Enable, Empower, Ensure: A New Finance for the New Economy

M. Carney, here

Battle intensifies to unlock value in the ‘internet of things’

FT, here

Google releases open-source tool to assist in secure data sharing

iapp, here

Méga alliance belge pour contrer les Gafa

L'Echo, ici

Surveillance Capitalism

Exponential View, Podcast here (on Google Podcasts).

The “Too Big to Fail” Problem

S. Omarova, here

Post-M&A Synergies and Changes in Development Trajectory of Pharmaceutical Firm

H. Meder, here

Adtech industry operating illegally, rules UK regulator

FT, here.

Four big questions facing Facebook’s Libra coin

FT, here

Facebook's Libra will not help the unbanked

FT, here

Danish DPA approves Automated Facial Recognition

EDRi, here

Japan's antitrust law amended to encourage companies under investigation to cooperate with FTC

Japan Times, here

Facebook-Weltwährung: Geht's noch?

Finews.ch, hier

Alipay's AI wealth tech platform adopted by six out of ten China's asset managers

FinExtra, here

Should’ve Stayed in Vegas

Your Undivided Attention Podcast, here.

Update report into adtech and real time bidding

ICO, here

The EU wants to create 10 million smart lampposts

WEF, here

Platforms and Blockchain Will Transform Logistics

S. Choudary, M. Van Alstyne, G. Parker, here

Facebook’s Libra: blockchain, but without the blocks or chain

FT, here (do not miss the comments ;-)).

To Take Down Big Tech, They First Need to Reinvent the Law

NYTimes, here

GC: Adidas

T-307/17, here

Green light to the Digital Markets Unit

‘There’s Just No Doubt That It Will Change the World’: David Chalmers on V.R. and A.I.

NYTimes, here

Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Libra: Not to be Confused with Libre

Privacy International, here.

Technological change shapes markets in ways participants do not expect

P. Roscoe, here

Some tweets on Facebook's Libra

O. Havrylchyk, here

Termination of Legacy Antitrust Judgments

DoJ, here.

Major publisher group DCN tells regulators “the sky won’t fall” if RTB switches to safe, non-personal data.

Brave, here

What if We All Just Sold Non-Creepy Advertising?

NYTimes, here

IBM to win unconditional EU okay for $34 billion Red Hat deal: sources

Reuters, here

Consultation on Open Banking designation instrument (second round)

AU Government, here

Dealing with mergers in a digital age

M. Vestager, here

Facebook’s Undemocratic Currency

M. Stoller, here

Facebook’s cryptocurrency has a trust problem

The Verge, here

Facebook’s Libra: Three things we don’t know about the digital currency

MIT Technology Review, here

Sorry, Mr. Delrahim: Big Tech’s Worst Abuses Can’t Be Cured Without Stiffer Regulation

H. Singer, here

Activists Urge Google to Break Up Before Regulators Force It To

NYTimes, here

Facebook announces Libra cryptocurrency: All you need to know

TechCrunch, here

Regulation through “bricking”: private ordering in the “Internet of Things”

N. Tusikov, here

Are eIDAS certificates sufficient for PSD2 Open Banking?

FinExtra, here

Braucht es mehr materielles Kartellrecht für digitale Plattformen?

S. Louven, hier.

Google will start attributing lyrics in its search results to their third-party providers

TechCrunch, here

Market Design for a Blockchain-Based Financial System

C. Catalini, R. Jagadeesan, S. Kominers, here

UN makes ‘declaration of digital interdependence’, with release of tech report

UN News, here

Cofece bloqueó la compra de Cornershop porque Walmart habría podido utilizar datos de minoristas rivales

El Economista, aquì

Alphaville's Libra cheat sheet

FT, here

Control de operaciones de concentración en plataformas digitales: qué dice el reporte externo encargado por la CMA británica

FN.cl, aquì

Why we joined the Libra Association

J. Gans, here

How a Dispute Over Rap Lyrics Illustrates That Google Has Too Much Power

Slate, here

WIPO Director General Gurry on AI and IP

WIPO, here

What a Facebook breakup would mean for investors

Yahoo Finance, here

Suppliers of antidepressants accused of illegal anti-competitive conduct

CMA, here

GAFAM : le déclin de l’empire américain ?

