USA Statement at WIPO Extraordinary General Assembly, with Comments, here

Dead Poets’ Property- The Copyright Act of 1814 and the Price of Literature in the Romantic Period

X. Li, M. MacGarvie, P. Moser, here

Max-Planck-Jurist Hilty zum Leistungsschutzrecht, hier

A new paradigm of scholarly communications is emerging: A report from the Future of Impact conference, here

How antitrust economists are getting better at spotting cartels, here

“Special responsibility” through clear-cut market share threshold — Proposed new assessment criterion for addressing dominance in Finnish grocery retail sector, here

The EU’s unitary patent, here

Know thyself: Data lockers promise to help people profit from their personal information, here

2012 Global Congress on Intellectual Property and the Public Interest, here

'Troll' warning as EU gets unitary patent scheme, after decades of failure, here

Collusion through joint R&D: An empirical assessment

T. Duso, L.-H. Röller, J. Seldeslachts, here

Report on a Digital Freedom Strategy in EU Foreign Policy

European Parliament, Rapporteur: M. Schaake, here.

Page 7: "Recognises the role of artistic freedom, and the freedom to imitate and reuse, as cornerstones for creativity and freedom of expression and ideas; is aware of the significant presence of exceptions and limitations in the copyright ecosystem, especially in the areas of journalism, quotation, satire, archives, libraries and ensuring access to and usability of the cultural heritage"

GODZILLA vs MECHAGODZILLA - Antitrust and Intellectual Property Rights−the Ultimate Counterweapon?

F. Juckniess and S. Larimore Wahl, here

In re Books

J. Grimmelmann (, here

Austrian rights holders want levies on Dropbox, Google Drive, here

More data about copyright removals in Transparency Report

F. von Lohmann, here

Your Data is Yours, here

Understanding bias in computational news media, here

Anwendungshinweise zur Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung von personenbezogenen Daten für werbliche Zwecke

Gremium der Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörden, hier

Ubuntu Spyware: What to Do?

R. Stallman, here

Why Google worries utility companies, here

Parlamento, una password sulle rassegne stampa, qui

Antitrust Compliance Programmes & Optimal Antitrust Enforcement

W. Wils, here

Kultusminister einigen sich mit Verlagen über digitale Vervielfältigung für den Unterrichtsgebrauch, hier

From war to peace: a European tale (off-topic)

H. Van Rompuy,  J. Barroso, Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize Award to the European Union/Oslo, here

Cost Benefit Analysis of EU Data Protection Regulation Proposal: A UK Perspective, here

It’s Not How Much data You Have, But How You Use It: Assessing Privacy in the Context of Consumer Data Integration

J. Polonetsky, O. Tene, White Paper here

Standard Setting Organizations and Antitrust: Balancing IPRs and Competition

Giovanni Napolitano (World Intellectual Property Organization), December 13, 2012, 9.30 am, Economics and Management Department, Trento University (Room 3C).

EU Directive on Public Sector Information: a Quick Look at the Proposed Amendments, here

Commission welcomes Court of Justice judgment in the AstraZeneca case

Press Release, here. CJEU's Press Release here. Ruling (Case C-457/10 P AstraZeneca v Commission) here

The Big Picture: Comprehensive Data Collection

J. Brill, here

Taser Trademark: Company Fights To Keep Journalists From Using Term 'Tasered', here

Justice Department meets with firms seeking Google antitrust probe, here

EU Resists ‘Extreme’ US Lobbying As Data Privacy War Brews, here

Pinterest, Image Sharing Websites and the Law, here

Legal certainty, proportionality, effectiveness: the Commission's practice on remedies

A. Italiener, here.

FTC Amicus Brief on Injunctions Related to SEP

Apple v. Motorola, here.

MFNs and Platforms

J. Gans, Video here

Declaration: Copyright4Creativity, here

Operationalizing Privacy by Design

A.  Cavoukian, here

Submissions received by the Australian Law Reform Commission (copyright)


Java API Copyrightability Put to the Test in Smartphone Technology Battle

B. Werbin, here

Transnational Law for Transnational Communities: The Emergence of a Lex Mercatoria (or Lex Informatica) for International Creative Communities

A. Metzger, here

The overhaul of EU rules on data protection: making the single market work for business

V. Reding, here

Data Protection Practice 2012

2B-Advice, here (pdf file).

BEUC on EU Data Protection Reform Proposal

Analysis of consumer benefits versus administrative burden of key provisions, here

Closing the Back Door Route to Cartels: The Need to Clarify the Regulated Conduct Doctrine, here

Saving Economics from the Economists

R. Coase, here

Resolución de 29 de Noviembre de 2012, sobre uvas denominación origen Valdepeñas, aquì (fichero pdf).

Competition law class actions sanctioned in South Africa, here

Göttinger Urheberrechtstagung: Von ACTA bis Leistungsschutz, hier

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...