Antitrust regulators have an eye on Big Tech’s spending spree

With M. Lemley, here

Competencia e intervención pública para la reconstrucción económica: riesgos y oportunidades

Jorge Padilla y Massimo Motta. Modera: Jerónimo Maíllo, aquì

Consumer Data Rights and Competition

W. Kerber, video here

Was the Obama Administration Too Soft on Big Tech?

Intelligencer, here.
Podcast here 🏃

Apple and Google launch exposure notification API, enabling public health authorities to release apps

TechCrunch, here

Merger moratorium takes center stage in antitrust debate

The Hill, here

Killer acquisitions

C. Cunningham, Video here

Mobiliteitsbedrijf Pon en NS mogen onder voorwaarden samen reis-app maken

ACM, hier

Australian watchdog says media could ‘boycott’ Google and Facebook to force them to pay for news

The Guardian, here

The impact of digitalization in cartel enforcement

ICN, Scoping Paper, here

Enquête sectorielle « fintechs » : l’Autorité lance une consultation publique

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

Germany’s ‘Lex Apple Pay’: Payment Service Regulation Overtakes Competition Enforcement

J.-U. Franck, D. Linardatos, here

Search Preference Menus: Google Auction Ignores Screen Size and Scrolling

DuckDuckGo, here

Facebook's new shopping AI knows what exactly you're looking for

Engadget, here

Facebook takes on Amazon with online shopping venture

FT, here

Antitrust Enforcers Should Block the Facebook-Giphy Merger, and Investigate Google for Anti-Competitive Behavior

EconomicLiberties, here

How will Europe’s coronavirus contacts-tracing apps work across borders?

TechCrunch, here

Scoop: Facebook to buy Giphy for $400 million

Axios, here

Unwinding Investigated Consummated Mergers—Inconsistent with Merger Policy Since 1976

S. Cernak, here

CMA Amazon / Deliveroo merger inquiry

Responses to provisional findings, here

M&A During the Crisis: Should the antitrust traffic light be red, yellow or green?

CPI, PYMTS Panel, Video here (and here).
More on the proposed Pandemic Anti-Monopoly Act, here.
@Vestager already said in a recent interview (which one 😑?) that she would not support the idea for the EU. 

Google and Zoom: Healthy Competition?

Timely, or too soon? Competition Bureau releases guidance on “failing firm” claims in merger reviews

Norton Rose Fulbright, here

Vernetzt im digitalen Wettbwerb

BMWI, hier

Digital platforms and responsible innovation: expanding value sensitive design to overcome ontological uncertainty

M. de Reuver et al., here

Plattformzugangsregulierung über das #LSR?

S. Louven, here

Competition in online platforms

F. Bostoen, Podcast here

Building an open and trustworthy alternative data ecosystem

Refinitiv, here

Policy Paper on fundamental rights as a limit to copyright during emergencies


The legal framework on the dissemination of disinformation through Internet services and the regulation of political advertising

IViR, here

BEUC raises concerns over the Google/Fitbit merger

T. Karanikioti, here

Senate and House Democrats introduce The Public Health Emergency Privacy Act


MIT Technology Review Covid Tracing Tracker


Preventing the Curse of Bigness Through Conglomerate Merger Legislation

R. Lande, S. Vaheesan, here

Towards a post COVID-19 Digital Deal between tech and governments?

CERRE, A conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and Thierry Breton, here

Google: The Next Big Fintech Vendor

Forbes, here

Digitales Kolloquium mit Professor Achim Wambach

Video hier

Mergers in the Digital Economy

A. Gautier, J. Lamesch, here


Renaissance Numérique, here

Uber’s attempt to buy Grubhub comes under fire

FT, here

It's time for Congress to establish a federal price gouging law

Amazon, here

Google: If you don’t want us to track your phone – just get another tracking ID!

noyb, here

Interoperability guidelines for approved contact tracing mobile applications in the EU

EC, here

Telegram abandons its TON blockchain platform

TechCrunch, here

Rethinking Digital Platforms for the Post-COVID-19 Era

J. Cobbe, E. Bietti, here

Much of Antitrust Law Today Is Based on Unsupported or Demonstrably False Economic Theories. Will Economists Take Heed?

ProMarket, here

Some improvements required to the COVIDSafe Bill before Parliament

G. Greenleaf, K. Kemp, here


BEUC, here

Kartellamt rechnet mit Übernahmewelle

SZ, hier

Entering the Minefield of Digital Contact Tracing

J. Zittrain, here

Some Crisis Impacts in Antitrust Will Reverberate

E. Tyler, here.

Italy antitrust watchdog digs deeper into Intesa's UBI bid

Reuters, here

L'Europe envisage de soutenir directement ses entreprises stratégiques

Les Echos, ici

5G's new twist: Build with software instead of hardware

Axios, here

Merricks v. Mastercard: “Passing on” the U.S. Experience

M. Delrahim, here

Tracking mobile devices to fight coronavirus

EPRS, here

Supplementary Written Evidence on COVID-19 Tracing Apps to the Joint Committee on Human Rights

O. Lynskey, M. Veale, here

FTC Imposes Conditions on AbbVie Inc.’s Acquisition of Allergan plc

FTC, here

COVID-19: Competition policy actions for governments and competition authorities

OECD, here


Executive Summary, here

CMA blocks sports-fashion merger

CMA, here

European Union Justice Commissioner Commits to Regulation on Corporate Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence

Covington, here

3D printing finally found its market, and all it took was a pandemic

Protocol, here

Epidemics and capitalism

S. Baksi, here

Covid-19: materiali per una mappa dell’immaginario

MicroMega, here

COVID-19 and Deglobalisation

LSE, Podcast here

Ethics of instantaneous contract tracing using mobile phone apps in the control of the COVID-19 pandemic

M. Parker, here

„Apple ist rigoros“

FAZ, hier

Consumer Data Rights and Competition

OECD Secretariat, here

Conglomerate Effects of Mergers

OECD Secretariat, here

Lines of Business Restrictions (or "competition adjustments")

OECD Secretariat, here.

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