Watch: 52,000 library books being shelved

Qz, here.

Complexity Theory and Evolutionary Economics

OECD, here.

(Coincidentally recalling that my PhD in economics was on vertical restraints from the perspective of evolutionary economics, here).

The Tragedy of the Commons: How Elinor Ostrom Solved One of Life’s Greatest Dilemmas

Evonomics, here.

New Strategies for Securing Our Private Lives

J. Zittrain, here.

The Battle for Our Attention

T. Wu,  Video here.

Ryanair looking for data as passengers will have to 'sign in' to book flights

Newstalk, here

Warum Merkel an die Algorithmen will, hier

ChemChina ready for concessions to clinch delayed Syngenta deal in 2017: source

Bloomberg, here

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Economy, here

Juno Wants to Outperform Uber With Kindness

Bloomberg, here

The Reason The Copyright Office Misrepresented Copyright Law To The FCC: Hollywood Told It To

TechDirt, here

Press Publishers and Copyright

J. Diaz Noci, here

Netflix CEO Wary That AT&T's Latest Merger Could Hurt Streaming Competitors

TechDirt, here

Promises, Promises From AT&T, here

Getting a handle on Twitter

WIPO Magazine, here

Breyer decision and the concept of personal data

Datonomy, here

Fairness and flexibility: Citizens Advice Bureau go right to the source

MyDex, here

Warner Bros sues talent agency for copyright infringement

WIPR, here.
See here.

Microsoft launches the next version of its deep learning toolkit into beta

TechCrunch, here

Mastercard to launch personal finance bot and commerce API for payments

VentureBeat, here

Whitepaper on EU Data Protection

Amazon Web Services, here

WhatsApp fights back over criticism of new privacy policy

FT, here

Merkel fordert von Internetplattformen mehr Transparenz, hier.

Investigation into suspected breaches of competition law in the pharmaceutical sector.

CMA, here.

Competition and innovation in land transport

OECD, Background Note, here.

Mergers Raise Prices, Not Efficiency

BloombergView, here.

Forscher empfehlen Datenschutz, Urheber- und Wettbewerbsrecht zu verheiraten, hier.

Study on the Passing-on of Overcharges

EC, Final Report, here

A Chilly Reaction to AT&T-Time Warner Deal

NYTimes, here

AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal

TheDailyBeast, here

A Survey of Worldwide Censorship Techniques

IETF, here.

Brexit and Competition: Issues Paper

Brexit Competition Law Working Group (BCLWG), here.

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.

Enterpriseirregulars, here

Artificial Intelligence: Law and Policy

White House and UW’s Tech Policy Lab (24.04.2016), Video here.

The Rise of Big Data and the Loss of Privacy

A. Chirita, here

From Personality To Property: Data Protection Needs Competition, Consumer Protection Law, Conference Says

IP-watch, here.

Geoblocking in context

Bird&Bird, Presentation here.

Google, OpenAI create algorithms to use personal data, protect privacy, here.

The Behavioural Economics Revolution, here.

Der große Coup der Hacker

FAZ, hier.

Double-dip Internet-of-Things botnet attack felt across the Internet

ArsTechnica, here.

In-progress UN report on Big Data and Open Data - Defining issues and mitigating risks

OpenGovAsia, here.

Pokémon Go, AR and Privacy in Virtual Spaces

A. Guadamuz, Presentation here.

Pokémon Go is just the beginning of an absurd copyright struggle in AR, here.

Opinion on Personal Information Management Systems

EDPS, here.

Bayer-Monsanto-Deal: Morgan Stanley kassiert Millionen für vier Monate Arbeit

FAZ, here.

AI-Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come!

Weber Shandwick, here.

The Sharing Economy - What It Is, Examples, And How Big Data, Platforms And Algorithms Fuel It

Forbes, here.
(Not much substance, but many cute examples of SE platforms)

WE Reading: Stuff and Money in the Time of the French Revolution

Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

ProPublica, here.

US Comments on AU Draft on Misuse of Market Power

Americanbar, here

Using behavioral design to overcome decision-making paralysis

Deloitte, here.

Airbnb is now banned from listing short-term rentals in New York

TheVerge, here.

The Power of Conditional Payments

A. Hope-Bailie, here.

The app market could be the next target for US antitrust regulators

BusinessInsider, here (not the most precise of all articles, but the news is there). 

Creative Destruction Kaputt?

TheEconomist, here.

Making the most of platforms: a policy research agenda

D. Coyle, here.

Technology Giants, the Moligopoly Hypothezis and Holistic Competition: A Primer

N. Petit, here

Fair Use As A Tool For Reining In Foreign Judges?

