EU Parliament’s key committee adopts Digital Markets Act

 Euractiv, here

Big Business Declares War on Lina Khan

 M. Stoller, here

Andreas Schwab - Digital Markets Act Version of 18-11-2021 - Compromise Amendments



Press Conference, Video here.

Italy fines Amazon and Apple $230M over antitrust charges

 TechCrunch, here.

The Italian decision qui

Merger control and FDI interplay: Article 21 as a potential tool towards further convergence in FDI rules

 Clifford Chance, here


 Expert Opinion Commissioned by the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW, here

Google v Commission (Google Shopping): A Case Summary

 N. Moreno Belloso, here

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney calls for a universal app store to combat tech monopolies

 Protocol, here

EU Shopping judgment: what does equal access to Google's general results pages mean?

 Hausfeld, here

Stream your brain! Speculative economy of the IoT and its pan-kinetic dataveillance

 S. Ahn, here


 Competition Commission of India, here

WhatsApp privacy policy tweaked in Europe after record fine

 BBC, here

Noyb files another complaint against Amazon Europe – black box algorithm discriminates customers

 Noyb, here

Apple’s concession on the right to repair

 FT, here

Small business holds key to tech's antitrust fate

 Axios, here

The Future of Digital Spaces and Their Role in Democracy

 Pew Research Center, here

Synergies between Data protection law and competition law

W. Kerber, L. Specht, here

Wettbewerb und Datenschutz: Wie Kastor und Pollux, hier.

Coalition for App Fairness Statement on Digital Markets Act (DMA) Vote by European Parliament


A competition policy fit for new challenges

EC, Communication here.  

The beautiful Annex here


 OECD Background Note by S. Roberts, here

Bundesrat verbietet Knebelverträge bei Hotelbuchungen

 NZZ, hier. [Gut - Meine Erklärung here]                          

Competition issues concerning news media and digital platforms

 OECD, Background Paper, here

Ex ante regulation of digital markets

OECD, Background Note here.  

Environmental Considerations in Competition Enforcement: Legal Assessment

 OECD Background Note, here

Joe to Lina re oil prices


Big Tech as Global Problem

The Grande Dame of Antitrust Law, Video here.  

CMA to open up electric vehicle charging competition on motorways

 CMA, here

7th CUTS-CIRC Biennial Conference on Competition, Regulation and Development-Day 01

 Day 01, Video here

Day 02, Live here

In Moscow’s Technological Advances, a ‘Double-Edged Sword’

NYTimes, here.  

Support study accompanying the Commission Notice on the evaluation of the definition of relevant market for the purposes of Community competition law

For the EC, here

Facebook goes after the creator of InstaPy, a tool that automates Instagram likes

 Algorithm Watch, here

Facial recognition: Huge risks for our societies

 EDPS, Video here

Google Shopping

 Final (?) Cut, here

Meta to Meta (Sudans)


Report on Stablecoins

 Federal Reserve, here

China’s new platform guidelines translated

 H/T I. Brown, here.


 D'Kart, here

Leitlinien für die Vereinbarkeit des Genossenschaftswesens mit dem Kartellrecht

 Bundeskartellamt, hier

La mia "Cooperativa di fronte al diritto antitrust" qui (*2008*) : chissà cosa scriverei di diverso? 

Artificial Intelligence Systems as Inventors?

 J. Drexl at al., here


 N. Agarwal, E. Budish, here

Regulating platforms and ecosystems: an introduction

 M. Jacobides, I. Lianos, here

Smart Contracts and the Digital Single Market Through the Lens of a 'Law + Technology' Approach

 T. Schrepel, here

Truck cartel in Spain: Advocate General Rantos clarifies the temporal scope of the directive on the compensation of victims of anti-competitive practices

 CJEU, here

Open Logistics Foundation gegründet

 Frauenhofer, hier

AI and Governance

 DigitalEU, here

Completed acquisition by Facebook, Inc. of GIPHY, Inc.

 CMA, the decision here.

Pomodoro costoluto fiorentino salvato dai cinesi grazie al “Golden Power” di Draghi

InToscana, qui.  