April, here

Facebook, Google brace for the release of Australia’s ground-breaking digital platforms report

MLex Podcast, here


AccessNow, here

Bitcoin Antitrust

Didyouknowcrypto, here

Millions of Venmo transactions scraped in warning over privacy settings

TechCrunch, here

Market disruptors' impact on the future of blockchain

Deloitte, here


L. Khan, here

Google allegedly used stolen Genius lyrics, caught through Morse code trick

AndroidPolice, here

Banks accused of overcharging small customers for forex services

FT, here

The Common Ownership Boom - Or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Love Antitrust

A. Tzanaki, here

Potential for Discrimination in Online Targeted Advertising

T. Speicher et al, here

The truth behind the dumbest GDPR myths, one year later

Wired, here

Yelp's Jeremy Stoppelman: "15 years battling Google"

Danny in the Valley, Podcast here

Sins of Omission and the Practice of Economics

G. Akerlof, here

Here’s Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report

TechCrunch, here

Bons et mauvais Chinois

Le Monde, ici

Amazon seeks to revive its faltering loans business

FT, here

AI: inhuman after all?

Spiked, here

Google Stadia has kicked off a new age of gaming data harvesting

Wired, here

Face aux GAFA

E. Combe.


Hotel Site Accuses Booking, Expedia of EU Antitrust Breaches

Bloomberg, here

Tech and Antitrust

Stratechery, here

Anger at Big Tech Unites Noodle Pullers and Code Writers. Washington Is All Ears

New York Times, here

Why Salesforce's Tableau Buy Might Be A Blunder

Forbes, here

Antitrust Probe Starts Today With Focus On Big Tech's Profits From News

Forbes, here

Warren Demands DOJ Antitrust Head Recuse Himself From Google, Apple Probes

Bloomberg, here


bpb, APUZ, hier

Kartellrecht in der Datenökonomie

R. Podszun, hier

Jeux vidéo : Ubisoft fait le pari de la blockchain

Les Echos, ici

Huawei's operating system in pipeline

China Daily, here

Revolut dials up Apple Pay

FinExtra, here

Thermo Fisher scraps Roper deal after U.K. antitrust hurdle

Reuters, here

Microsoft President Says 'Hipster Antitrust' Is Coming

Fortune, here.
Antitrust: Video, from 18:47.

General Principles of Law in EU Antitrust Law

M. Hjärtström, J. Nowag, here

By calling Huawei Android fork a security risk, Google contradicts its own open source arguments

Venture Beat, here

Account information now in Rabobank's PSD2 store

FinExtra, here

No License, No Chips? No Dice: Dissecting Judge Koh's Opinion in FTC v. Qualcomm

Washington Bytes, here

The different approaches to increasing access to data while retaining trust

J. Hardinges, P. Wells, here

Data Extra Commercium

V. Janeček, G. Malgieri, here

Sports Data Policies Could Represent Next Big Antitrust Challenge For Pro Sports Leagues

Forbes, here

Trump Questions Whether UTC-Raytheon Deal Hurts Competition

Bloomberg, here

Brave's Presentation to FTC tech taskforce

J. Ryan, here

PM speech opening London Tech Week

T. May, here

Roche's $4.3 billion Spark bid delayed again amid U.S., UK scrutiny

Reuters, here

The Surveillance Threat Is Not What Orwell Imagined

S. Zuboff, here

Digital disruption in financial markets: Presentations available!

OECD (bravi), here.

(Links to several countries' contributions not working though).

