Amazon Files Lawsuits to Keep Counterfeit Goods Off Website

Bloomberg, here

Auditing for Transparency in Content Personalization Systems

B. Mittelstadt, here

Google and Facebook's "fake news" ban is a welcome nail in the coffin of "software objectivity"

BoingBoing, here

Mark Zuckerberg Is in Denial

NYTimes, here

Antitrust in the digital age

M. Grenfell, here

(Most competition authorities waiting for Coty?) 

Notice on certain articles of Directive 98/44/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions

EC, here

Europe’s new privacy regime will disrupt the adtech Lumascape

Pagefair, here.

The Ripple Effects of Online Marketplace Bans

A. Ezrachi, here (research supported by the Computer and Communications Industry Association - CCIA).

I Think, Therefore I Invent: Creative Computers and the Future of Patent Law

R. Abbott, here

AI at Facebook

A. Bordes, Video here

The Trick Data Scientists Use To Know You’re Paying Attention To Beyoncé

FastCompany, here


H. Singer, Presentation here

Privacy is an essentially contested concept: a multi-dimensional analytic for mapping privacy

D. Mulligan, C. Koopman, N. Doty, here

Les applications de messagerie sortent leurs « bots » pour séduire les marques

LesEchos, ici

Clicks and mortarboards: how can higher education make the most of digital technology?

Nesta, here

Google, Facebook Move to Punish Fake News Sites With Ad Rules

Bloomberg, here

‘I’m sorry, my friend, but you’re implicit in the algorithm…’ Privacy and internal access to #BigDataStream

An interview with Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor, here

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics – Who does the thinking?

IEEE AI & Ethics Summit 2016, here

Die Union will der Ministererlaubnis Zügel anlegen

FAZ, hier.

Russia to Block Access to LinkedIn Over Alleged Legal Violations

Bloomberg, here.

Microsoft-LinkedIn deal gets approved in South Africa, here.

FTC Seeks Comment on Proposed Changes to Contact Lens Rule

FTC, here.

Google sanctioned in Italy for abuse of economic dependence

Preiskel & Co, here.

Skating on Thin Ice: The European Commission challenges the governance rules of an international sports association as being incompatible with European antitrust rules

P. Alexiados, P. Figueroa, here.

Twitter and Facebook go soul-searching after Trump's win

Bloomberg, here.

CJEU annuls EUIPO decision on registration of Rubik’s Cube shape as EU trade mark

Judgment in Case C-30/15 P Simba Toys GmbH & Co. KG v EUIPO, here

The Data Said Clinton Would Win. Why You Shouldn’t Have Believed It.

NYTimes, here

Algorithmic accountability and transparency in the digital single market

European Parliament Hearing, Video here

Rapport de la mission de réflexion sur la création d’un droit voisin pour les éditeurs de presse

L. Franceschini, ici

Why we should worry about WhatsApp accessing our personal information

ICO for the Guardian, here

Siri can now send money via PayPal

TechCrunch, here

Ergebnisse der 92. Konferenz der unabhängigen Datenschutzbehörden

Pressemitteilung, hier

Parallels Between Europe’s Antitrust Cases Against Google and Microsoft

NYTimes, here.

Bradley Tusk points out the bright side of Trump presidency in memo to portfolio companies

TechCrunch, here.

Future of Big Mergers Under Trump? Like Much Else, It’s Unclear

NYTimes, here.

Robots and the Developing World

UNCTAD, here

Le prêt d'ebook assimilable au prêt d'un livre papier, sous conditions

Actualitte, ici.
Judgment in Case C-174/15, here.  

Looking beyond transatlantic data transfers

Brookings, here.

Sole and despotic dominion

C. Doctorow, here.

Sen. Al Franken asks Uber and Lyft about alleged racial discrimination against passengers

TechCrunch, here

Slapped wrists for “privacy law breakers” Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, and Mio

ArsTechnica, here

Abgegriffene Browserdaten: Mozilla entfernt "Web of Trust", hier

Uber's redesigned app wants to mine personal information on your phone

LATimes, here

Microsoft/LinkedIn deal notified for EU merger control clearance: Will it be smooth sailing?, here

The Competitive Landscape for Machine Intelligence

Bloomberg Beta, here

Google and Facebook are booming. Is the rest of the digital ad business sinking?

