Yahoo and Google revive search deal after 2008 antitrust lawsuit killed it

VentureBeat, here. See also SearchEngineLand, here

Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single Market

UK Parliament, EU Internal Market Sub-Committee:
Consumer experience of online platforms, Transcript of Oral Evidence, here.

Data Experts, Video here

Retail Banking: The grip banks have over their customer data is weakening

TheEconomist, here.

Irish privacy regulator concedes must investigate Facebook data, here

Gesellschaftliche Konfliktlinien im Kontext von Big Data am Beispiel von Smart Health und Smart Mobility

 H. Lahmann, hier

Pour les VTC, gérée par les VTC: Des chauffeurs Uber lancent une application "made in France", ici

UK’s largest online pharmacy fined £130,000 for selling patients’ data to scammers

MedConfidential, here.

ICO's "Monetary Penalty Notice" here.

"35. Pharmacy2U has obtained personal data unfairly because its online registration form and privacy policy did not inform its customers that it intended to sell their details to third party organisations, in addition to sending out its own marketing material. It would not be within a customer’s reasonable expectation that this form of disclosure would occur, even if they were willing to agree to the receipt of marketing material from Pharmacy2U itself. If a customer wished to take up Pharmacy2U’s offer to opt out of “Selected company data sharing”, they also had to go to the trouble of logging into their account and changing the setting.
36. In addition, Pharmacy2U did not provide the further information that was necessary to enable the processing in respect of its customers to be fair.
37. In the circumstances, Pharmacy2U’s customers did not give their informed consent to the sale of their personal data to third party organisations. Therefore Pharmacy2U did not have a lawful basis for processing the data under Part I of Schedule 2 to the DPA.
73. The Commissioner has decided that it is appropriate to issue a monetary penalty in this case, in light of the nature and seriousness of the contravention, Pharmacy2U’s shortcomings in terms of its DPA duties and the risks posed to a number of individuals. He has also considered the importance of monetary penalties in dissuading future contraventions of the DPA and encouraging compliance, in accordance with his policy."

Researchers find 256 iOS apps that collect users’ personal info (in breach of platform's rules)

ArsTechnica, here

Uber wins UK high court case over taxi app

TheGuardian, here

The Competitive Effects of Parity Clauses on Online Commerce

A. Ezrachi, here

Price comparison websites: Ofgem investigation

Press release, here,
"...investigation to look at whether some price comparison websites have breached competition law in relation to paid online search advertising"

The Economic Impact of the European Reform of Data Protection

S. Ciriani (Orange), here

Data Protection Commissioner gets extra €1.2m funding, here

Lyft Adds Ride History With Map Details, Price Breakdown, Tips, And Lost & Found, here.

Amazon reaches deal with deaf rights group to caption all video

ArsTechnica, here

Applied Infonomics: Why and How to Value Your Information as an Asset, here

Netflix’s excuse for its slow growth is a head-scratcher

Wired, here

The Role of Consumer Protection in a Fair Market Economy

W. Kovacic, Presentation here 

How Machines Learn (And You Win)

HBR, here

How to listen to (and delete) everything you've ever said to Google, here

European Commission signs best practices merger cooperation framework with China

Press Release, here

Consumers are no longer 'Googling' products, they're 'Amazoning' them, here (research by BloomReach, co-founded by former Google scientist).

Europe’s big data protection opportunity

G. Buttarelli, here

Deterrence and macroeconomic impact of the work of competition authorities

Motivation and purpose of the conference explained here. Conference presentations, here..

Ordnungspolitik und Kartellrecht im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung

J. Haucap, hier

Vertical agreements between suppliers and retailers that specify a relative price relationship between competing products or competing retailers

M. Hviid for the OECD, here .

Contributions to the October 2015 OECD hearing by Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, UK, US (to be updated). Two key contributions (still?) missing: Australia and the European Union...

Ddl concorrenza: sì all'emendamento sugli hotel (narrow MFN)

IlSole24Ore, qui.

Art. 32. 1.
(Nullità delle clausole contrattuali che vietano alle imprese ricettive di offrire prezzi e condizioni migliori rispetto a quelli praticati da piattaforme di distribuzione online).
  1. È nullo ogni patto con il quale l'impresa turistico-ricettiva si obbliga a non praticare alla clientela finale, con qualsiasi modalità e qualsiasi strumento, prezzi, termini e ogni altra condizione che siano migliorativi rispetto a quelli praticati dalla stessa impresa per il tramite di soggetti terzi, indipendentemente dalla legge regolatrice del contratto. 

ФАС России выдала Google предписание, Вот
Резолютивная часть решения, Вот.

Haunted By Data

M. Cegłowski, here

The Court of Justice of the European Union invalidates the EU Commission Safe Harbor Decision

WP29, here

Apple Approves An App That Blocks Ads In Native Apps, Including Apple News

TechCrunch, here

Amazon commands almost half of all product searches, and marketers are ignoring omnichannel

VentureBeat, here

The Arrival of Algorithmic Business, here

Digitale Ökonomie – Internetplattformen zwischen Wettbewerbsrecht, Privatsphäre und Verbraucherschutz

Bundeskartellamt, hier

Future reading

C. Mod, here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...