Italy vetoes sale of seed producer to Chinese-owned Syngenta, officials say

 CNA, here

Australia also wants Google to unbundle search from Android

 ArsTechnica, here

The Interim Report, here

Computational Competition Law and Economics

 Hellenic Competition Commission, here

Easier cartel rules for packaging, logistics companies, EU's Vestager says

 Reuters, here

Digging into Google’s push to freeze ePrivacy


Natasha the Great (TechCrunch), here

Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: copyright and patents

 UK Gov, here

Why are you on Facebook?

 S. Vergnolle, here

A new Europe: Competition, Industrial Policy, Taxation

 M. Vestager, here

Big techs in finance: on the new nexus between data privacy and competition

 BIS, here

A new era of cartel enforcement


M. Vestager, here

(Warning: pic from another conference, same day, same town - and an amazing Roman brick wall in the background)

Rome or Babylon?


EU-US Trade and Technology Council: Commission launches consultation platform for stakeholder's involvement to shape transatlantic cooperation

 EC, here

Translation: Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Overall Governance of Internet Information Service Algorithms

 Nine Chinese Agancies, here

The Technopolar Moment

 Foreign Affairs, here

Antrittsvorlesung | Inaugural Lecture Prof. Viktoria Robertson


1st Giovanni Buttarelli Award at Global Privacy Assembly goes to...Shoshana Zuboff!

 Video here

1970-2021 : la protection des données essaime le monde

 LINC, ici.

Plaid Pushes Into Payments Business After Scuttled Visa Deal

 WSJ, here.

Unique on Facebook: Formulation and Evidence of (Nano)targeting Individual Users with non-PII Data

 J. Gonzales-Cabañas et al., here. More here

Should platforms be allowed to sell on their own marketplaces?

 A. Hagiu et al., here

Regarding the CFPB’s Inquiry into Big Tech Payment Platforms

 R. Chopra, here

Google slashes service fees in its app store after similar move by Apple

 CNBC, here

Facebook agrees to pay French publishers for news reuse

 TechCrunch, here

YouTube is about to pull its apps from Roku, and the fight is going all the way to Congress

 CNBC, here

Amazon Warns Sellers: Marketplace Could Shut Down If Congress Tries to Regulate It

 The Prospect, here

In re: Google Digital Advertising Antitrust Litigation (Amended Complaint)


Nudging Humans

 B. Frischmann, here

Retour sur un mandat : la présidence de l’Autorité de la concurrence, 2016-2021 (le seul quinquennat qu'on ne oubliera jamais)


La bravissima Isabelle de Silva, ici and here.

Apple’s privacy changes create windfall for its own advertising business

 FT, here

A letter to Amazon (final opportunity to provide exculpatory evidence)


The future of online advertising

 McCann/Stronge/Jones for the Greens/EFA, here

Biden pick for bank regulator says critics ‘demonise’ her identity

 FT, here

DSGVO: Irische Datenschutzbehörde nickt Facebooks Einwilligungstrick ab

 Heise, hier and here

Competition in Australia faces big challenges

 R. Sims, here

Google's practices in the online advertising sector

 L. Hoffmann, here

AI's technological Diversification to counter the market concentration

 S&D AIDA Webinar, here.


 BEUC, here

When Amazon Takes the Buy Box, It Doesn’t Give It Up

The Markup, here and here.

Lawmakers seek to rein in big tech with bills aimed at competition and liability

 The Guardian, here

Tech Companies Don't Need to Be Creepy to Make Money

 Wired, here

U.K. Pays Price for Energy Market That Anyone Could Join

 Bloomberg, here

The unintended consequences of Vestager’s tougher take on ‘killer acquisitions’

 Politico, here

Some thoughts on the Google Android hearing before the General Court

 The Platform Law Blog, here

CMA welcomes government proposals on new powers

 CMA, here.

Via libera al “progetto antifrode” dell’ANIA nei rami danni e vita

 AGCM, here.

Can competition be toxic? And if so, who’s pushing this toxic competition?

 A. Ezrachi, here.

Apple and Google under antitrust scrutiny in Japan for mobile OS

 Nikkei Asia, here.


