Antitrust Enforcement and Big Tech: After the Remedy Is Ordered

 J. Himes, J. Nieh, R. Schnell, here

Avis relatif à une demande d’avis de la commission des Affaires culturelles et de l’Éducation de l’Assemblée nationale dans le secteur des musiques actuelles

 Adcl, ici.

Dans le cadre d’une instruction ouverte devant l’Autorité dans le secteur de la publicité en ligne, Facebook propose des engagements.

 Adlc, ici

Austrian Federal Competition Authority files application to fine Facebook for failing to notify GIPHY acquisition

 AFCA, here

Data portability, interoperability and digital platform competition

 OECD Background Paper, here

L’Autorité de la concurrence sanctionne Google à hauteur de 220 millions d’euros pour avoir favorisé ses propres services dans le secteur de la publicité en ligne

 Adlc, ici

Should gatekeepers be allowed to combine data? Ideas for Art. 5(a) of the draft Digital Markets Act

 R. Podszun, here

Abuse without dominance and monopolisation without monopoly

O. Brook, M. Eben, here.  

Simonetta Vezzoso ‘Competition Policy in Transition: Exploring Data Portability’s Roles’ (2021)


Antitrust Digest, here (remember that Ascola 2020 presentation?).

Bundeskartellamt examines Google News Showcase


Wertschöpfung durch Software in Deutschland

 Fraunhofer, hier.

The European Legislation on AI: a Brief Analysis of its Philosophical Approach

 L. Floridi, here

Competition Law as Collective Bargaining Law

 N. Tankus, L. Herrine, here

CMA investigates Facebook’s use of ad data

 CMA, here

EC opens investigation into possible anticompetitive conduct of Facebook

 EC, here



Towards a New Legal Framework for AI in Europe: Assessing the European Commission’s proposed AI Regulation

Jon Bing Memorial Seminar 2021, Video here

IIA of the DGA ;-)


Gadgets have stopped working together, and it’s becoming an issue

 The Guardian, here

Governance of Ad Requests by a Union of Diverse Actors (GARUDA)

 R. Berjon, here

Maintaining a Level Playing Field When Big Tech Disrupts the Financial Services Sector

 T. Smith, D. Geradin, here

Computational Competition Law and Economics

 HCC, BRICS et al., here

Initial Appraisal of the DMA's IA ;-)

 EPRS, here


 D. Boullier, ici

Making the Digital Markets Act more resilient and effective

 CERRE, here

Amazon Prime Is an Economy-Distorting Lie

 M. Stoller, here

Increasing DMA's flexibility: A leak

😶 (in the service of science), here

CMA welcomes Tribunal judgment in Sabre case

 CMA, here

Europe’s Digital Future

 A. Bradford and M. Vestager, here (and here).

The Art to Make Gatekeeper Positions Contestable and the Challenge to Know What is Fair: A Discussion of the Digital Markets Act Proposal

 H. Schweitzer, here

Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris callling re DMA


The Big Deal in Amazon’s Antitrust Case

 NYTimes, here

'Apple is eating our lunch': Google employees admit in lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private

 Business Insider, here

Google’s plans to bring AI to education make its dominance in classrooms more alarming

 FastCompany, here

The Proposed DMA: What Kind of (Regulatory) Animal Is It?


Me, presentation here

A disturbing, viral Twitter thread reveals how AI-powered insurance can go wrong

 Recode, here

Nine things we learned from the Epic v. Apple trial

The Verge, here.  