J. Band, here

Fantastic Opinion of Advocate General Wahl in Intel appeal case

D. Geradin, here

How the Blockchain Could Change Corporate Structure

WSJ, here

Du « projection mapping » impressionnant pour habiller les vêtements

Numerama, ici

Poverty and decision-making: How behavioural science can improve opportunity in the UK

K. Gandy, K. King, P. Streeter Hurle, C. Bustin and K. Glazebrook, here

The European Handbook for Teaching Privacy and Data Protection at Schools

G. González Fuster and D. Kloza (eds.), here.

'Content responsibility’: The looming cloud of uncertainty for internet intermediaries.

M. Horten, here.

Pizza, the unsung agent of the robot revolution, here

Tesla bans customers from using autonomous cars to earn money ride-sharing

ArsTechnica, here

EU-US Data Privacy- Seminar with Max Schrems

Video here

Intel Gets Boost in EU Battle Over $1.16 Billion Antitrust Fine

Bloomberg, here.
Opinion here

Neue Chance für Kaiser’s Tengelmann?

FAZ, hier.

La CNMC tiene los días contados

ElEspanol, aquì.

Big Tobacco’s dirty tricks in opposing plain packaging

TheConversation, here. See also here

Google Pixel: Eine smarte Revolution, hier.

The Nature, Scope, and Limits of Modern Trademark Protection: A Luxury Fashion Industry Perspective

D. Basma, here.

DOJ-AmEx Case Could Have Ramifications for Health Care Providers

Polsinelli, here. 

Finding bedrock: Prospecting for digital oil requires trust

M. Franklin, here

Australia: Apple is ‘closed and controlling’ say banks

Competitionpolicyinternational, here

Why the Knight Foundation president thinks we’re living through the biggest disruption since Gutenberg and the printing press

TheWashingtonPost, here

Resolution on Human Rights Defenders

The 38 th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, here

Data-Driven Intelligence

M. Hildebrandt, Presentation here.

Pour dévoiler l’algorithme d’Admission Post-Bac, l’Éducation nationale opte pour le papier

NextImpact, ici

Facing legislation, Airbnb proposes new rules in New York

TechCrunch, here

AI might take jobs, but we can take steps to limit that, says U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker

Recode, Podcast here

Interfaces On Trial 3.0: Oracle America v. Google And Beyond

J. Band, here

Das bedeutet das Medikamenten-Urteil für die Verbraucher

FAZ, hier

Véhicule autonome : a-t-on tranché le dilemme ?

LINC, ici

We can't control what our intelligent machines are learning

Z. Tufekci, TedTalk here

Facebook wehrt sich gegen Datentransfer-Verbot aus Hamburg, hier.

Court Hands Preliminary Victory to Luxottica in Counterfeit Eyewear Case

FashionLaw, here.
Order here

BlaBlaCar denunciará a la Comunidad de Madrid ante Bruselas

CincoDìas, aquì

MakeMyTrip, ibibo announce merger in $1.8-billion deal, here

AI, Robotics, Privacy and Data Protection

Marrakesh AI Paper, here.

Une amende de 40 millions d’euros contre Sanofi confirmée en cassation

LeMonde, ici

Behavioral Considerations for Effective Time-Varying Electricity Prices

I. Schneider, C. Sunstein, here

Vertical MFN’s and the Credit Card No-surcharge Rule

D. Carlton, R. Winter, here

Public Policy Forum on the Patent Assertion Entity Activity: An FTC Study

Searle Center on Law, Regulation, and Economic Growth, Video here

Downstream Consent: A Better Legal Framework for Big Data

A. Cormack, here

LSR "Chefredakteure kennen die Zahlen nur eingeschränkt", hier.

Upgrading Justice

R. Susskind, Podcast here.  

Ownership and Deception in the Digital Marketplace

A. Perzanowski, here.

The Biggest Design Law Case Of The Century Is A Total Mess

Fastcodesign, here.

Allianz steigt in Gebrauchtwagenhandel ein, hier

Investment and corporate banking market study: Final Report

FCA, here

Landmark judgements of Swiss Courts on the protection of business secrets and access to files in cartel cases

M. Meinhardt, F. Bremer, here

GDPR Overview

ICO, here

Netflix or Hulu won’t win the streaming wars. Your cable company will.

Vox, here

Greater competition in the “for‐hire auto transportation market”: Constitutional challenge

Richard Posner, here

Is there a competition law issue lurking on the horizon of cloud computing?