 OECD, here.

NFT-Deal mit Sorare: Fußball-Bundesliga kriegt Blockchain-Sammelbilder, hier.

What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear?

 EPRS, here

Response to DCMS consultation “Data: a new direction”

 ICO, here.

What do iOS and Android have in common? Their apps suck at privacy, boffins say

 The Register, here

How Lina Khan Debunked the DOJ Antitrust Case against Google

 NR, here.

Google rivals want EU lawmakers to act via new tech rules

 Reuters, here


 Access Now, here.

Daten, Demokratie und Kartellrecht – Zur Entwicklung eines evidenzbasierten Umgangs mit Demokratiedefiziten in digitalen Märkten aus kartellrechtlicher Sicht

 V. Robertson, hier.

Überwachung in Venedig: Smart City auf dem Wasser

 Netzpolitik, hier


 A. Mazgal, here

China's experience with regulating big tech

 Y. Gang, Video here. The whole, excellent Conference here.

EU-US Trade and Technology Council New forum for transatlantic cooperation

 EPRS, here

Richard Blumenthal Was Right to Ask Facebook About “Ending Finsta”

 Slate, here

“Wayforward Machine” provides a glimpse into the future of the web

 ArsTechnica, here

Funding for fintechs: patterns and drivers

 G. Cornelli et al., here

Monopole und Preiswirrwarr: Was an deutschen Ladesäulen schiefläuft

 PlusMinus, hier

What if objects around us flocked together and became intelligent?

 EP Thinktank, here

Competitive Compatibility: Let's Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Giants

 C. Doctorow, here

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Ray-Ban smart glasses

 AccessNow, here

Experimental Regulations and Regulatory Sandboxes: Law without Order?

 S. Ranchordas, here

Private Carbon Payment Programs Funnel Farm Data to Big Ag

 Food and Power, here

AI’s Legal and Ethical Implications with Sandra Wachter

 Video, here

“Reviving Competition Part 4: 21st Century Antitrust Reforms and the American Worker

 L. Khan, here

Confidential medical records at the centre of a new claim against Google

 Mishcon, here

EU looks to make data sharing easier: Council agrees position on Data Governance Act

 The Council, here

I've gone to look for American Antitrust

 Read M. Vestager's speech while listening to the song

Google and Microsoft are at it again, now over government software

 Protocol, here

Article 114 TFEU as a Legal Basis for Strengthened Control of Acquisitions by Digital Gatekeepers

 Legal Opinion commissioned by Germany, here

[My bet: contrarian legal opinion by Ireland soon...]

Transcript of the Background Talk "New EU-rules for Big Tech: How to improve the Digital Services Act"

SNV, hier 

Why Facebook is using Ray-Ban to stake a claim on our faces

 MIT Tech Review, here.

Didi loses 30% of daily users after Beijing crackdown following IPO

 FT, here

‘New Directions in the European Union’s Innovation Policy?’

 MPI, here.

Wild West ist nun vorbei [?]

 SZ, hier.

India antitrust probe finds Google abused Android dominance, report shows

 Reuters, here

Amazon is piling ads into search results and top consumer brands are paying up for prominent placement

 CNBC, here.

Europe’s enforcement paralysis

ICCL, here.  




 W. Christli, hier

Waste from one bitcoin transaction ‘like binning two iPhones’

 The Guardian, here

Big Tech, Big Problems, & Big Solutions: The Legislative Package to Reinvigorate Platform Competition

 Public Knowledge, here

Australia proves that small publishers benefit from collective negotiation with Big Tech – Canada should follow suit

News Media Canada, here.

Withdrawal of the Vertical Merger Guidelines

 L. Kahn, here

Big tech companies snap up smaller rivals at record pace

FT, here.  

Big Data, Big Questions: Implications for Competition and Consumers

 Chez Senator Klobuchar, here.

The Commission adopts a Statement of Objections in view of adopting interim measures following Illumina's early acquisition of GRAIL

 EC, here

Early draft*s* of the DMA proposal: A take

 Coalition for App Fairness, here

Beyond Debiasing

 EDRi, here.