How Not to Launch a Digital Currency

 K. Pistor, here

Data fairness: A new social contract for the 21st century economy

 Omidyar Network, here

In battle for privacy, antitrust watchdogs throw their hat in the ring, here

In Apple’s War On Developers, Users Are the Biggest Losers

 Wired, here

Once Tech’s Favorite Economist, Now a Thorn in Its Side

 NYTimes, here

Why China cracked down on Bitcoin

 Fortune, here

More Competitive Search Through Regulation

 Tobin Center for Economic Policy at Yale, here

China’s Influence in Global Data Governance Explained: The Beijing Effect

 T. Streinz, M. Erie, here. 

Data Minimization

 Access Now, here

Algorithmic Search and Recommendation Systems: The Brightside, the Darkside, and Regulatory Answers

 My dear Friend Oliver (Budzinski), here

Die deutsche Blockchain-Strategie:Stand der Umsetzung und Ausblick


Council on DMA


The Commission’s SO to Apple and anticompetitive effects: A Rejoinder

 D. Geradin (read disclosure), here

A New Antitrust Case Cuts to the Core of Amazon’s Identity

 Wired, here

Today's Google infringement decision: AGCM

 Decisione, qui (DeepL translation here  - Kevin's (Coates) courtesy

A very biased first reading in the form of a Twitter thread, here.

FTC calls out Apple in report on ‘anti-competitive repair restrictions’, here

PayPal’s digital payments boom could invite antitrust probes, say experts

 Verdict, here

Bank of Italy and BIS Innovation Hub invite global innovators to take up G20 green finance challenge

 Banca d'Italia, here

Treasury to open up Consumer Data Right

 InnovationAus, here


 EP Greens/EFA group, here

The Global Battle Over Data

 With Margrethe, at the EUI, Video here

Neither interoperability nor data sharing will solve transnational monopoly

 J. Bryson, here

Pro - competitive sharing of financial data and the spectre of surveillance capitalism - (On regulatory responses to the “ Surveillance Paradox”)

 Sharing my presentation, here (share your comments, please!).

Why We Need a Data Exchange Board to Improve the EU Data Governance Act

 Support Centre for Data Sharing, here

Data co-op whitewashing

 T. Scholz, I. Calzada, here

A New Order: The Digital Services Act and Consumer Protection

 C. Cauffman, C. Goanta, here

Missbrauchsbeschwerde der Medien- und Werbewirtschaft gegen Apple beim Bundeskartellamt

 ZAW, hier

What’s behind the Apple-Facebook feud?

 NYTimes, here

GAIA-X: Europäischer Cloud-Standard

 B. Otto, hier

The UK’s plan to tackle big tech won’t be one-size fits all

 TechCrunch, here

Essays on the Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

 M. Newham, here

ECJ to issue preliminary ruling on German FCO-Facebook case

 CMS, here

Time for a New Antitrust Era: Refocusing Antitrust Law to Invigorate Competition in the 21st Century

 R. Zev Mahari et al., here

Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre

 AU Senate, here

Marine insurers full steam ahead for data & analytics

 Insurance Business Mag, here

Apple vs The Paradox of Choice!

 CuriosityStream, here

BEREC Workshop on Market Entry in the context of the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

 Video here

The French Apple competition & privacy case

 V. Giovannini, here

Microsoft supports new rules for gatekeepers

 Microsoft, here

Myth vs Fact on Big Tech Monopolies

 AELP, here

Leitlinien für die Vereinbarkeit des Genossenschaftswesens mit dem Kartellrecht: Entwurf

 Bundeskartellamt, hier


 AEPD, here

How to know you are a 'data intermediary' under the Data Governance Act

 Iapp, here

Experimental Regulations for AI: Sandboxes for Morals and Mores

 S. Ranchordas, here

What is Ours is Only Ours to Give

 Crooked Timber, here

Das uneingelöste Versprechen? - Daten, die Lockdowns hätten verhindern können

 KAS, hier

The conflict between CBDC goals and design choices

 VoxEU, here

Dark Patterns Workshop

 FTC, Video here

Die Planification der EU

 FAZ, hier

How Big Pharma Finds Sick Users on Facebook

 The Markup, here

Apple Discussed 'Punitive Measures' Against Netflix for Dropping In-App Purchases

 MacRumors, here

Foreign subsidies regulation

Clifford Chance, here.  

