Why Salesforce's Tableau Buy Might Be A Blunder

Forbes, here

Antitrust Probe Starts Today With Focus On Big Tech's Profits From News

Forbes, here

Warren Demands DOJ Antitrust Head Recuse Himself From Google, Apple Probes

Bloomberg, here


bpb, APUZ, hier

Kartellrecht in der Datenökonomie

R. Podszun, hier

Jeux vidéo : Ubisoft fait le pari de la blockchain

Les Echos, ici

Huawei's operating system in pipeline

China Daily, here

Revolut dials up Apple Pay

FinExtra, here

Thermo Fisher scraps Roper deal after U.K. antitrust hurdle

Reuters, here

Microsoft President Says 'Hipster Antitrust' Is Coming

Fortune, here.
Antitrust: Video, from 18:47.

General Principles of Law in EU Antitrust Law

M. Hjärtström, J. Nowag, here

By calling Huawei Android fork a security risk, Google contradicts its own open source arguments

Venture Beat, here

Account information now in Rabobank's PSD2 store

FinExtra, here

No License, No Chips? No Dice: Dissecting Judge Koh's Opinion in FTC v. Qualcomm

Washington Bytes, here

The different approaches to increasing access to data while retaining trust

J. Hardinges, P. Wells, here

Data Extra Commercium

V. Janeček, G. Malgieri, here

Sports Data Policies Could Represent Next Big Antitrust Challenge For Pro Sports Leagues

Forbes, here

Trump Questions Whether UTC-Raytheon Deal Hurts Competition

Bloomberg, here

Brave's Presentation to FTC tech taskforce

J. Ryan, here

PM speech opening London Tech Week

T. May, here

Roche's $4.3 billion Spark bid delayed again amid U.S., UK scrutiny

Reuters, here

The Surveillance Threat Is Not What Orwell Imagined

S. Zuboff, here

Digital disruption in financial markets: Presentations available!

OECD (bravi), here.

(Links to several countries' contributions not working though).

And my ASCOLA 2018 presentation ICYMI here

Sir Tim versus Black Mirror

Still my fav
E. Zuckerman, here

Competition policy: access to data, and more

P. Wells, Presentation here.

What Duopoly? Why Amazon’s Sizmek Purchase Is Just The Next Step In Its March Toward Ad Dominance

AdExchanger, here

Bring Back the Golden Age of Broadcast Regulation: Especially for YouTube and Facebook.

Slate, here

Three ways that Big Tech could be broken up

FT, here

Blockchain's Appeal Is Limited for Retail Banks, McKinsey Says

Bloomberg, here

How to rein in the web of lies

Chatman House, here

Google to Buy Data Analytics Company Despite New Antitrust Scrutiny

NYtimes, here.

Machine Learning and AI as business tools: Threat or blessing for competition?

CCP 15th Annual Conference 6th – 7th June 2019, Blog post here

Facebook plant eigene Kryptowährung

FAZ, hier

Google übernimmt den BI-Spezialisten Looker für 2,6 Milliarden US-Dollar

Heise.de, hier

From Innovation Hub to Innovation Culture

FCA, here

Making Big Tech companies share data could do more good than breaking them up

MIT Technology Review, here

Facebook’s Anticompetitive Lean in Strategies

L. Lovdall Gormsen, J.T. Llanos, here

A duty of care to prevent online exploitation of consumers? Digital dominance and special responsibility in EU competition law

W. Sauter, here

IBM withdraws notification of its acquisition of staff, hardware and software from T-Systems’ mainframe business after the Bundeskartellamt expressed concerns

Bundeskartellamt, here

iOS developers file class-action against Apple over ‘profit killing’ App Store practices

9to5mac.com, here

Google erweitert die Pay API für umfangreichere Bezahloptionen

Heise, hier

Kelkoo ready to take Google complaint to U.S. antitrust regulators - CEO

Reuters, here

Report: Facebook plans to create independent foundation to manage its cryptocurrency; will charge members $10M licensing fees for right to operate node

