Sampling-Urteil des EuGH: Im Zweifel für die Kunstfreiheit, hier.

Carrier bags data, here

Apple joins Google, Facebook, and Twitter in data-sharing project

The Verge, here

Paiement en ligne: L'Autorité rejette la saisine de l'hébergeur de contenus en ligne Dstorage (

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

Daten – das Öl des 21. Jahrhunderts

Auszug aus Justus Haucap »Macht, Markt und Wettbewerb«, S. 5–13, hier

Guidance on Cryptoassets

FCA, here.

Visa pitches a program offering fintechs faster market access through an ecosystem of partners

TechCrunch, here


Lear, here

Our Data Future

Privacy International, here

Draft Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the human rights impacts of algorithmic systems

Council of Europe, here

Why Google employees are donating to Warren and Sanders — presidential candidates who want to break up Google

Recode, here

Réguler au niveau européen

Le Soir, ici

You can't simply pay a fine to make us go away

Rebecca Kelly Slaughter, Interview here

New DPIA on Microsoft Office and Windows software: still privacy risks remaining

PrivacyCompany, here

Can Antitrust Enforcement Improve Privacy Protection? Privacy as a Parameter of Competition in Merger Reviews

M. MacCarthy, here

Data Right set to sail through

InnovationAus, here

The DPO Handbook

Elaborated for the EU‐funded “T4DATA” programme , here

Petre warns on ACCC tech report

Innovationaus, here

US Defense Department to Develop Blockchain Cybersecurity Shield

CoinDesk, here

Digital Socialism?

E. Morozov, here. 

Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain

Congressional Research Service, here.
Blockchain Association, here.
M. Baradaran, here

CJEU rules that use of a protected work for the purpose of reporting current events does not, in principle, require authorization

IPKat, here

Will Facebook’s Libra Change the Way the World Banks?

Foreign Affairs, here

China’s Long View

Project Syndicate, here

What comes next? The business analysis of no deal preparations

CBI, here

Data subjects as data controllers: a Fashion(able) concept?

L. Edwards et al., here.

Fashion ID ruling here

Monsanto seeks time to respond to CCI probe on it abusing dominant position in India

The Economic Times, here.

Capital One: hacker stole data of over 100m Americans

The Guardian, here

Ant-Financial-Backed Startup Rides Indonesian Fintech Wave

Bloomberg, here

From energy to insurance: How Open Banking could fix the loyalty penalty headache

Citya.m., here

ICO selects first participants for data protection Sandbox

ICO, here.

CJEU rules that freedom of information and of the press cannot justify a derogation from the rights of copyright holders beyond allowed exceptions and limitations

IPKat, here

The future of online advertising regulation

ICO, here

Facebook’s Libra and the scourge of hot money

FT, here

IP Rights for Data: Mortaring Over the Cracks

Mayer Brown, here

Facebook's Libra could massively help the cryptocurrency industry — or hurt it badly

CNN, here.

Amazon Requires Police to Shill Surveillance Cameras in Secret Agreement

Vice, here

Viele neue Account-Sperren auf Amazon - Händler sind ratlos

Internet World, hier

Les clefs pour comprendre l'activisme de la Commission européenne contre Amazon

F. Marty, ici

Big Tech and Antitrust: A Discussion With Randal Picker

Technology Policy Institute, Podcast here

Facebook amasses army to lobby on Libra

Politico, here

Why You’ll Never Quit Amazon Prime

Land of the Giants, Podcast here

Digital Europe: Draft Orientations for the preparation of the work programme(s) 2021-2022

EC, here

New EU rules for the Platform Economy

EC, Video here

What affects the flow of data-enabled international trade?

ODI, here

Interview with Andreas Mundt

Who Owns Americans’ Personal Information and What Is It Worth?