Design Principles for Data Spaces

 OpenDei, here

Uber/Autocap: the decision

 CMA, here


 C. Busch, here

Economic Power and New Business Models in Competition Law and Economics: Ontology and New Metrics

 I. Lianos, B. Carballa Smichowski, here

App Marketplaces

 ACCC, Digital platform services inquiry Interim report No. 2, here

Joint statement on merger control enforcement

 CMA, ACCC, Bundeskartellamt, here

After Google and Facebook: The Future of Journalism and Democracy

 Open Markets Institute, here

Antitrust Applied: Examining Competition in App Stores

 Klobuchar Hearing, here

Apple to boost ads business as iPhone changes hurt Facebook

 FT, here

China’s central bank fights Jack Ma’s Ant Group over control of data

 FT, here

Some Khan Art


Facebook: Fragen

 Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf, Beschluss, hier

The Bank of England and fintech: public support for private innovation

 Bank of England, here

The antitrust orthodoxy is blind to real data harms

C. Caffarra, G. Crawford, J. Ryan, here

Europe's Proposed Limits on AI Would Have Global Consequences

 Wired, here

RBI moves to bring more parity between fintechs and banks

 ORF, here

‘A State in the disguise of a Merchant’: Tech Leviathans and the rule of law

 OfTheWedge, here

Rethinking Data in the Platform World: Alternative Data Governance

Automated Decision-Making and Society, Data Governance here; Market and Platforms  here.

New rules for Artificial Intelligence – Questions and Answers

EC, here.  

EU’s AI proposal must go further to prevent surveillance and discrimination

 EDRI, here

MailOnline sues Google for allegedly hiding links to its articles

 The Guardian, here

Humanizing Automation

 B. Schneiderman, here

Illumina’s $7.1 billion play for cancer startup Grail faces global headwinds

 MLex Podcast, here

When your journal reads you

 Elephant in the lab, here


 IIP-Ecosphere Whitepaper, hier

Data Ethics of Power A Human Approach to Big Data and AI

G. Hasselbalch, PhD defence presentation here; Thesis here.

EDPB-EDPS Joint Opinion on the Digital Green Certificate


Anticipated acquisition by Crowdcube Limited of Seedrs Limited: Provisional findings report

 CMA, here. And FT, here

Facebook’s Kustomer buy could face EU probe after merger referral

 TechCrunch, here

Facebook acquisition of Kustomer, and concerns about data protection

 J. Ryan, here

The Case for Waiving Intellectual Property Protection for Covid-19 Vaccines

 P. Ranjan, here

Online platforms: Economic and societal effects

 EPRS Study, here

Lessons for industrial policy from development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine

 Industrial Strategy Council, here

Food Data Trust

 Food Standards Agency, here

Not Just Personal Data Stores

 MyDex, here

Comfort letter: cooperation at a Matchmaking Event – Towards COVID19 vaccines upscale production

 EC, here

Annabelle Gawer : « La régulation des plateformes digitales est une question géopolitique »

 Influencia, here

Apple invests $50M into music distributor UnitedMasters alongside a16z and Alphabet

 TechCrunch, here

Adaptive Antitrust

 M. Meagher, here

Workshop on Governing online platforms: policy options for shaping a principled digital future

 EP, Video here

Justice Thomas argues for making Facebook, Twitter and Google utilities

 Protocol, here

The Supreme Court sided with Google in its epic copyright fight against Oracle

 TechCrunch, here

“Power Is Evil in Itself”: The Ordoliberal Quest for a Privilege-Free Order

 ProMarket, here

Victory for Fair Use: The Supreme Court Reverses the Federal Circuit in Oracle v. Google

 EFF, here

Google v. Oracle: The End

 Mark Lemley explains (from 05:30), here; the Court here

Facebook’s purchase of Giphy raises competition concerns

 CMA, here

Artificial intelligence and intellectual property: Consultation Results

UK Gov, here

Commission clears acquisition of GrandVision by EssilorLuxottica, subject to conditions

 EC, here

European competitiveness in the digital future

 M. Vestager, here

The Case for Data Portability as a Privacy Protection in the Digital Age

IWGDPT, here

Lego-Bausteine sind für das Europäische Gericht schützenswert, hier


 R. Podszun, here

A Proposal for an International Agreement: The International Instrument on Permitted Uses in Copyright Law

 R. Hilty, V. Moscon, here

French data protection watchdog casts doubt on Apple’s privacy compliance, here

The Justice Department is worried about an anime monopoly after the Sony deal

 The Verge, here

And now for something totally different: Friedrich von Hayek and Robert Bork

 Part I, Part II, Part III.