The Block, here

Amazon executive says company welcomes scrutiny of big tech

Reuters, here

How Big Tech funds the debate on AI ethics

NewStatesman, here

The Fintech Bubble Floats Toward a $64 Billion Pin

Bloomberg, here

Competition and Regulation in the Data Economy

Panel, videos here

Governance of Data in IoT Contexts

W. Kerber, Presentation here

Microsoft quietly deletes largest public face recognition data set

FT, here

Facebook can be told to cast a wider net to find illegal content, says EU court advisor

TechCrunch, here

Konzern liest mit: Facebook trackt Nutzer auf drei Viertel aller deutschen Nachrichtenseiten

Netzpolitik.org, hier

Apple announces new sign-in tool to compete with Facebook and Google

The Verge, here

UK financial regulator clamps down on peer-to-peer investment

FT, here

"Daten müssen nicht böse sein"

SZ, hier

ASSISTANTS VOCAUX ET ENCEINTES CONNECTÉES: l’impact de la voix sur l’offre et les usages culturels et médias

Hadopi, CSA, ici

Uber’s Path of Destruction

American Affairs, here

Aptoide, a Play Store rival, cries antitrust foul over Google hiding its app

TechCrunch, here

Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System

The Law Society, here

Hotelbuchungen im Internet: "Enge" Bestpreisklauseln sind zulässig

OLG Düsseldorf, hier

Vertical Mergers in the Technology, Media and Telecom Sector

OECD Secretariat, Background Note here

The standard of review by courts in competition cases

OECD Secretariat, Background Note, here

PayPal invests in Tink

FinExtra, here

Facebook in talks with US regulator over digital currency

FT, here

Vestager’s grand plan for regulating the digital economy

Euractiv, here

House Judiciary Committee Launches Antitrust Investigation of Tech Giants

Daily Beast, here.
More here

Project explAIn: Interim report

ICO, here

Apple Backs Off Crackdown on Parental-Control Apps

NYTimes, here

The FTC’s Big Tech Revolving Door Problem

Public Citizen, here.

<= from 1:12 ICYMI (pure genius)

From David to Makan

Letter, here

Google faces first investigation by its European lead authority for “suspected infringement” of the GDPR

Brave, here

The start-ups building ‘dark kitchens’ for Uber Eats and Deliveroo

FT, here

Canada announces Digital Charter, promises serious fines to business for not protecting privacy

IT World Canada, here

India antitrust probe finds Monsanto abused dominant position

Reuters, here

OECD Principles on AI

OECD, here

N26 under fire from BaFin over money laundering failures

FinExtra, here

How Silicon Valley gamed Europe’s privacy rules

Politico.eu, here

Apple pledges clearer information on iPhone performance

Gov.UK, here

Irish regulator opens first privacy probe into Google

Reuters, here

Protecting Competition in the American Economy: Merger Control, Tech Titans, Labor Markets*

C. Shapiro, here

Female voice assistants fuel damaging gender stereotypes, says a UN study

MIT Technology Review, here

Open Banking hobbled by outages

FinExtra, here

Drug firms accused of illegal market sharing over anti-nausea tablets

CMA, here

Speaking points on the occasion of the first anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

V. Jourová, here

GitHub launches Sponsors, lets you pay your favorite open source contributors

TechCrunch, here

The radical plan to change how Harvard teaches economics

VOX, here

Blockchain sicher gestalten

BSI, hier

Court rules Uber must turn over data on driver congestion, double parkers to San Francisco

SFExaminer, here

GDPR Enforcement Tracker



D. Zetzsche, D. Arner, R. Buckley, R. Weber here

Blockkedjeteknik utifrån ett konkurrensperspektiv

P. Lindblom for the Swedish Competition Authority, here

Unlocking digital competition

J. Furman, Oxford Martin School, Live here.

Retailer Amazon nears victory in rainforest battle over domain name

Reuters, here

Nie mehr WhatsApp? EU-Staaten könnten Messenger zur Öffnung zwingen

Netzpolitik, hier.