R. Shapiro, S. Aneja, here.

Calls Mount to Ease Big Tech’s Grip on Your Data

NYTimes, here

Regulator prohibits use of transaction data for marketing purposes

White & Case, here

Spielregeln für Giganten

Die Zeit, hier

Geo­blocking: Online-Beschwerdeformular

Bundesnetzagentur, hier

Treasury's Mnuchin says Amazon 'destroyed' U.S. retail sector

Reuters, here

The real threat/d

A. Stamos, Thread here

Facebook ends friend data access for Microsoft and Sony, the last 2 of its legacy partners, under FTC deal

TechCrunch, here

Businesses begin to benefit from Current Account Switching Service

FinExtra, here

Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain

United States Senate Banking Committee, Hearing, Tuesday, July 30, 2019, 4 pm Trento Time, live here

Data isn't the new oil, it's the new CO2

M. Tisné, here

The Platform Challenge: Balancing Safety, Privacy and Freedom

A. Stamos, Video here

Facebook to Pay $100 Million for Misleading Investors About the Risks It Faced From Misuse of User Data

SEC, Press Release here; juicy complaint here

FTC Imposes $5 Billion Penalty and Sweeping New Privacy Restrictions on Facebook

FTC, here. Complaint here.

The Great Hack

Documentary, here

The EC Report on Competition Policy for 2018: Themes and Trends

Hausfeld, here

EU privacy ruling against Facebook to come by end 2019, here


WIPO, here.

General Data Protection Regulation shows results, but work needs to continue

EC, here

Do cities have access to the private sector data they need to make effective decisions?

ODI, here

EU draws up sweeping rules to curb illegal online content

FT, here

Justice Department Reviewing the Practices of Market-Leading Online Platforms

DOJ, here

Technology: how the US, EU and China compete to set industry standards

FT, here

Innovation is more than amassing customers

FT, here

Competition Issues in the Digital Economy

Russian Federation, here

Estimating the success of re-identifications in incomplete datasets using generative models

L. Rocher et al., ici

Amazon Testimony May Have Been Untruthful, Top Democrat Says

Bloomberg, here


L'apport du droit de la compliance à la gouvernance d'internet

Rapport commandé par Monsieur le Ministre en charge du Numérique, ici.


Guidance on the interpretation and application of Council Directive 93/13/EEC of 5 April 1993 on unfair contract terms in consumer contracts

EC, here

How Russia Defeated Google’s Monopoly

M. Stoller, here

Unlocking Access to Self-Driving Research: The Lyft Level 5 Dataset and Competition

Lyft, here

Datenökonomie: Sommerlektüre


Competition rules must continue to evolve

G. Clark, here

Technoscience Rent: Toward a Theory of Rentiership for Technoscientific Capitalism

K. Birch, here

Commission fines US chipmaker Qualcomm €242 million for engaging in predatory pricing

EC, here

Common Understanding of G7 Competition Authorities on “Competition and the Digital Economy”

Présentation Isabelle de Silva, présidente de l’Autorité de la concurrence, here

Update from the Chair of the G7 working group on stablecoins

G7, here

Cade instaura processos para apurar cartéis em licitações de estádios da Copa e de edificações especiais da Petrobras

CADE, aqui

G7 warns on ‘serious risks’ posed by Libra and other digital coins

FT, here

Competition & regulation

C. Ritter, here

Cookies et autres traceurs : la CNIL publie de nouvelles lignes directrices

CNIL, here

Breaking Up: “It’s Not You, It’s Me”, “Maybe We Should See Other People” and “with or without You”

P. Marsden, here

UK CMA’s Digital Market Strategy

Antitrust Digest, here

Antitrust in the Digital Economy

Conversable Economist, here

The EU's latest antitrust probe could hit Amazon where it hurts

Wired, here

Crémer Report on Competition for the Digital Era Misses the Mark

Disco, here

Separation without a Breakup

P. Guniganti, here

Legal risk as a competitive advantage

Former Apple general counsel interviewed here

Antitrust regulators are using the wrong tools to break up Big Tech

T. O'Reilly, here

India plan to merge ID with health records raises privacy worries

FT, here

G-7-Finanzminister machen Front gegen Facebooks Libra

FAZ, hier

Amazon Faces Probe in Europe Over Third-Party Selling

WSJ, here

Examining Facebook’s Proposed Cryptocurrency and Its Impact on Consumers, Investors, and the American Financial System

