Cartels: the priority in competition enforcement

J.Almunia, here. More about IKK-2011 in a coming post.

The Failure of Online Social Network Privacy Settings

M. Madejski, M.Johnson, S. Bellovin, here.

Bundesgerichtshof zum Zitat im Geschmacksmusterrecht

 Urteil des I. Zivilsenats vom 7.4.2011 - I ZR 56/09, Pressemitteilung hier

News now and in the future

K.Bahrat, Hearst New Media Lecture, here (from 23:18).

Google on How It Protects Copyright and Helps Combat Counterfeiting

K.Walker, before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet, Hearing on “Promoting Investment and Protecting Commerce Online, here.

How to Restructure Natural Monopolies. Especially Railways

R.Pittman, presentation and video (English/Russian voiceover).

The Cloud-Understanding the Security, Privacy and Trust Challenges

N.Robinson, L.Valeri, J. Cave, T. Starkey, H. Graux, S. Creese, P. Hopkins, here.

Overview of Universal Opt-Out Mechanisms for Web Tracking

A.Cooper, H.Tschofenig, here

Background and update on negotiations for a WIPO copyright treaty for persons who are blind or have other disabilities

KEI, here.

European Data Protection Commissioners: need for a comprehensive data protection framework

The Problem of 'Personal Data' in Cloud Computing - What Information is Regulated? The Cloud of Unknowing

W.Hon, C.Millard, I. Walden, Part 1 and Part 2. 

The dream of a virtual library of out-of-print books is dead, for now

S.Turow, letter to the Editor of the NYT.

Location-based services on mobile phones: getting crowded

The Economist, here.

Deal or No Deal? Politik- oder Wettbewerbsorientierung in der Europäischen Wirtschaftsordnung?

O.Budzinski, B.Kuchinke, hier.

Protection of competition in the online marketplace and search neutrality debated at Westminster


Who pays for Data Protection?

V.Reding, here

Analysis of the consultation launched by the Green Paper on "Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries"


Playtime over in Android Land?

Bloomberg Businessweek, here; Google's reaction, here

Unraveling the Rejection: The Google Book Settlement

Copyright Clearance Center, Online Seminar: transcript and audio

Digital Agenda: new guidelines to address privacy concerns over use of smart tags

"Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment (PIA) Framework for RFID Applications", N.Kroes' speech and EU Comm's press release. From Kroes' speech: "This PIA Framework for RFID Applications constitutes an interesting model that could be used for other similar situations or areas, such as smart metering and online behavioural advertising." Annex III provides a list of possible privacy risks related to the use of the RFID.

Das Schweizerische Bundesverwaltungsgericht über Google Street View

A-7040/2009, 30. März 2011, Pressemitteilung und Entscheid.
Aus der Pressemitteilung:

Mozilla's "Do Not Track" header gaining support

IEEE launches its new Cloud Computing Initiative

A Guide For the Perplexed Part IV: The Rejection of the Google Books Settlement

J.Band, here

OFT statement on Competition Appeal Tribunal’s judgment in construction recruitment forum case


Section 2 in a Web 2.0 World: An Expanded Vision of Relevant Product Markets

P.Jones Harbour, T.Koslov, here

YouTube's Reply In Viacom Appeal Case


Der beste IP 1. Aprilscherz

Disentangling Industrial Policy and Competition Policy in China

N.Bush, Y.Bo, here

Some Speculation About Mirror Neurons and Copyright

S.McJohn, here.
From the abstract:

Comment on the Draft Recommendation on the protection of human rights with regard to search engines

EFF, here. Council of Europe Draft Recommendation here

Patent system reform as seen from the FTC

IPColloquium's guests are S.Michel and W.Cohen, here.

EU Commission confirms it is investigating Deutsche Bahn for abuse of dominant position (also not an April fool)

"It has been alleged that Deutsche Bahn group, and in particular Deutsche Bahn Energie, the de facto sole supplier of electricity for traction trains in Germany, would be giving preferential treatment to the group's rail freight arm. The Commission officials were accompanied by their counterparts from the German competition authority", here.

The Pope has a new copyright law (not an April fool)