Trust, transparency and Tech

Policy Connect, here

Facebook and Google pressured EU experts to soften fake news regulations, say insiders

Open Democracy, here

Technology is messing with our emotions: an historical perspective

Chips with Everything Podcast, here

Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream – the battle is on to bring them under global control

Phys.org, here

Intesa nelle gare per l’assegnazione dei diritti internazionali del calcio in TV. Sanzionati MP Silva, IMG e B4 Capital per 67 milioni di euro

AGCM, here

Understanding the Digital Advertising Ecosystem and the Impact of Data Privacy and Competition Policy

US Senate, Hearing here.

<= This is how my students react when they understand how programmatic advertising works

This is Johnny's testimony, here

Ahem, ahem... AI engine said to be good as human docs at spotting lung cancer developing

The Register, here

Lithuanian DPA hands down GDPR fine to e-payment company

iapp, here. Google translation of the press release of the LT DPA here

Your Car Knows When You Gain Weight

NYTimes, here

Uber, Lyft drivers manipulate fares at Reagan National causing artificial price surges

WJLA, here

Google’s Huawei restrictions are a wake-up call for all Android phone makers

Venture Beat, here

Chris Hughes on The Daily Podcast

Surprise: Amazon rolls out machines that pack orders and replace jobs

Reuters, here.

Première rencontre avec Mark Zuckerberg

C. O, ici

Global Platform Governance: Private Power in the Shadow of the State

H. Bloch-Wehba, here

Antitrust: gara Consip FM4, sanzioni per circa 235 milioni di euro

AGCM, qui.. Provvedimento qui.

Apple v. Pepper

US Supreme Court, here.

Update on Google Shopping


Talking to the Law Student With a Novel Theory About Amazon’s Power

NYMag, here

The EU Needs to Reform the GDPR to Remain Competitive in the Algorithmic Economy

Center for Data Innovation, here

A new government agency to regulate all big tech companies.

Recode with C. Hughes, Podcast here

On sandboxes and those profound mysteries of the algorithmic age

Commission fines AB InBev €200 million for restricting cross-border sales of beer

EC, here

Marketing Agencies and Collusive Bidding∗ in Online Ad Auctions

F. Decarolis, M. Goldmanis, A. Penta, here

Friend portability is the must-have Facebook regulation FTC must pave the path to competition

Techcrunch, here

Allons-nous retrouver notre vie privée?

Lecho.be, ici. 

Much ado about nothing? Online platform price parity clauses and the EU Booking.com case

A. Mantovani, C. Piga, C. Reggiani, here

Breaking Up Facebook Is Not the Answer

N. Clegg, here

New: Participative Antitrust Must Haves Playlist

On Spotify (fittingly?), here.  How it all started here. And this classic treatment in the literature (the file was there until last Saturday, I swear, but you can catch it up live sometime, perhaps, if you're lucky).

...and growing.

Why Google believes machine learning is its future

ArsTechnica, here

France seeks handle on Facebook algos to help combat hate speech

Reuters, here

Facebook sues analytics firm Rankwave over data misuse

TechCrunch, here

Competition Concerns in Labour Markets – Background Note

OECD, Background Note by the Secretariat, here

Licensing of IP Rights and Competition Law

OECD, Background Note by the Secretariat, here

Google, Amazon Patent Filings Reveal Digital Home Assistant Privacy Problems

Consumer Watchdog, here

Créer un cadre français de responsabilisation des réseaux sociaux : agir en France avec une ambition européenne

Rapport de la mission « Régulation des réseaux sociaux – Expérimentation Facebook », ici.  

