US Ambassador: WIPO Needs More Balance – Toward Rightsholders, here

The economics of the newspaper business

H. Varian, here

Google Recently Made A Silent Shift To A New Search Algorithm, “Hummingbird”, here

Remedies Matter: The Importance of Achieving Effective Antitrust Outcomes

B. Baer, here

Video of Steve Jobs's iPhone presentation kills Apple's photo gallery touch patent in Germany, here

The FTC's Role in Shaping Antitrust Doctrine: Recent Successes and Future Targets

J. Wright, here.

WIPO Member States have denied Pirate Parties International's application for admittance as a Permanent Observer, here.

Smartphone patent foes, other tech firms jointly urge Europe to prevent rise of abusive litigation, here.

House Judiciary Chairman Goodlatte releases new discussion draft legislation to address patent litigation abuse, here

Don’t wait for Congress, says judge in Google Books case, here.
Transcript of the hearing here

Zweitverwertungsrecht: Mehr Open Access oder bloßer Placebo?

E. Steinhauer, hier

Does copyright law work? New and ongoing empirical research suggests: not always

Columbia Journalism Review, here

La gestion collective a commencé pour les oeuvres du registre ReLIRE, ici

Android and the Tesco Effect

G. Moody, here

Will Netflix help fight online piracy in the Netherlands?, here

Erixon: TTIP will move to fast track if first results come early, here

Judge appears to back Google's defense of digital books project, here

Google/Waze: Initial Undertakings Given by Google to the OFT


Google Maps versus OpenStreetMap: charting new territory on the Web?, ici

Wie sich der Bundesrat aus der Schlinge einer Ablehnung des Zweitverwertungsrechts zieht

R. Kuhlen, hier

Exception "handicap" au droit d'auteur et développement de l'offre de publications accessibles à l'ère numérique

Ministère de la Culture, Inspection générale des affaires culturelles, ici, ici

Spotify veut se démarquer avec des contenus exclusifs, ici. 

Open Data: Not Just Good. Better

Opencorporates, Presentation, here

Solving the Orphan Works Problem for the United States

D. Hansen, K. Hashimoto, G. Hinze, P. Samuelson, J. Urban, here

AG Sharpston on technological protection measures, here

Spar-Chef erhebt Spionagevorwürfe gegen die Wettbewerbsbehörde, hier

VG Wort will Leistungsschutzrecht-Gelder eintreiben, hier.

The 2013 Marrakesh Treaty: Providing Access to Copyrighted Works for the Blind and Print Disabled

Program on Information Justice and the Public Interest, American University Law School, Public Forum, Video here

Institutional Advantage in Competition and Innovation Policy

H. Hovenkamp, here

Antitrust And Innovation: Rebalancing The Scale

J. Brill, here

Commissioner Wright (FTC) takes antitrust-minimalist position on standard-essential patents, here

Net Neutrality Delayed, Net Neutrality Denied

M. Copps, here

Parliamentary questions in The Netherlands about copyright and the distribution of e-books, here

European Research Council funds arXiv – a taste of changes to come, here

No competition minister in Australia's new Cabinet

J. Clarke, here

Touch ID: Datenschützer warnt vor Fingerscanner in iPhone, hier

Vertical Restraints for On-line Sales

OECD, Policy Roundtable, here

SSOs, FRAND, and Antitrust: Lessons from the Economics of Incomplete Contracts

J. Wright, here

The ‘miracle of Marrakesh’: negotiating the VIP Treaty for books for the blind

N. Suzor, here

EDRi’s “FAQs” on net neutrality: a rebuttal

R. Heath, here

Enforcement of the competition rules – next steps for reform

G. Barling, here

La grogne des taxis contre la concurrence des smartphones, ici

Telekom - Netz der Zukunft, Video, ab 1:38, hier.

Commissioner Kroes misses historic opportunity to guarantee net neutrality

M. Schaake, here

Russia's Latest Idea: An Internet Whitelist For Copyright Materials, here

Facebook Privacy Change Is Subject of F.T.C. Inquiry, here

Benzinpreis-App im Bürokratiestau, hier

FRAND part of Posner ruling likely to be affirmed, here

Google rivals seek review of new concessions in E.U. antitrust case, here

Copyright and the Government: The ‘Missing’ Proviso in Section 105

R. Picker, here

Decision standards for price-based exclusionary strategies: The equally efficient competitor test in the light of Post-Danmark

F. Marty, Presentation, here

Kroes' Unacceptable Anti-Net Neutrality Law Rushed Despite Criticisms, here

Agreed Use and Fair Use: The Economic Effects of Fair Use and Other Copyright Exceptions

G. Barker, here.

Legal battle between Cisco and Multiven flares up with EU antitrust complaint, here

Fiscalité du numérique: le Gouvernement salue une "contribution utile" du CNNum, ici. Avis ici

iPhones, fingerprints and privacy

P. Bernal, here. 

Opposition to Coalition of E-Reader Manufacturers’ request to exempt e-readers from the accessibility requirement

Organizations representing the interests of people with disabilities, here

Privacy and Big Data - Making Ends Meet

J. Polonetsky, O. Tene, here

2013 OECD Guidelines Governing the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data

OECD, here

Leak: DG JUSTICE Analysis Of Kroes' Attack On Net Neutrality, here

CNMC: perfil político y técnico bajo para la nueva institución, aquì.

Kroes’s telecoms plan faces Commission hostility, here

Evaluating Graduated Response

R. Giblin, here

Bid-Rigging in Canada: Recent Developments, here

UK open-access route too costly, report says, here

Open Access

UK Parliament, Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, Volume I here, Volume II here

Some thoughts on the new anti-Google (Android) complaint

Chilling Competition, here

Status of the Proposed EU Data Protection Regulation: Where Do We Stand?

C. Burton, A. Pateraki, here

Broadcasters' court victories over FilmOn X threaten Aereo's expansion, here

L'école numérique prend forme aux Pays-Bas, la France est plus timide, ici.

The Fertilizer Oligopoly: The Case for Global Antitrust Enforcement

C.Taylor, D. Moss, here

Judge in ebook price-fixing case issues permanent injunction against Apple, here

Nach PRISM: Europas Datenschutz braucht jetzt Vorfahrt

V. Reding, hier.

Gemeinsam für einen starken europaweiten Datenschutz

Europäische Kommission, Memo, hier

Breathing Space for Cloud-Based Business Models

M. Senftleben, here

Canadian Universities Navigate Learning Curve for New Copyright Rules

M. Geist, here

Energie 2013: Wettbewerb in Zeiten der Energiewende

Monopolkommission, Sondergutachten, hier

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...