Islands in the Stream: Musicians are in peril, at the mercy of giant monopolies that profit off their work.

 D. Dayen, here

The EU, Competition Law and Workers’ Rights

 N. Countouris, V. De Stefano, I. Lianos, here

On the governance of privacy-preserving systems

 L. Olejnik, here

Italian Section 19a GWB on AGCM's wishlist

SEGNALAZIONE ai sensi degli artt. 21 e 22 della legge 10 ottobre 1990, n. 287
in merito a: Proposte di riforma concorrenziale, ai fini della Legge Annuale per il Mercato e la Concorrenza anno 2021, qui.

Decent DeepL translation of the proposed provision here

Uncovering blindspots in the policy debate on platform power

 Expert Group for the Observatory on the Online Platform Economy, here

EU proposals to shape the digital landscape, a step forward for consumers

 BEUC, here

Andrea Coscelli, the watchdog taking on the tech giants

 BBC 4, here

Jack Ma’s Ant defies pressure from Beijing to share more customer data

 FT, here

Commission publishes study on geographical indications (GI) and traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG) protected in the EU

 EC, here

Music Streaming: Is It a Level Playing Field?

 D. Antal et al., here

“The Digital Markets Act - how to break the market dominance of Big Tech”

 Panel, here

CMA investigates Apple over suspected anti-competitive behaviour

 CMA, here


 CNIL, ici

Critical notes on ‘platformised’ education: untangling privacy and data protection in postpandemic universities

A. Giannopoulou et al., here.  

Arizona House passes bill that threatens Apple and Google’s app stores

 CNBC, here

Exploring legal mechanisms for data stewardship

 Ada Lovelace Institute, here

Commission invites stakeholders to provide comments on the application of EU competition law to collective bargaining agreements for self-employed

 EC, here.

OECD Competition Open Day


The Draft Digital Markets Act: a legal and institutional analysis

 P. Ibáñez Colomo, here

Epic Games hits Apple with new antitrust complaint, this time in Brussels, here

Changes to Sharing and Viewing News on Facebook in Australia

 Facebook, here

News Corp agrees deal with Google on payments for its journalism

 FT, here

A letter to Mr. Cook


Sanzione a Facebook per 7 milioni

 AGCM, qui

Google’s search choice screen had virtually no effect on search market share, perhaps by design

 Search Engine Land, here

Indian trader group calls for ban on Amazon following damning report

 TechCrunch, here

Dutch position on the Digital Markets Act


Big Tech opens wallet for publishers as Australian news code looms

 FT, here

Google condamné à payer un million d'euros pour abus de position dominante dans la publicité

 Les Echos, ici

Choice Screen Auctions

 M. Ostrovsky, here

BEUC files complaint against TikTok for multiple EU consumer law breaches

 BEUC, here

Protecting Consumer Privacy in a Time of Crisis

 FTC, here

A New Era for Antitrust Market Definition

 V. Robertson, here

Why Big Tech deplatforming should be deeply disturbing for everyone, regardless of your politics

 ProtonMail, here

Privacy Without Monopoly: Data Protection and Interoperability

 EFF, here

The European Commission’s expert group Report on SEP licensing and valuation: What did we achieve? What did we miss?