 EBA, here.

Comments regarding the draft revised VBER and VGL as published on 9 July 2021

 Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the Bundeskartellamt, here

Why Facebook is using Ray-Ban to stake a claim on our faces

 MIT Tecchnology Review, here

Non-HSR Reported Acquisitions by Select Technology Platforms, 2010–2019: An FTC Study

 FTC, here

Open FTC: Findings from the Commission’s inquiry into large technology platforms’ unreported acquisitions

 Live, soon, here

Sektoruntersuchung Mobile Apps

 Bundeskartellamt, Bericht hier

Why Turkey’s Regulators Became Such a Problem for Google

 NYTimes, here

How France tamed Google

 Wired, here

L’autorité luxembourgeoise de protection des données a prononcé à l’encontre d’Amazon Europe Core une amende de 746 millions d’euros

 CNIL, ici

CMA accuses pharma firms of illegal pricing

 CMA, here. 

EssilorLuxottica / Lenstec Merger Inquiry

 CMA, here

Apple accuses CBA of ‘misleading’ digital wallets inquiry

 InnovationAus, here

Commission starts investigation for possible breach of the standstill obligation in Illumina / GRAIL transaction

 EC, here

Pièces détachées automobiles : l’Autorité de la concurrence se félicite de l’ouverture partielle à la concurrence de la vente des pièces détachées automobiles visibles

 Adlc, ici.

Wettbewerbschancen bei Strombörsen, E-Ladesäulen und Wasserstoff nutzen

 Monopolkommission, hier.

Sony’s purchase of AWAL raises competition concerns

 CMA, here

Kreditwirtschaft fordert Wahlfreiheit beim Bezahlen an E-Ladesäulen, hier

Apple’s grip on App Store loosened by US judge

 FT, here

Competition Policy in Support of Europe’s Green Ambition

 EC, here

Unlawful monopolies only benefit monopolists

 DoJ, here

Google found guilty of restricting Android forks in South Korea, fined $177 million

 The Verge, here

Intelligence artificielle et droit de la concurrence

 Séminaire, ici

FTC v. Facebook

 District Court, here

Amended Complaint, here

Google Is Getting Caught in the Global Antitrust Net

 Wired, here


 CompassLexecon, here (paid by Google).

Public consultation on the draft revised Regulation on vertical agreements and vertical guidelines

 EC, here

Eyes Everywhere: Amazon's Surveillance Infrastructure and Revitalizing a Fair Marketplace

 Open Markets, here

Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy

 President Biden, here

Let’s Make Google a Public Good

 NYTimes, here

Public consultation: Proposal for the creation of a sandbox for sustainability and competition in the Greek market (too late?)

 Hellenic Competition Commission, here

Demystifying the Draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act

 M. Veale et al., here

What China Expects From Businesses: Total Surrender

 NYTimes, here

Competition and Innovation in Digital Markets

 BEIS Research Paper, here

Plusieurs marques et fabricants de lunettes sanctionnés pour prix de vente imposés et restriction de vente sur Internet

 Adlc, ici

Unlocking the value of data: Exploring the role of data intermediaries

 UK Gov, here

“Old Chicago” and Freiburg: Why Ordoliberalism Was No “German Oddity”

 ProMarket, here

The Autorité de la concurrence hands out a €220 millions fine to Google for favouring its own services in the online advertising sector

 Adlc, here.

Decision ici and here

Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed acquisition of Kustomer by Facebook

 EC, here

The CMA was already on it, here

Building a comprehensive and competitive electric vehicle charging sector that works for all drivers

 CMA, here

How the EU Can Achieve Legally Trustworthy AI: A Response to the European Commission’s Proposal for an Artificial Intelligence Act

 K. Yeung et al., here

Design choices: Mechanism design and platform capitalism

 S. Viljoen et al. here

Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture: Concept and Assessment

 V. Kathuria, here

Apple and Google Are Gearing Up to Fight a New App Store Bill

 Wired, here

Algorithms and Economic Justice: A Taxonomy of Harms and a Path Forward for the Federal Trade Commission

R. Slaughter, here.  

Sovereignty 2.0

 A. Chander, H. Sun, here

International coherence in digital platform regulation: an economic perspective on the US and EU proposals

 Tobin Center for Economic Policy at Yale, here

Facebook’s takeover of Giphy raises competition concerns

 CMA, here

Provisional Findings Report here.