Hearing, here

Innovationen: Open-Source-Veteran soll Deutschland auf die Sprünge helfen, hier

Ein wachsames Auge auf Amazon

FAZ, hier

PSD2's narrow focus limiting the potential of Open Banking - report

FinExtra, here

Commission opens investigation into possible anti-competitive conduct of Amazon

EC, here

UK National Data Strategy: OKFN's Response

OKFN, here

Calls to rein in the tech titans are getting louder

The Economist, here

It’s Time to Reboot the Startup Economy

T. Wu, here

Reframing platform power

J. van Dijck, D. Nieborg, T. Poell, here

IBM announces Data Asset eXchange (DAX) to help developers use free and open data and AI

IBM blog, here

Open Banking: Preparing for Lift Off

ODI, Fingleton, here

An agent-based model on the effects of data sharing on economic innovation

ODI, here

‘I Don’t Trust You Guys’: Lawmakers Unite to Take Aim at Big Tech

NYTimes, here

Amazon ändert Geschäftsbedingungen

BWB, hier.
Fallbericht hier

Bundeskartellamt obtains far-reaching improvements in the terms of business for sellers on Amazon’s online marketplaces

Bundeskartellamt, here.
Fallbericht hier

EPIC Seeks Public Release of FTC Settlement with Facebook

EPIC, here

Amazon offers $10 to Prime Day shoppers who hand over their data

Yahoo Finance, here

Only Regulation Can Jump-start Competition in Big Tech

Public Knowledge, here

Competition merger brief

EC, July 2019, here

Everything you need to know about Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency

CNN, here

Habile : le WWF a inventé une fausse géolocalisation Instagram pour protéger des sites naturels

Numérama, ici

Why YouTube Keeps Demonetizing Videos of the Hong Kong Protests

One Zero, here

Libra, the GAFA, and Libra again.

Testimonies, herehere and here. 

Thumbs Down to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

J. Stiglitz, here

Data sharing code of practice

ICO, here

UK National Data Strategy: ODI's Response

ODI, here

Regulator's increased interest in technology transactions

White and Case, here

@Echelle : la politique de concurrence à l'ère du numérique

Le nez dans le code
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, Vidéo ici (dès 21:51; accès aux données pour l'entraînement des algos AI dès 1:01:40; more technological approach dès 1:38:07 "nez dans le code"). 

Calibra: Testimony


1 big thing: Using a privacy law to filch data

Axios, here

Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional y la aplicación para dispositivos móviles de La Liga

AEDP, aquì

YouTube's Trampled Foes Plot Antitrust Revenge

BloombergQuint, here

The Toxic Potential of YouTube’s Feedback Loop

Wired, here.

U.S. Proposes Barring Big Tech Companies From Offering Financial Services, Digital Currencies

NYTimes, here

The Rise of Digital Money

IMF, here

Digital upstarts need to play by the same rules as everyone else

FT, here

Geleaktes Arbeitspapier: EU-Kommission erwägt neues Gesetz für Plattformen, hier

Régime juridique applicable aux traitements poursuivant une finalité de recherche scientifique (hors santé)

CNIL, ici

Elements of strong customer authentication under PSD2

EBA, Opinion, here

CYBG launches energy switching service within banking mobile app

FinExtra, here.

Licensing of FinTech business models

ESMA, Report here

Protecting Journalism in the Age of Digital Platforms

Stigler Center, Committee for the Study of Digital Platforms, here

Commission d'enquête: Souveraineté numérique

Audition du CSA, de l'ARCEP, de l'Autorité de la concurrence, Vidéo ici.