 D. Geradin, here

The UK digital identity and attributes trust framework


EDPB Document on response to the request from the European Commission for clarifications on the consistent application of the GDPR, focusing on health research


Apple, Its Control Over the iPhone, The Internet, And The Metaverse, here

Ostrom Data Trusts

 Panel, here

Gaia-X: "Wir brauchen niemand aus dem Silicon Valley oder China", hier

Regulatory Sandbox Final Report: Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd

 ICO, here

European Data Governance Act consultation response

 ODI's response here (pdf).

Distributors that also act as agents for certain products for the same supplier

 European Commission, here

The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review

 Here. Video here.

The geopolitics of the European Green Deal

 Bruegel, here

The Contradictions of Platform Regulation

 M. Lemley, here

Data Talks - Recommended Contract Terms

 European Data Portal, Video here

Beijing wants a market for data trading: the question is how?

 South China Morning Post, here

Remote Teaching During the Emergency and Beyond: Four Open Privacy and Data Protection Issues of ‘Platformised’ Education

 C. Angiolini et al., here

Proctoring and data protection: decision by the Danish DPA

 Translated by Google, here

Obligations for Online Gatekeepers


Credits Prof. Amelia Fletcher @ameliafletecon

CCP Conversation, Video here

Spid ai minorenni per l’accesso ai social network

 IlSole24Ore qui.

From Research Data Ethics Principles to Practice: Data Trusts as a Governance Tool

 S. Delacroix, J. Montgomery, here

Daten richtig teilen: Warum Unternehmen mehr Anreize brauchen

 WiWo, hier

Die Datenstrategie der Bundesregierung hier

GameStop: what is going on with prices in the US stock market?

 Economics Observatory, here

Bundeskartellamt also assesses new Section 19a GWB in its Facebook/Oculus case

Bundeskartellamt, here (as correctly guessed by Rupprecht hier 👏).

Launch of the European Parliament tracking-free ads coalition

 Panel here.

The Government Didn’t Foresee How Facebook Would Behave

 R. Haw Allensworth, J. Newman, here

Tanner Lecture 2020 – Between Suffocation and Abdication: Three Eras of Governing Digital Platforms

 J. Zittrain, here

The Internet Country

 Tigerfeathers, here


Competition Commission of India, here

The Coup We Are Not Talking About

 S. Zuboff, here

Lego prend des engagements devant l’Autorité de la concurrence afin de modifier son dispositif de remise tarifaire

 Autorité de la concurrence, ici

Commission opens formal investigation into possible trade restrictions by Mondelēz

 EC, here


 G. Parker et al., here

Understanding the Data Governance Act: in conversation with Sylvie Delacroix, Ben McFarlane and Paul Nemitz

 Data Trusts Initiative, here

Environmental sustainability agreements and competition law

 CMA, here

Completed acquisition by Facebook, Inc of Giphy, Inc.: Launch of formal Phase 1 investigation

 CMA, here

Analysing algorithms: How they can reduce competition and harm consumers - a panel discussion

 CMA, Video here

Abolishing price secrecy to help make medicines affordable

 BEUC, here.

The algorithm audit: Scoring the algorithms that score us

 S. Brown et al., here

Clearview AI’s biometric photo database deemed illegal in the EU, but only partial deletion ordered

 noyb, here

Ecosystems and competition law in theory and practice

 M. Jacobides, I. Lianos, here

Robinhood's Gamification of Investing Combines Surveillance Capitalism With Finance Capitalism

 Vice, here

Digital advertising services inquiry


ACCC, Interim Report here

Facial recognition: strict regulation is needed to prevent human rights violations

 Council of Europe, here

Data sovereignty: A review

 P. Hummel et al., here

Bracing for Another E-book Price-Fixing Case

 PublishersWeekly, here

Technical Report on Sustainability and Competition

Jointly commissioned by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC), here


 K. Irion, here

Onlinewerbung: Google testet Cookie-Nachfolger, hier

Emotional Entanglement

Article19, here

Computational Antitrust: An Introduction and Research Agenda

 T. Schrepel, here

Data Protection by Design and by Default

 L. Jasmontaite et al., here

Uber has a wild new plan for global ride-hailing domination

 Wired, here

New digital payment rules likely to hit Ant Group, Tencent

TechNode, here.  