The New Antitrust/Data Privacy Law Interface

 E. Douglas, here

Henry Simons’s Positive Program for Laissez-Faire

 M. Rizzo, here

Taking Control of the Data Pipeline

Podcast, here.  

Opinion 11/2021 on the Proposal for a Directive on consumer credits

 EDPS, here

Why Privacy Experts Need a Place at the Antitrust Table

 C. Caffarra, J. Ryan, here

Participatory data stewardship

 Ada Lovelace Institute, here

The Data Economy: Market Size and Global Trade

 D. Coyle, W. Li, here

Google, Apple Forced to Open App Store Pay Systems in South Korea

 Bloomberg, here

Private enforcement and the Digital Markets Act

 R. Podszun, here

Unscrambling the eggs: breaking up consummated mergers and dominant firms

 J. Kwoka, T. Valletti, here

Japan Fair Trade Commission closes App Store investigation

 Reuters, here

Google appeals France's 'disproportionate' $591 million fine in copyright row

 Reuters, here. Decision ici; press release here.

WhatsApp fined a record 225 mln euro by Ireland over privacy

 Reuters, here

Decision here

The Google Choice Screen

 FairSearch, here

Les organismes professionnels

 Adlc, Etude ici

Rules-based versus principles-based regulation – is there a clear front-runner?

 Ofcom, here

What are we regulating for?

 C. Caffarra, here


 S. Langridge, here

B. Lawson, here

Global Comprehensive Privacy Law Mapping Chart

 Iapp, here

Décision n° 21-D-21 du 9 septembre 2021 relative à des pratiques mises en œuvre dans le secteur du transport routier de marchandises

 Adlc, ici

The future of the App Store depends on the difference between a ‘button’ and an ‘external link’

 The Verge, here

The judgment, here

Beijing to break up Ant’s Alipay and force creation of separate loans app

 FT, here.

On Google’s Sandbox/FLoC Proposal: Comments Submitted to UK-CMA

 DLI, here

Know all about Account Aggregator Network- a financial data-sharing system

 India Ministry of Finance, here

DPC launches two inquiries into TikTok concerning compliance with GDPR requirements relating to the processing of childrens’ personal data and transfers of data to China

 DPC, here

China’s new regulation of platforms: a message for American policymakers

 T. Wheeler, here

Resuming blog posting today - after the update avalanche

Online advertising: the impact of targeted advertising on advertisers, market access and consumer choice

Publication for the committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, Policy Department for Economic, Scientific and Quality of Life Policies, European Parliament, here

Privacy, data and competition

 T. Valletti, Presentation here

Verfahren gegen Apple nach neuen Digitalvorschriften (§ 19a Abs. 1 GWB) – Bundeskartellamt prüft Apples marktübergreifende Bedeutung für den Wettbewerb

 Bundeskartellamt, hier

Big Tech: how can we promote competition in digital platform markets?

 A. Fletcher, here

Android Auto, our connected car service, lets consumers choose between rival services

 Google, here

Possible futures for the smart home

 Sonos, here

Algorithms: how they can reduce competition and harm consumers - Summary of responses to the consultation

 CMA, here

Feedback received, here

Soziale Marktwirtschaft in der digitalen Zukunft

 Foresight-Bericht (BMWi), hier

In Defence of Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Age of “Artificial Intelligence”

 Transatlantic Reflection Group on Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Age of “Artificial Intelligence, here

Wir fordern 17 Maßnahmen, um die Macht der Tech-Konzerne hier und jetzt zu brechen

 Handelsblatt, hier

The role of the arts and humanities in thinking about artificial intelligence (AI)

 J. Tasioulas, here

The Internet moment

 J. Zittrain, here

The European Commission’s Artificial Intelligence Act

 M. Schaake, here

Why the DMA is much more than competition law (and should not be treated as such)

 A. Reyna, here

An Algorithmic Bon Marché? Platform Governance In Urban Spaces

 J. Jackson, here

CMA to scrutinise Apple and Google mobile ecosystems


Mobile ecosystems market study, Statement of scope here

UK’s CMA opens market study into Apple, Google’s mobile “duopoly”

 TechCrunch, here

The Cornwall Consensus Suggests a More “Market-Shaping” Approach to Fostering Resilience

 UCL, here

Courtesy translation of Decision KVR 69/19 rendered by the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice) on 23/06/2020 provided by the Bundeskartellamt.