Décision: (pas de) mesures conservatoires à l'encontre de Amazon

Conseil de la Concurrence, ici

Congressional leaders have drafted a bill that would ban Big Tech from launching a digital asset

The Block, here

Digital Dystopia

J. Tirole, here

Canada’s nascent AI sector needs data standards to thrive

TheGlobeandMail, here

Digital Manipulation

TED Radio Hour, here

The Value of Trustworthy AI

D. Danks, here.

Invisible Influence

D. Susser, here

Compensation at the Crossroads

T. Hresko Pearl, here

AI + Art = Human

A. Daniele, Y.-Z. Song, here

TED: Teaching AI to Explain its Decisions

M. Hind, here

Requirements for an Artificial Agent with Norm Competence

B. Malle et al., here.

Moment des Aussterbens

S. Spiekermann, hier

The UK Furman Report as "digested" by Pedro

Antitrust Digest, here


Washingtonmonthly, here

Japan grants certification for first time to 'information banks'

The Japan Times, here

Data Protection and Competitiveness in the Digital Age

A. Mundt, here Video (from 5:49) . 

The end of Fintech

The Finanser, here

Big Fair Use Win Concerning Andy Warhol's Paintings Of Prince

TechDirt, here

Bundeskartellamt's Facebook Decision in English


Reg. (EU) 2019/1150 on promoting fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services


Google’s 4,000-Word Privacy Policy Is a Secret History of the Internet

NYTimes, here

Uber in London: the battle between public and private regulation

Y. Marique, here

Tommaso/Tommasso Valletti Tells the Truth, Nothing But the Truth

MLex Market Insight, here

The price of data security

AON, here

Interoperability: Fix the Internet, Not the Tech Companies

C. Doctorow, here

Guidelines 3/2019 on processing of personal data through video devices

EDPB, here

Zulässigkeit der Transkribierung und Auswertung von Mitschnitten der Sprachsoftware "Alexa" durch Amazon

Deutscher Bundestag, hier

Brüsseler Podiumsdiskussion zu Datenschutz und Wettbewerb

BfDI, hier



Smart Data: Putting consumers in control of their data and enabling innovation

UK Gov, here

UK to create a 'Digital Markets Unit'

Hogan Lovells, here

IBM Bets $34 Billion That Red Hat Can Help It Catch Amazon and Microsoft

NYTimes, here

Artificial Intelligence: the global landscape of ethics guidelines

A. Jobin, M. Ienca, E. Vayena, here

Heineken's pub and bar business investigated by PCA over 'beer tie'

The Guardian, here

„Wir müssen das Wettbewerbsrecht für das digitale Zeitalter fit machen“

Inclusive Productivity, hier


L. Godefroy et al., Rapport, ici

Amazon Alexa offering NHS health advice

BBC, here

Europas Behörden wollen Datenschutz und Wettbewerbsrecht verheiraten, here.

Cade condena 11 empresas e 42 pessoas por formação de cartel em licitações de trens e metrôs

NovoDia, aqui

Frydenberg puts Facebook and Google on notice over market power

SMH, here

Intention to fine Marriott International, Inc more than £99 million under GDPR for data breach

ICO, here

How much is your data worth?

Quartz, here

10 Ans: Accompagner la modernisation de l'économie

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

Missed opportunities in the EU’s revised open data and re-use of public sector information directive

OKFN, here

Concurrence : soupçons de cartel dans la compote

Le Monde, ici

The UK's Entire Approach To 'Online Harms' Is Backwards... And No One Cares

TechDirt, here

Facebook v. Max Schrems

L. Kayali, Twitter Thread here

Banks in no rush to join Facebook’s crypto project

FT, here

All hands on deck: we’ve updated the Data Access Map

ODI, here

Commission fines Sanrio €6.2 million for restricting cross-border sales of merchandising products featuring Hello Kitty characters

EC, here


R. Podszun, here

Unter Umständen ist es rechtswidrig, über WhatsApp schülerbezogene Daten zu verschicken

MDR, hier

Transparency you can trust: Transparency requirements for artificial intelligence between legal norms and contextual concerns

H. Felzmann et al., here

Bonn gegen das Silicon Valley, hier

What if policy anticipated advances in science and technology?

EP, here

Blockchain and freedom of expression

Article 19, here

EBA thematic report on the impact of FinTech on PIs’ and EMI’s business models

EBA, here

Blockchain Disables Real-World Governance

H. Matsushima, here

Amazon’s Alexa may soon know if you’re happy or sad

Venture Beat, here

The Record of Weak U.S. Merger Enforcement in Big Tech

AAI, here


Les Rencontres économiques d'Aix-en-Provence, Vidéo ici.