Everalbum, Inc: In first facial recognition misuse settlement, FTC requires destruction of algorithms trained on deceptively obtained photos

Z. Sorenson, here.  

Developer complains to EU over Apple, Google app rules after COVID game rejected

 Reuters, here

Deutscher Bibliotheksverband fordert verbesserte Bedingungen zur Ausleihe von E-Books

 iRights, hier

AI and Security

 NSCAI, Draft Final Report here

Justizministerium weist Scheuers Gesetzentwurf zum autonomen Fahren zurück wegen offener Fragen zum Datenschutz

 Heise, hier

Antitrust watchdogs around the world are going back to school to study blockchain and AI

 CoinTelegraph, here

Reviving Purpose Limitation and Data Minimisation in Personalisation, Profiling and Decision-Making Systems

 M. Finck, A. Barga, here

Stellungnahme zum Entwurf eines Gesetzes zur Änderung des E-GovernmentGesetzes und zur Einführung des Gesetzes für die Nutzung von Daten des öffentlichen Sektors vom 17.12.2020

 MPI, hier


 OECD, here

Getting under your skin(s): A legal-ethical exploration of Fortnite’s transformation into a content delivery platform and its manipulative potential

 M. Sax, J. Ausloos, here

New lawsuit accuses Amazon of e-book price fixing

 The Verge, here

Computational Antitrust

 Stanford, here

“An Offer We Can’t Refuse”: How We Gave Away Our Data and Made Big Tech What It Is Today

 T. Valletti, here

Behind a Secret Deal Between Google and Facebook

 NYTimes, here

Individual, collective and intermediated: three roads to data empowerment

 Data empowerment, here

Google Play is unsportsmanlike, U.S. states likely to argue in potential lawsuit

 Reuters, here

This Was WhatsApp's Plan All Along

 GizModo, here

Google cracks down on personal loan apps in India following abuse and outcry

 TechCrunch, here

GWB-Digitalisierungsgesetz im Bundestag


Grab raises $300 million to grow fintech business

 FinExtra, here

How to Make Google and Facebook Care About Privacy

 C. O'Neil, here

Why the CMA is digging into the Privacy Sandbox, Google’s cookie-killer

 The Drum, here

Data trusts in Germany and under the GDPR

 Algorithm Watch, here

Die Vereinbarkeit von Data Trusts mit der Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO)

 Algorithm Watch, hier

Epic Games going to the UK


Digitaler Euro: Bürger sorgen sich vor allem um Privatheit von Zahlungen, here

Google’s Fitbit acquisition is official...but

 TechCrunch, here

TikTok makes under-16s' profiles private by default, blocks comments from strangers on their videos and prevents 'stitching' and 'duetting' in new privacy crackdown

 Mail Online, here

Delivery Platform Algorithms Don’t Work Without Drivers’ Deep Local Knowledge

 Slate, here


 Norwegian Consumer Council, here


 American Economic Liberties Project, here

Platform Mergers and Antitrust

 G. Parker et al., here

Artificial Intelligence and Unfair Competition – Unveiling an Underestimated Building Block of the AI Regulation Landscape

 S. Scheuerer, here.  Paper here

Le Digital Markets Act, un nouveau chapitre dans l’histoire du droit de la concurrence

 C.O, ici

FTC settles with photo storage app that pivoted to facial recognition

 The Verge, here

WhatsApp Has Shared Your Data With Facebook for Years, Actually

 Wired, here

Google’s plan to replace tracking cookies goes under UK antitrust probe

 TechCrunch, here. 

La société des boîtes noires s’étend

 InternetActu, ici

U.K. competition regulator to probe Nvidia’s $40 billion Arm takeover

 VentureBeat, here

DMA and Dec. 15 meme.

 DMA Proposal, here.

A new pro-competition regime for digital markets (and Dec. 9 Advent Meme)

 UK Digital Markets Taskforce, Advice here





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