Europe needs to back browser-level controls to fix cookie consent nightmares, says privacy group

 TechCrunch, here

U.S. Supreme Court revives LinkedIn bid to shield personal data

 Reuters, here

Notes on Google's Commitments to the CMA

 R. Berjon, here

Dems are going after Big Tech. It’ll affect almost everything you do online., here


 OECD, here

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): the Court specifies the conditions for the exercise of the national supervisory authorities’ powers with respect to the cross-border processing of data

 CJEU, here

Competition policy: staying the course in times of change

 M. Vestager, here

Antitrust Enforcement and Big Tech: After the Remedy Is Ordered

 J. Himes, J. Nieh, R. Schnell, here

Avis relatif à une demande d’avis de la commission des Affaires culturelles et de l’Éducation de l’Assemblée nationale dans le secteur des musiques actuelles

 Adcl, ici.

Dans le cadre d’une instruction ouverte devant l’Autorité dans le secteur de la publicité en ligne, Facebook propose des engagements.

 Adlc, ici

Austrian Federal Competition Authority files application to fine Facebook for failing to notify GIPHY acquisition

 AFCA, here

Data portability, interoperability and digital platform competition

 OECD Background Paper, here

L’Autorité de la concurrence sanctionne Google à hauteur de 220 millions d’euros pour avoir favorisé ses propres services dans le secteur de la publicité en ligne

 Adlc, ici

Should gatekeepers be allowed to combine data? Ideas for Art. 5(a) of the draft Digital Markets Act

 R. Podszun, here

Abuse without dominance and monopolisation without monopoly

O. Brook, M. Eben, here.  

Simonetta Vezzoso ‘Competition Policy in Transition: Exploring Data Portability’s Roles’ (2021)


Antitrust Digest, here (remember that Ascola 2020 presentation?).

Bundeskartellamt examines Google News Showcase


Wertschöpfung durch Software in Deutschland

 Fraunhofer, hier.

The European Legislation on AI: a Brief Analysis of its Philosophical Approach

 L. Floridi, here

Competition Law as Collective Bargaining Law

 N. Tankus, L. Herrine, here

CMA investigates Facebook’s use of ad data

 CMA, here

EC opens investigation into possible anticompetitive conduct of Facebook

 EC, here



Towards a New Legal Framework for AI in Europe: Assessing the European Commission’s proposed AI Regulation

Jon Bing Memorial Seminar 2021, Video here

IIA of the DGA ;-)


Gadgets have stopped working together, and it’s becoming an issue

 The Guardian, here

Governance of Ad Requests by a Union of Diverse Actors (GARUDA)

 R. Berjon, here

Maintaining a Level Playing Field When Big Tech Disrupts the Financial Services Sector

 T. Smith, D. Geradin, here

Computational Competition Law and Economics

 HCC, BRICS et al., here

Initial Appraisal of the DMA's IA ;-)

 EPRS, here


 D. Boullier, ici

Making the Digital Markets Act more resilient and effective

 CERRE, here

Amazon Prime Is an Economy-Distorting Lie

 M. Stoller, here

Increasing DMA's flexibility: A leak

😶 (in the service of science), here

CMA welcomes Tribunal judgment in Sabre case

 CMA, here

Europe’s Digital Future

 A. Bradford and M. Vestager, here (and here).

The Art to Make Gatekeeper Positions Contestable and the Challenge to Know What is Fair: A Discussion of the Digital Markets Act Proposal

 H. Schweitzer, here

Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris callling re DMA


The Big Deal in Amazon’s Antitrust Case

 NYTimes, here

'Apple is eating our lunch': Google employees admit in lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private

 Business Insider, here

Google’s plans to bring AI to education make its dominance in classrooms more alarming

 FastCompany, here

The Proposed DMA: What Kind of (Regulatory) Animal Is It?