FTC to Ask About Disabling YouTube Ads for Kids’ Privacy

Bloomberg, here

La régulation par la donnée

Autorité de la concurrence, AMF, Arafer, Arcep, CNIL, CRE, CSA, ici

Les données personnelles : un levier pour différents régulateurs

LINC, ici

India's latest Google probe sparked by junior antitrust researchers

Reuters, here.
CCI's Android Order here

German data protection authorities publish guidelines on data transfers in the context of asset deals

C. Piltz, here

Who will win? The Banks, FinTechs or BigTechs?

FinExtra, Video here

Competition Law for a Complex Economy

I. Lianos, here

ICO statement: Intention to fine British Airways £183.39m under GDPR for data breach

ICO, here

Your Data Could Be at the Center of the Fight Against Big Tech

NYTimes, here

Charting the precursors to Facebook’s Libra coin

FT, here

Vertical Mergers: Ex Post Evidence and Ex Ante Evaluation Methods

M. Slade, here

CMA launches digital markets strategy and market study into online platforms and digital advertising

Allen & Overy, here

Economic impacts of artificial intelligence (AI)

EP Think Tank, here. Podcast here.

7-Eleven Japanese customers lose $500,000 due to mobile app flaw

Zdnet, here

Selling Your Private Information Is a Terrible Idea

NYTimes, here

Emergence of collective digital innovations through the process of control point driven network reconfiguration and reframing: the case of mobile payment

B. Rukanova et al., here

Banking’s Digital Revolution Is Here But No One Is Ready, here

The Strange Politics of Facial Recognition

The Atlantic, here


V. Stallone, M. Klaas, here

Fintech Workshop in Trento 21 October 2019: Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts HERE

The Boston Tea Party Was a Protest Against Monopoly

M. Stoller, here.

The Technology Trap

D. Coyle, here

Excessive Data Collection: Privacy Considerations and Abuse of Dominance in the Era of Big Data

V. Robertson, here.

The journey towards PSD2 compliance

FinExtra, Video here

Can I buy a phone that doesn’t use anything from Google or Apple?

The Guardian, here

Open Banking could be worth £18bn a year to UK consumers and SMEs - report

FinExtra, here

Artificial intelligence: the new electricity

WIPO Magazine, here

The return of the MFN clauses – platform ranking as an enforcement mechanism for price parity

D. Mandrescu, here

FCA Competition Director Christopher Woolard Testifies before House Committee Fintech Task Force

CrowdFundInsider, here

Antitrust regulators may also scrutinize internet firms' cryptocurrencies: German cartel chief

Reuters, here

French consumer group files class-action against Google for alleged GDPR violations

iapp, here

Artificial Intelligence and Law: An Overview

H. Surden, here

Copyright Law on Blockchains: Between New Forms of Rights Administration and Digital Rights Management 2.0

M. Finck, V. Moscon, here

BIS to set up Innovation Hub for central banks

BIS, here

Intelligent interfaces

Deloitte, here

Facebook’s Inches Towards Global Regulatory Compliance, Applies for New York BitLicense

CoinDesk, here

Where are human subjects in Big Data research? The emerging ethics divide

J. Metcalf, K. Crawford, here

New York Governor Cuomo orders probe into Facebook's advertising platform

Reuters, here

Facebook’s privacy game – how Zuckerberg backtracked on promises to protect personal data

ComputerWeekly, here

Guidance to national courts: Quantification of harm caused by infringements of the EU antitrust rules

EC, here

First Steps Towards an Ethics of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

J. Tasioulas, here

CMA launches digital markets strategy

Press release, Here.
The CMA’s Digital Markets Strategy, here.
Online platforms and digital advertising market study: Statement of Scope, here.  

Bundeskartellamt legt Nichtzulassungsbeschwerde ein

AHGZ, hier

Der Spion im Schulzimmer

Republik, hier

FCA proposes ban on cryptocurrency products

The Guardian, here. 

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...