IPKat, here

Samsung acquires Viv, seeks to create smartest digital assistant

NewsDay, here.

Netflix semble avoir gagné sa bataille contre les VPN

Numerama, ici.

Online RPM and MFN Under Antitrust Law and Economics

P. Akman, D. Sokol, here

Qualcomm Files Actions Against Meizu in the United States, Germany and France

Qualcomm, here

Antitrust Enforcement Under A (Further) Clinton Administration: Status Quo Or Significant Change?

McDermott Will & Emery, here

Why artificial intelligence may be the next big privacy trend

Privacy Perspective, here

The airline industry is dominated by just four companies. And you’re paying for it.

ProPublica, here

Dynamische Entwicklung bei mobiler Internetnutzung sowie Audios und Videos

ARD/ZDF, hier.

Amazon’s New Music-Streaming Service to Rival Spotify, Apple

Bloomberg, here

Compensation claim for ‘overcharged’ Pride Mobility customers

Which?, here

Ranks and Vasiļevičs

CJEU, Case C‑166/15, here.
Press Release, here.

Samsung v. Apple

Transcript of the Oral Argument, here.

Protecting Privacy Online: GDPR and e-Privacy Directive Revisited

A. Jablonowska, here.

ACLU exposes Facebook, Twitter for feeding surveillance company user data

ArsTechnica, here

Call for a multilateral competition regime

CUTS, here

Bildrechte: Wikipedianer unterliegt vor Gericht gegen Museum, hier

Robotics and artificial intelligence

UK Parliament, Science and Technology Committee, here

AI needs a watchdog and UK gov’t must do better on robotics, MPs warn, here.

Netzagentur senkt Renditen für Netzbetreiber

FAZ, hier

National Artificial Intelligence R&D Strategic Plan

The White House, here.
Public responses here

Google’s Information is Power – Info-opoly Power

ICOMP, Video here

How Big is AI, Mr. President?

Wired, here.

Wettbewerb und Verbraucherverhalten – Konflikt oder Gleichlauf zwischen Verbraucherschutz und Kartellrecht?

Bundeskartellamt, hier.
Spannende Präsentationen abrufbar, hier.

Conference on the preliminary findings of the e-commerce inquiry - A few very selective and biased notes

EC, 6 October 2016.
Programme here.
Catch-up video here.
Contribution from academia (S2)

Some notes on my favourite Session (S3).
Bundeskartellamt (7:02:30)
Asics Decision here.
-- prohibition to sale via marketplaces: no agreement on this specific issue with the EC, feu vert on the others
--- total ban not expressly prohibited in the decision (obiter dictum para. 40: "Des Weiteren sind den autorisierten Händlern im ASICS-Vertriebssystem 1.0 die Bewerbung und der Verkauf über Online-Marktplätze per se – d.h. unabhängig von der konkreten Ausgestaltung des jeweiligen Marktplatzes – verboten. Auch wenn darüber mit Blick auf die vorgenannten und hier festgestellten Kernbeschränkungen nicht mehr entschieden wird, könnten nach Auffassung des Bundeskartellamts auch durch dieses Verbot viele ASICS-Händler daran gehindert werden, mehr und andere Kunden auch außerhalb ihres engen geographischen Vertriebsgebiets schnell und effektiv über das Internet zu erreichen").
- Widespread pressure on retailers towards RPM: How do we deal with that?
Lego, dual-pricing settlement
-- conditions shaping the quality of the distribution of Lego products both on- and offline
Tasks based on the findings and NCAs' case law
-- find a balance between extreme views,
-- keen interest in fostering innovation at the retailers' level and the manufacturers' level (a whole book and a couple of articles written on this, SV, here and ici),
-- seek level playing field (and EU Courts are going to help)
--- CJEU Coty here.
---- Deuter here.