Me, presentation here

A disturbing, viral Twitter thread reveals how AI-powered insurance can go wrong

 Recode, here

Nine things we learned from the Epic v. Apple trial

The Verge, here.  

How Not to Launch a Digital Currency

 K. Pistor, here

Data fairness: A new social contract for the 21st century economy

 Omidyar Network, here

In battle for privacy, antitrust watchdogs throw their hat in the ring, here

In Apple’s War On Developers, Users Are the Biggest Losers

 Wired, here

Once Tech’s Favorite Economist, Now a Thorn in Its Side

 NYTimes, here

Why China cracked down on Bitcoin

 Fortune, here

More Competitive Search Through Regulation

 Tobin Center for Economic Policy at Yale, here

China’s Influence in Global Data Governance Explained: The Beijing Effect

 T. Streinz, M. Erie, here. 

Data Minimization

 Access Now, here

Algorithmic Search and Recommendation Systems: The Brightside, the Darkside, and Regulatory Answers

 My dear Friend Oliver (Budzinski), here

Die deutsche Blockchain-Strategie:Stand der Umsetzung und Ausblick


Council on DMA


The Commission’s SO to Apple and anticompetitive effects: A Rejoinder

 D. Geradin (read disclosure), here

A New Antitrust Case Cuts to the Core of Amazon’s Identity

 Wired, here

Today's Google infringement decision: AGCM

 Decisione, qui (DeepL translation here  - Kevin's (Coates) courtesy

A very biased first reading in the form of a Twitter thread, here.

FTC calls out Apple in report on ‘anti-competitive repair restrictions’, here

PayPal’s digital payments boom could invite antitrust probes, say experts

 Verdict, here

Bank of Italy and BIS Innovation Hub invite global innovators to take up G20 green finance challenge

 Banca d'Italia, here

Treasury to open up Consumer Data Right

 InnovationAus, here


 EP Greens/EFA group, here

The Global Battle Over Data

 With Margrethe, at the EUI, Video here

Neither interoperability nor data sharing will solve transnational monopoly

 J. Bryson, here

Pro - competitive sharing of financial data and the spectre of surveillance capitalism - (On regulatory responses to the “ Surveillance Paradox”)

 Sharing my presentation, here (share your comments, please!).

Why We Need a Data Exchange Board to Improve the EU Data Governance Act

 Support Centre for Data Sharing, here

Data co-op whitewashing

 T. Scholz, I. Calzada, here

A New Order: The Digital Services Act and Consumer Protection

 C. Cauffman, C. Goanta, here

Missbrauchsbeschwerde der Medien- und Werbewirtschaft gegen Apple beim Bundeskartellamt

 ZAW, hier

What’s behind the Apple-Facebook feud?

 NYTimes, here

GAIA-X: Europäischer Cloud-Standard

 B. Otto, hier

The UK’s plan to tackle big tech won’t be one-size fits all

 TechCrunch, here

Essays on the Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

 M. Newham, here

ECJ to issue preliminary ruling on German FCO-Facebook case

 CMS, here

Time for a New Antitrust Era: Refocusing Antitrust Law to Invigorate Competition in the 21st Century

 R. Zev Mahari et al., here

Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre

 AU Senate, here

Marine insurers full steam ahead for data & analytics

 Insurance Business Mag, here

Apple vs The Paradox of Choice!

 CuriosityStream, here

BEREC Workshop on Market Entry in the context of the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

 Video here

The French Apple competition & privacy case

 V. Giovannini, here

Microsoft supports new rules for gatekeepers

 Microsoft, here

Myth vs Fact on Big Tech Monopolies

 AELP, here

Leitlinien für die Vereinbarkeit des Genossenschaftswesens mit dem Kartellrecht: Entwurf

 Bundeskartellamt, hier


 AEPD, here

How to know you are a 'data intermediary' under the Data Governance Act

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