europe 2012 Conference, here


CNC, aquí.

Aliyun App Store Confirmed To Be Distributing Pirated Android Apps, Many From Another Pirate Site

Androidpolice.com, here

Update on Trademark-Related Aspects of the Expansion of the Domain Name System

WIPO, Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, here

Recommandations pour l'ouverture des données et contenus culturels


Information Meeting on the Role and Responsibility of Internet Intermediaries in the Field of Trademarks

WIPO, September 17, 2012, Program here, Live Broadcast - floor - here (English here). What I will be following in particular: Sessions 2 and 3: The Use of Trademarks on the Internet:  Problems and Solutions.

Digital Content Contracts for Consumers

N. Helberger & M. Loos & L. Guibault & C. Mak & L. Pessers, here.

German court may defer to EU regulator on Samsung-Apple lawsuits over FRAND patents

Fosspatents.com, here

German Rail: What's the Point of Open Data?

Epsiplatform.eu, here

Competitive Harm from MFNs: Economic Theories

J. Baker, Presentation here

DOJ/FTC Ask if MFns Are Anti-Competitive, and get an earful

Skadden.com, here

The German Proposal on a New Leistungsschutzrecht – Endangering Press Diversity and the Digital Economy

Computer & Communications Industry Association, here

Google and Personal Data Protection

B. Van der Sloot, F. Zuiderveen Borgesius, here