Aperta un'istruttoria sui diritti televisivi della serie A

AGCM, Provvedimento qui.

"Le notizie di stampa in atti sembrano indicare che l’assetto finale per l’assegnazione dei diritti audiovisivi per il triennio 2015/2018 come sopra descritto non discenda da un confronto competitivo fra gli operatori interessati, ma sia stato il frutto di un accordo, realizzato successivamente all’espletamento della gara che ha determinato un esito delle assegnazioni diverso da quello inizialmente risultante dalla stessa procedura di gara".

Audible richtet neuen Abo-Pool ein

Boersenblatt.net, hier

Uber Tests Taking Even More From Its Drivers With 30% Commission

Forbes.com, here.

"Because we can".

EC clears acquisition of Jazztel by Orange, subject to conditions

Press Release, here

Collective Redress for Antitrust Damages in the European Union: Is This a Reality Now?

D. Geradin, here

Diritti tv: perquisizioni della Guardia di Finanza in Lega, Sky e Mediaset

Repubblica.it, qui.

Microsoft is interesting again — very

Medium.com, here

Booking.com Implements New Parity Provisions in Germany

Marketwatch.com, here

Twitter met lui aussi votre vie privée en Irlande

Numerama, ici

Who owns your agricultural data?

Datasciencecentral, here

Google “Buy Buttons” Could Start Showing On Mobile Shopping Ads In A Matter Of Weeks

SearchEngineLand, here

Bd4travel Raises $4.2M To Let Online Travel Industry Use Big Data To Personally Target Visitors

TechCrunch, here

Amazon-Tochter: Hörbuch-Verlage prüfen Kartellbeschwerde gegen Audible

Spiegel.de, hier

Le droit d'auteur est-il un frein au marché européen du numérique ?

FranceCulture, Podcast ici

Recommendation re Facebook

Belgium's Privacy Commission, here

Stuttgarter Taxi-Zentrale geht gegen "myTaxi"-App vor

Heise.de, hier.

"Daimler ist außerordentliches Mitglied im Deutschen Taxi- und Mietwagenverband (BZP) und liefert nach Verbandsangaben rund 60 Prozent der Fahrzeuge."

Airbnb rentals cut deep into SF housing stock, report says

SFExaminer, here

Email Shows How Google Gets Things Done In Washington

Buzzfeed.com, here

Google als kartellrechtliches Problem?

A. Heinemann, hier

Le Groupement National des Indépendants (GNI) gagne contre Expedia

Hotellerie.de, ici.

"dit que, faute de contrepartie suffisante, les clauses visant à l’obtention automatique des meilleurs conditions tarifaires et promotionnelles, dans les contrats des hôtels incriminés situés sur le territoire français, sont constitutives d’un déséquilibre significatif au sens de l’article L442-6 1 2e et sont nulles", voir TNooz.

(L442-6 1 2e:
Engage la responsabilité de son auteur et l'oblige à réparer le préjudice causé le fait, par tout producteur, commerçant, industriel ou personne immatriculée au répertoire des métiers...de soumettre ou de tenter de soumettre un partenaire commercial à des obligations créant un déséquilibre significatif dans les droits et obligations des parties).

CA Supreme Court on pay for delay

Cipro I & II, here.

"We summarize the structure of the rule of reason applicable to reverse payment patent settlements. To make out a prima facie case that a challenged agreement is an unlawful restraint of trade, a plaintiff must show the agreement contains both a limit on the generic challenger‘s entry into the market and compensation from the patentee to the challenger. The defendants bear the burden of coming forward with evidence of litigation costs or valuable collateral products or services that might explain the compensation; if the defendants do so, the plaintiff has the burden of demonstrating the compensation exceeds the reasonable value of these. If a prima facie case has been made out, the defendants may come forward with additional justifications to demonstrate the settlement agreement nevertheless is procompetitive. A plaintiff who can dispel these justifications has carried the burden of demonstrating the settlement agreement is an unreasonable restraint of trade under the Cartwright Act."

"The Hatch-Waxman Act illustrates the law of unintended consequences."

Live Streaming Apps: Piracy’s New Frontier?

Privacy-net.com, here.

Zero Rating and the Open Internet

M. Baker, here.
Letter to India's PM N. Modi, here

Rival music services say Apple's App Store pricing is anticompetitive

TheVerge, here.

"Apple’s rules disallow companies from redirecting users to the browser to get the lower subscription price" : does it vaguely reminds of a narrow APPA?

Open source is 'only reliable way' to preserve human history, argues Vatican

Theinquirer.net, here.

Super-scholars: MPAA offers $20,000 for academic research in copyright battle

TheGuardian, here.

Competing with Complementors: An Empirical Look at Amazon.com

F. Zhu, Q. Liu, here.

Egalité d'accès de tous les professionnels aux réservations du refuge du Goûter (Mont Blanc)

Autorité de la concurrence, ici.

(Un grand bravo à l'Autorité, mais elle a encore du boulot, dans la vallée de Chamonix - un monopole skiable).

Le Conseil d'Etat demande l'avis de la Cour de justice européenne concernant Relire

Livreshebdo.fr, ici.
Décision ici

Verbandsklagerecht bei Datenschutzverstößen

Deutscher Bundestag, hier.

Ökonomische Aspekte der Digitalisierung

J. Haucap, hier

Hugendubel übernimmt ebook.de

FAZ.net, hier

Entente dans le secteur de la commercialisation de la viande de volaille (poulet, dinde, canard, lapin, etc.)

Autorité de la concurrence, ici. Décision ici.

"En raison des circonstances très particulières de cette affaire, l'Autorité a considéré que l'engagement collectif de mettre en place une interprofession dans un calendrier contraint, pris par des industriels représentant l'essentiel du marché est susceptible d'avoir, pour le respect durable des règles de la concurrence dans le secteur de la viande de volaille, une plus grande efficacité que des sanctions pécuniaires calculées selon la méthode habituelle."

Deutsche Verbraucherschützer klagen gegen Facebook

Heise.de, hier.

A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe

EC, here.

"The Commission will...comprehensively analyse the role of online platforms (search engines, social media, app stores, etc.) in the market. This will cover issues such as the non-transparency of search results and of pricing policies, how they use the information they acquire, relationships between platforms and suppliers and the promotion of their own services to the disadvantage of competitors – to the extent these are not already covered by competition law. It will also look into how to best tackle illegal content on the Internet."

Staff working paper here.

"The accumulation and use of data by certain market players can contribute to their market power, in particular in their relationship with the data suppliers", p. 53.

"Some platforms act as a marketplace and a retailer at the same time. These platforms may use the transactional data acquired from business users of the marketplace segment to enhance the performance of the platform's retail arm. This can lead to discrimination in listing between platforms' own services and third party services. Companies may also complain that they do not get access to the data collected through transactions linked to their "products", p. 55.

"some platforms simply forbid companies from selling more cheaply elsewhere (including the seller's own website, other platforms and all offline distribution channels). The issue has already been examined by various competition authorities", id.

"Given the dynamics of the markets created and served by platforms, and the relatively short time that they have been in existence, more work is needed to gather comprehensive and reliable evidence on how different types of platform work and their effects on their customers and the economy as a whole. On the basis of such an evidence base, an assessment can be made of the nature of the problems that may arise from their pivotal role in the digital economy and whether existing regulatory tools are sufficient to tackle them, or whether new tools need to be developed" id.

EC launches e-commerce sector inquiry - factsheet

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...