Discussion Round (NCAs and input from the audience)
Geoblocking, territorial restrictions
-- P fragmented e-commerce sector; are restrictions/barriers always justified? Like restrictions on passive sales? Consumer associations complain. Geoblocking Reg might help to fill some possible gaps. EC better placed to deal with it, but NCAs dealing with ban on passive sales within national territory (Galp Energia - bottled gas decision here) - also online.
-- NL not so many complaints - differently from D (should the NL NCA somehow start worrying about it?). Geo-blocking Reg: many issues (applicable law, extension to b2b - territorial supply restraints, etc.)
-- D no complaints on geo-blocking from within D. Cooperation with other NCAs within the ECN (with LUX on car sales - info about this case not found)
--S territorial restrictions, complaints received, not acted upon (imports from lower priced countries banned), EC better placed (if banished within the ECN based on cooperation among some Members risk of consumers in high priced countries better off and in low priced countries worse off - balance necessary, ergo EC's task)
Marketplace, selective distribution
-- NL tension between price comp by retailers and quality driven manufacturers; in general VR are efficient (protect manufacturers' investments, ok if interbrand competition),
-- S new knowledge: marketplaces' use by retailers much lower in S than in D, bans much less prevalent than in D (not sure)
-- P selective distribution cases not frequent (not even offline)
-- D selective distribution systems may go beyond what is necessary to generate efficiencies, for example imposing bans of third party platforms, quite a lot of litigation before D courts - NCA's intervention therefore necessary to influence the shaping  of competition policy (otherwise D courts will shape it totally on their own)
--- Adidas (here) and Asics both included bans of third party platforms: marketplaces are important sales channels for smaller retailers (pretty sure about this one) - 2/3 of their sales.
--- perhaps more a political than an economic question: marketplace shops by both manufacturer and retailer on the same platform - refusal to supply if the latter continues (I would add: see also CMA online posters case, here)
-- e-commerce a priority in D and ECN rather active, EU courts progressing as well (who is missing here?)
-- NL free-riding by manufacturers possibly also an issue (p.105) - "striking" to him "a little bit of an eye-opener"
-- D possible free-riding by manufacturers also to be considered, debate within the NCA itself very useful to decide borderline cases; in general, intervention by CAs can also reduce complexity (answering to Baker&McKenzie)
- Online price transparency, RPM
-- NL, S, no red line for intervention, interest in parallel systems (but which one do you decide to face, practically?)
-- P price transparency a problem in markets prone to collusion - algorithms possibly helping in this regard (US poster case mentioned but strangely not the parallel UK case...)
--- new instruments necessary to tackle collusion in online markets (e.g., data screening employed in the Libor cases)
--- dual pricing and minimum RPM to offset retailers' free-riding strategies, efficiency allegation not grounded (Royal Canin, here)
--- RPM: companies should consider alternative, less restrictive vertical restraints
-- D not stuck to one brand of assessment framework, and making available instruments fit for the online world; case by case inevitable: evolution by interpretion
--- VRBER setting the scene and not easy to circumvent
---- Courts might challenge provisions
-- NL digital content: premium content increasingly important, particularly in an oligopolistic market (merger commitment decision here)
--- market study into the online streaming video sector launched (looking at the issues from various angles; French study also just published, here)

Meldpunt: de dupe van je data

Consumentenbond, hier

FCC Privacy Plan Could Hamper Verizon's Data Integration With AOL and Yahoo

AdAge, here

Snooping in the Bathroom to Assess Credit Risk in China

NYTimes, here

Pourquoi Samsung n’est pas vraiment fragilisé par l’explosion de ses téléphones tant le groupe coréen fait partie de ces oligopoles qui échappent à la concurrence aujourd’hui, ici

Hayek: For Humility and Against a Nobel Prize in Economics

Conversableeconomist, here

Impact of the European Commission’s Draft Directive on Contract Rules for the Supply of Digital Content

Deloitte for EDiMA, here.

Mastercard kooperiert mit Berliner Fintech

FAZ, hier

On the Importance of Preserving the Consistency and Integrity of the EU Acquis Relating to Content Monitoring within the Information Society

A substantial number of Academics, Open Letter to the EC, here

Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music… : notre comparatif

Numerama, ici

How These Companies Are Using AI To Boost Productivity

FastCompany, here. 

Uber's Cab Commission antitrust suit

Competition Policy International, here

Lund moligopolists

N. Petit, Presentation here

« Il est très facile d'ignorer ou d'exagérer les dangers de l'intelligence artificielle »

LesEchos, ici

South Korea regulator says to examine Google's Android agreements

Reuters, here

How do we reform tech?

Medium, here

An energy first as UK successfully transmits data via national electricity grid

TheGuardian, here.

Yahoo email spying claims prompt warning from UN rights tsar

The Guardian, here.

EU Copyright Reform: Intermediary Liability

C. Angelopoulos, here.

The liberating effect of killing off a state-owned rival

P. Osmosi, here.

NYC Uber users can now see exactly what their ride will cost before they request it

Recode, here.

Machine logic: our lives are ruled by big tech's 'decisions by data'

J. Powles, here.

HH Datenschutzbeauftragte rät davon ab, WhatsApp zu verwenden-und empfiehlt alternative Anbieter, hier.

Facebook and the Economics of Privacy and Big Data

Oliver Budzinski, Guest Lecture, 14 October 2016, 8.45 AM, Room 3C – Department of Economics and Management, Trento University.
Presentation here.