The Blockchain (R)evolution and the Role of Antitrust

Antitrust Digest, here

Millions of people uploaded photos to the Ever app. Then the company used them to develop facial recognition tools.

NBC News, here

Competition and the rule of law

M. Vestager, here

Rod Sims, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Capitol Forum, Interview here (Video).

Nest, the company, died at Google I/O 2019

ArsTechnica, here

Antitrust and Innovation: Welcoming and Protecting Disruption

G. Federico, F. Scott Morton, C. Shapiro, here

India orders anti-trust probe of Google for alleged Android abuse - sources

Reuters, here

Antitrust Reading List Proposed by Chris Hughes

Here. And more suggestions here

Mark Zuckerberg has to go. Here are 25 reasons why

The Guardian, here

The German Facebook Antitrust Case Viewed from Brussels?

M. Vestager, here.

Asnef-Equifax is an "interesting" ruling, to be understood in the specific context of the case. My impression is that EU judges would be willing to view things differently today...

Dublin-based Ion Group in talks to buy Mergermarket owner

FT, here

Fintech and Blockchain: Where Silicon Alley Meets Hyperconverged Infrastructure

BankInnovation.net, here

2019 Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Can We Hold Machines Accountable?

Silicon Flatirons Conference, Videos here


Wired, here

Expedia Under Investigation by Utah Over Hotel Collusion Claims

D. McLaughlin, here.

Not the first time that Expedia and TravelPass lock horns, here


Stigler Center, 15-16 May 2019,  here. Live streaming!

Regulating Facebook and Google Pt 1: Markets

Capitalisn't Podcast, here

Japan's 'information banks' to let users cash in on personal data

Nikkei, here

Deep Dive into Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

R. van Eijk, Video here

Zuboff's book everywhere

My provisional take (but sadly no Ascola paper on the topic - max one individual paper pp - but apparently *two* co-authored papers are fine), here

Essential California: Why San Francisco banned cashless stores

LATimes, here

Automating Society: Taking Stock of Automated Decision-Making in the EU

AlgorithmWatch in cooperation with Bertelsmann Stiftung, supported by the Open Society Foundations, here.

Evaluating the EC Private Data Sharing Principles

B. Gonzalez Otero, here

A FRAND Regime for Dominant Digital Platforms

M. Heim, I. Nicolic, here

Exploring the Interfaces Between Big Data and Intellectual Property Law

D. Gervais, here

It’s Time to Break Up Facebook

NyTimes, here

2. Öffentliche Sitzung der Datenethikkommission

Live-Stream hier

Tencent and Alibaba granted licences to offer Hong Kong banking

FT, here

Establishing the rules for building trustworthy AI

L. Floridi, here

Ethically Aligned Design

IEEE, here

Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses

NYTimes, here

Microsoft, Starbucks Team On AI-Powered Predictive Orders

Pymnts.com, here

How Digital Platforms Have Become Double-Edged Swords

MIT Sloan MR, here

Consumers as prey for AI

Competition Lore Podcast, here

Accountability without liability: ‘to whom’ and ‘with what consequences’? (Questions for the 2019 OECD privacy Guidelines review)

G. Greenleaf, here

Competitive Edge: Principles and presumptions for U.S. vertical merger enforcement policy

J. Baker, N. Rose, S. Salop, F. Scott Morton, here

Facebook stops blocking some blockchain ads

TechCrunch, here

ASCOLA 2019 Aix-en-Provence Faculty of Law


Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Hearing on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, live now here.

Is competition enough? Competition for consumers, on behalf of consumers.

A. Tyrie, here.

Google Face Match brings privacy debate into the home

FT, here

Facebook has hired several former PayPal employees for its mysterious blockchain project.

Bloomberg, here.

M.B., for you...

Facebook picks London as base for WhatsApp push into payments

FT, here

The Case for the Digital Platform Act: Market Structure and Regulation of Digital Platforms

H. Feld, here

Privacy Rights and Data Collection in a Digital Economy

US Senate Committee Hearing, here


AEPD, aquì.