Recode, here

These Apps Let Anyone Build a (Dumb) Chatbot

Bloomberg, here

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield challenged

White & Case, here

Cloud: Datenschützer prüfen Speicherung von Unternehmensdaten im Ausland, hier

Reform des europäischen Urheberrechts: Viel Luft nach oben

VZBV, hier

Court challenge to Privacy Shield will have wide reverberations

The Irish Times, here

Carnegie Mellon to open research center focused on AI ethics

ZDNet, here

Review: ‘The Attention Merchants’ Dissects the Battle for Clicks and Eyeballs

NYTimes, here

Walmart joins antitrust suit alleging tuna collusion

Under Current News, here.

Improving Quality Isn’t Anti- Competitive, Part II

Google, here.

The German Bundesgerichtshof changes its concept of parody following CJEU Deckmyn v. Vrijheidsfonds/ Vandersteen

Kluwercopyrightblog, here

Europe rewrites the rules for Silicon Valley

FT, here.

Flywheel Taxi sues Uber for antitrust violations

SF Gate, here.

Managing the Machines

 A. Agrawal, J. Gans, and A. Goldfarb, here

It’s Finally Legal To Hack Your Own Devices (Even Your Car)

Wired, here.

Merger trends in innovation markets on the two sides of the Atlantic

F. Jenny, Presentation here

Ninth Annual Conference on Antitrust Economics and Competition Policy: Conference Summary

Techpolicy, here

Facebook clamps down on piracy as it wipes out several music-sharing groups

TheNextWeb, here

Justice Department Sues DIRECTV for Orchestrating Information Sharing Agreements with Three Competitors

DOJ, here

Competition watchdog criticised by MPs over bank reform

TheGuardian, here

How big will big data be under the GDPR ?

Iapp, here

Will The FCC’s Privacy Regs Actually Change The Status Quo On Consent?

AdExchanger, here

Facebook isn't looking out for your privacy. It wants your data for itself

TheGuardian, here.

Why Amazon Alexa is so dominant right now

VentureBeat, here.

Workers in gig economy need minimum wage, says ex-minister

TheTimes, here.

What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

BlockGeeks, here.

Facebook is right to sink Admiral’s app

Openrightsgroup, here.

Proposed Update of Antitrust Guidelines for International Enforcement and Cooperation

FTC, DOJ, here

Loi Macron: les notaires opposés jusqu'au bout à l'ouverture à la concurrence

Challenges, ici.

Privacy group takes challenge on Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s independence, here

Feature statt Bug: Facebook redet Diskriminierung als „multikulturelles Marketing“ schön

Netzpolitik, hier

Ennio Morricone Sues to Reclaim Rights to Film Scores

  HollywoodReporter, here.

  See also here.

How Zcash Tries to Balance Privacy, Transparency in Blockchain, here

What could Facebook target next? Our mental health data

TheGuardian, here

The (curiously unhelpful) proposed update of the Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property

Fordham IPLJ, Video here (bootleg quality, sadly).

Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property: Proposed Update, here

Missing: SEP, FRAND, pay-for-delay (Actavis), etc.

Overall impression: update  in the current form curiously non informative, better read speeches given by agency officials, apply for business review letters, etc., or get in touch (say agency officials themselves ;-)). Possibly, fear of being too influential abroad?

Youtube zahlt Gema

FAZ, hier

Varsity Brands

Oral argument before the Supreme Court, here.
See also here and here.
Audio of the oral argument here.

Copyright Office Gratuitously Kills the DMCA Safe Harbor For Thousands of Websites

E. Goldman, here.

Copyright Impacts Everything

M. Masnick, Video here

The e-Commerce Sector Inquiry

T. Kramler, R. Rende Granata, Presentation here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...