Google's Hardware Push Is All About AI

FastCompany, here.

European Commission signals Antitrust Enforcement Actions in the E-Commerce Sector

Cleary Gottlieb, here.

Platformes et accès aux contenus audiovisuels

Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel, Ici.

Big Data and Competition Policy: An Introduction and a Few Myths

A. Grunes, M. Stucke, here.

Recalibrating Patent Venue

C. Chien, M. Risch, here.

15 questions from consumers on copyright

EUIPO, here.

What can EU competition law do for speed skaters?

LeidenLawBlog, here.

Big data, smart enforcement

BEUC, here.

Strengthening Competition: Innovation, Collaboration and Transparency

J. Pecman, here.

Facebook/WhatsApp data swap deal being probed by Spanish agency

IndianExpress, here.

L'éditeur de logiciels Nexedi assigne Apple au tribunal de commerce de Paris, ici.

Google researchers aim to prevent AIs from discriminating

TechCrunch, here.

Verizon will soon start selling data plans for drones

TheVerge, here.

Apple mysteriously banned a popular app from its App store ... and a lot of programmers are mad

BusinessInsider, here.

Monetizing car data, here.

An in-depth analysis of how Expedia converts visitors into customers

EconConsultancy, Part One here.

Software patents are deadweight loss to economy, says Federal Circuit

WorldIPReview, here.

Life After Android: The Battle Of The Platforms Heats Up

Forbes, here.

Market Study Online Video Streaming Platforms

ACM, Video Here.

Well, these online platforms have been around for a while already, but it's true that they're continously evolving. In fact, it's tough to produce a market study in this area that isn't at least partly outdated while the ink is barely dry on it.

Amazon bans reviews based on free or discounted products

ArsTechnica, here.

Bibliography of Materials Relevant to the Interaction of Competition Policy, Big Data and Personal Data

C. Ritter, here.

The US no longer controls the address book for the Internet

Wired, here.

Free Trade Agreements Should Promote Generic Competition, Speakers Say At WTO

IP-Watch, here

Accelerating the Internet of Things in the UK: Using policy to support practice

RAND, here.
"...the survey results highlight that there is a strong
perception that consumers should be in control of their personal data at all times, signalling a distinctive move towards individuals themselves acting as their own ‘data controllers’."

Seedy business: Patent war looms over Europe’s crop diversity, here

Enhancing competition in retail

R. Sims, here

Avec Marketplace, Facebook déclare officiellement la guerre à LeBonCoin

Numerama, ici

Révolution cartographique ?

Arte, Le dessous des cartes, Vidéo ici

Amazon Bets Big on India's Busiest Shopping Season

Bloomberg, here

Google invents a Touch Gesture System Designed Specifically for Future Smart Garments, here

Mergers would cut ‘Big 6’ to ‘Big 4’

Iowafarmertoday, here

A Grand Bargain to Make Tech Companies Trustworthy

J. Balkin, J. Zittrain, here

What The Rise And Stall Of Pokemon Go Can Teach Creative Marketers, here

Peut-on revendre la copie de sauvegarde d'un logiciel ? Réponse de la CJUE le 12 octobre

NextImpact, ici. . 

Salesforce Will Press Two Big Points in LinkedIn Antitrust Fight, here.

The Netflix library has collapsed 50% in total title count since 2012

Exstreamist, here  

Online sales of posters and frames

CMA, Decision, here.

'Maintaining good relationships with customers is a legitimate objective, however where such an objective is achieved by means of an anti- competitive arrangement, that arrangement can be regarded as having an anti-competitive object.'

'Repricing software is normally used by online
sellers to compete with other online sellers by automatically adjusting
the prices of their products in response to the live prices of competitors’
products...However, in the present case the repricing software was
configured by the Parties to restrict price competition between them in
order to give effect to the Infringing Agreement'.

Fighting bid rigging in public procurement

Report on implementing the OECD Recommendation, here

Geographic market definition across national borders

OECD Background Paper, here. 

PCW Report

UK Regulators Network, here.
Letter to the CMA, here.
Notes from an acedemic seminar, here

Indirect Evidence in Cartel Cases

J. Kloub, Presentation here

Filmmakers Stealing From Painters: 20 Examples of Films That “Remixed” a Painting

Mentorless, here

Survey and data gathering to support the evaluation of the Satellite and Cable Directive 93/83/EEC and assessment of its possible extension

Study prepared for the European Commission, here.

Exploring Data Portability

The White House, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...