And my ASCOLA 2018 presentation ICYMI here

Sir Tim versus Black Mirror

Still my fav
E. Zuckerman, here

Competition policy: access to data, and more

P. Wells, Presentation here.

What Duopoly? Why Amazon’s Sizmek Purchase Is Just The Next Step In Its March Toward Ad Dominance

AdExchanger, here

Bring Back the Golden Age of Broadcast Regulation: Especially for YouTube and Facebook.

Slate, here

Three ways that Big Tech could be broken up

FT, here

Blockchain's Appeal Is Limited for Retail Banks, McKinsey Says

Bloomberg, here

How to rein in the web of lies

Chatman House, here

Google to Buy Data Analytics Company Despite New Antitrust Scrutiny

NYtimes, here.

Machine Learning and AI as business tools: Threat or blessing for competition?

CCP 15th Annual Conference 6th – 7th June 2019, Blog post here

Facebook plant eigene Kryptowährung

FAZ, hier

Google übernimmt den BI-Spezialisten Looker für 2,6 Milliarden US-Dollar

Heise.de, hier

From Innovation Hub to Innovation Culture

FCA, here

Making Big Tech companies share data could do more good than breaking them up

MIT Technology Review, here

Facebook’s Anticompetitive Lean in Strategies

L. Lovdall Gormsen, J.T. Llanos, here

A duty of care to prevent online exploitation of consumers? Digital dominance and special responsibility in EU competition law

W. Sauter, here

IBM withdraws notification of its acquisition of staff, hardware and software from T-Systems’ mainframe business after the Bundeskartellamt expressed concerns

Bundeskartellamt, here

iOS developers file class-action against Apple over ‘profit killing’ App Store practices

9to5mac.com, here

Google erweitert die Pay API für umfangreichere Bezahloptionen

Heise, hier

Kelkoo ready to take Google complaint to U.S. antitrust regulators - CEO

Reuters, here

Report: Facebook plans to create independent foundation to manage its cryptocurrency; will charge members $10M licensing fees for right to operate node

The Block, here

Amazon executive says company welcomes scrutiny of big tech

Reuters, here

How Big Tech funds the debate on AI ethics

NewStatesman, here

The Fintech Bubble Floats Toward a $64 Billion Pin

Bloomberg, here

Competition and Regulation in the Data Economy

Panel, videos here

Governance of Data in IoT Contexts

W. Kerber, Presentation here

Microsoft quietly deletes largest public face recognition data set

FT, here

Facebook can be told to cast a wider net to find illegal content, says EU court advisor

TechCrunch, here

Konzern liest mit: Facebook trackt Nutzer auf drei Viertel aller deutschen Nachrichtenseiten

Netzpolitik.org, hier

Apple announces new sign-in tool to compete with Facebook and Google

The Verge, here

UK financial regulator clamps down on peer-to-peer investment

FT, here

"Daten müssen nicht böse sein"

SZ, hier

ASSISTANTS VOCAUX ET ENCEINTES CONNECTÉES: l’impact de la voix sur l’offre et les usages culturels et médias

Hadopi, CSA, ici

Uber’s Path of Destruction

American Affairs, here

Aptoide, a Play Store rival, cries antitrust foul over Google hiding its app

TechCrunch, here

Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System

The Law Society, here

Hotelbuchungen im Internet: "Enge" Bestpreisklauseln sind zulässig

OLG Düsseldorf, hier

Vertical Mergers in the Technology, Media and Telecom Sector

OECD Secretariat, Background Note here

The standard of review by courts in competition cases

OECD Secretariat, Background Note, here

PayPal invests in Tink

FinExtra, here

Facebook in talks with US regulator over digital currency

FT, here

Vestager’s grand plan for regulating the digital economy

Euractiv, here

House Judiciary Committee Launches Antitrust Investigation of Tech Giants

Daily Beast, here.
More here

Project explAIn: Interim report

ICO, here

Apple Backs Off Crackdown on Parental-Control Apps

NYTimes, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...