AEDP, aquì.

The Data Mobility Sandbox and a peek at the future of personal data

Digi.me, here

Fairness and Competitiveness in a Digitised World

M. Vestager, Live streaming, today 12:30 re:publica 2019, here

Free translation: L'Europa non è perfetta ma è una figata di inizio. (warning: strong language)

IAB internet advertising revenue report

IAB, here

The creeping threat of facial recognition

FastCompany, here

Android now has 2.5B users

TechCrunch, here

How can more people benefit from the knowledge economy?

Future curious, Podcast here.
Nesta, Imagination unleashed: Democratising the knowledge economy here.
Roberto Unger's book here.
OECD Discussion here

Weighing the value of data – trade-offs, transparency and competition in the digital marketplace

R. Finer, here

AI in law enforcement needs clear oversight

FT, here

Intellectual Property and the Price of Prescription Drugs: Balancing Innovation and Competition

Senate Judiciary Committee, Hearing here. With the great Prof. Michael Carrier. 

On the Algorithmic Accountability Act - Opinion

M. Kaminski, A. Selbst, hier


OECD, here

Big Tech im Check

Video hier

Review of Online Targeting

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovationhere.

Review on Bias in Algorithmic Decision Making

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, here

Automated Decision-Making in the EU Member States Laws: The Right to Explanation and Other 'Suitable Safeguards'

G. Malgieri, here

Big Tech Is Spying on Your Wallet

WashingtonMonthly, here.

Sanders Calls for Breaking Up Big Agriculture Monopolies

NYTimes, here

Tristan Harris says tech is “downgrading” humanity — but we can fix it

Recode, Podcast here

Administration by Algorithm? Public Management Meets Public Sector Machine Learning

M. Veale, I. Brass, here

Bergen Competition Policy Conference 2019

Video recordings and slides here

Bitkom warnt vor bedingungsloser Datenweitergabe

Golem, hier

Alex Rosenblat on the cultural impact and influence of Uber

The Rideshareguy, Podcast here

New report calls out failing Open Banking API services

FinExtra, here

First Draft! A pro-competition data sandbox for the digital world

S. Vezzoso (this blog's author), here.

Comments would be great, please write to simonetta.vezzoso@unitn.it, many thanks!

Life Fitness’s Advertising Platform Brings Programmatic Ads to the Gym

AdWeek, here

A Conspiracy To Kill IE6

C. Zacharias, here

AI and Education

Interview with T. Escrig, here

Ireland's Data Protection Commission opens statutory inquiry into Quantcast International Limited

For more info here

In praise of antitrust compliance programs

M. Delrahim, here (who among us @WavesBlog Readers wouldn't join in?).

Peloton Fires Back At Music Publishers With Antitrust Allegations

Forbes, here

Zuckerberg's privacy joke


The Antitrust Case Against Facebook

D. Srinivasan, here

Facebook opens its data to academics for first time

FT, here

The economics of the security of consumer-grade IoT products and services

Internet society, here


FinExtra/Oracle, here

Beware of 'Algorithmic Regulation'

S. Delacroix, here

The new division of labor

Deloitte, here

Economic Measurement of AI

K. McElheran, here

A look at the proposed Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2019

iapp, here

AAI Interview With Antitrust Expert Jonathan Baker – A Preview of His Forthcoming Book: The Antitrust Paradigm

AAI, here

Facebook Is Turning Instagram Into The New Facebook

BuzzFeedNews, here

Concerns Over Privacy and Security Contribute to Consumer Distrust in Connected Devices

Internet Society, here

Kenya Signs $665.4m Deal With China For Konza Data Centre And Smart City Plan

Data-economy, here

Ausschluss von Vergabeverfahren: Gleiss-Mandantin Daimler und andere Kartellanten unter Druck

Juve.de, hier


Wired, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...