DoJ Sues to Block Deere’s Acquisition of Precision Planting

PR, here.

Companies are making money from our personal data – but at what cost?

TheGuardian, here

More EU copyright "leaks"

Draft Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, here.
Draft Communication: Promoting a fair and efficient European copyright-based economy in the Digital Single Market, here.

Still to come:
Directive and Regulation to ensure EU implementation of the Marrakech Treaty.

Big Data Is Nudging You

PsychologyToday, here.

Quand Pokémon Go inquiète l’armée française

Numerama, ici.

Frank Ocean, Apple Music, And The Headache Of Streaming Exclusives

FastCompany, here.

Intellectual Property, Antitrust, and the Rule of Law: Between Private Power and State Power

A. Katz, here.

Collusion and Online Platforms in Eturas

K. Havu & N. Zupančič, here

EU-Kommission will Leistungsschutz für Verleger einführen

WiWo, hier

Relaxing Privacy Vow, WhatsApp to Share Some Data With Facebook

NYTimes, here

Leak: Impact Assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules

StateWatch, here.

(Pity the annexes are missing).

"...stakeholders also underline a risk that introducing the COO (country of origin, WB) rule for online transmissions will weaken territorial licensing of rights (or even lead to mandatory pan-European licensing). They argue that the establishment of the COO rule in combination with the application of the free movement of services principle and competition law would have a detrimental effect on territorial licensing. As it is not possible to predict potential future effect that the application of the free movement of services principle and competition law may have on territorial licensing of rights, this IA does not assess impacts that the proposed intervention may have in combination with these rules".

WIPO, Design and Burkini: "Success Story to learn"

“Looking Good”: The Role of Design in Branding, here.
Read also the Guardian, here.

Seeking customer centricity: The omni business model

KPMG, here

Digitalisierung – Herausforderungen für die Wettbewerbspolitik

M. Blatter, hier

Authors, Attribution, And Integrity: Examining Moral Rights In The United States

Symposium Transcript, here

Protecting privacy in genomic databases

MIT News, here..

In copyright law, computers and robots don’t count

J. Grimmelmann, here

Tax incidence on competing two-sided platforms: Lucky break or double jeopardy

P. Belleflamme, E. Toulemonde, here. S. also ici.

Mozilla beteiligt sich an dem Privacy-by-Design Browser Cliqz, hier

Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web

"On August 23, 1991, new users outside of CERN were invited to join the web, marking its official anniversary, or Internaut Day."

98 personal data points that Facebook uses to target ads to you

Washington Post, here.

How Digital Copyright Law Is Being Used to Run Roughshod Over Repairs

NBC, here.

Google keeps ex-Googlers close by investing in their startups

Recode, here.

Forget Uber: Fly over traffic jams at the push of a button

The mythical Paperinik, gem of Italian creativity
AirBus, here.

Scholar behind 'net neutrality' joins White House as competition policy adviser

TheHill, here.
See also here.

Prison breakthrough

TheEconomist, here.

Pirates in the Library – An Inquiry into the Guerilla Open Access Movement

B. Bodó, here.

Proyecto para regular apps es "redundante" y anticompetitivo

ElObservador (Uruguay), aquí.

Digital Single Market Update: The European Commission’s Proposal to Revise the Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Morrison & Foerster, here.

The Olympics and IP

ManagingIP, here.

White House Kept Close Tabs on FTC Google Probe

Google Transparency Project, here.
(Mails have some interesting attachments)

A New Approach to Copyright Exceptions and Limitations

J. Band, here.

ACCC continues its review of banks’ application for authorisation to collectively bargain with Apple

ACCC, here.

The Getty Museum's Lessons Learned From Opening Up Content

TecHDirt, here.

Banks v. Bots

Forbes, here.

Fitch: CMA Remedies Could Mean Slow Profit Erosion at UK Banks

Reuters, here.

Market definition and the sharing economy

C. Ortiz, here.

El modelo de Denominación de Origen y restricciones a la competencia

CNMC, aquí

Attention Brokers

T. Wu, here

Expect Little Antitrust Challenge to Walmart’s Bid for

NYTimes, here

Intel Cuts the Cord With New VR Headset Called Project Alloy

Bloomberg, here.

Intel creates quasi Hollywood studio for sports and entertainment VR

VentureBeat, here

Price Discrimination Markets Lead Antitrust Enforcers to Increased Success

McDermott Will & Emery, here

MIT Media Lab Launched Disobedience Award, Funded By Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)

TechCrunch, here.

Media, sports companies rattled by planned EU copyright shake-up

Euractiv, here and Reuters here (spot the differences). 

EU to crack down on online services such as WhatsApp over privacy

TheGuardian, here.

La fin de la prise jack sur l’iPhone 7 ouvrirait une nouvelle ère pour l’écosystème Apple

Numérama, ici.

La confiance est-elle une donnée personnelle comme les autres ?

LINC, ici.

The Internet Value Chain

A.T. Kearney for the GSMA, here.

Researchers track the trackers through 20 years of the archived web

TechCrunch, here.

Audi vernetzt seine Autos in den USA mit Ampel-Infrastruktur, hier.

Internet Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Trackers: An Archaeological Study of Web Tracking from 1996 to 2016

A. Lerner, A. Kornfeld Simpson, T. Kohno, and F. Roesner, here.

XS4ALL and KPN end privacy violations digital TV

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, here

Google lets any publisher apply to have “Critic Reviews” of local businesses

SearchEngineLand, here.

Supermärkte sollen ihre Einkaufspreise offenlegen

FAZ, hier.

Internet of Things strategies are going from general to specialized and vertical

Recode, here.

Der Adblocker und die Pressefreiheit

Handelsblatt, hier.

Werner Herzog’s meditations on a connected world

TechCrunch, Videos (trailer and interview) here.

Clausewitz: "Der Krieg ist mit seinem Resultat nie etwas Absolutes
Endlich ist selbst die Totalentscheidung eines ganzen Krieges nicht immer für eine absolute anzusehen...
10. Die Wahrscheinlichkeiten des wirklichen Lebens treten an die Stelle des Äußersten und Absoluten der Begriffe"

Adblock Plus has already defeated Facebook's new ad blocking restrictions

TheVerge, here.

Google Fined for Breaking Russian Antitrust Rules With Android

NYTimes, here.

(438 млн 067 400 рублей...).

Ökonomische Auswirkungen einer Bildungs- und Wissenschaftsschranke im Urheberrecht

J. Haucap, I. Loebert, G. Spindler, S. Thorwarth, hier.

The View from the Shop— Antitrust and the Decline of America’s Independent Businesses

S. Mitchell, here.

Boundedly rational entrepreneurs and antitrust

A. Tor, here.

Facebook Blocks Ad Blockers, but It Strives to Make Ads More Relevant

NYTimes, here.

Curbing the New Corporate Power

Forum, Boston Review, here.

Will Uber Rouse the Trustbusters?

Slate, here.

FTC Sues 1-800 Contacts For Restricting Competitive Keyword Advertising

E. Goldman, here.

Decentralizing the Web: Two Technological Approaches

Digitaltrends, here.

Copyright and Distributive Justice

J. Hughes, R. Merges, here.

Data-Generating Patents

B. Simon, T. Sichelman, here.

Privacy scandal haunts Pokemon GO's CEO

The Intercept, here.

Protecting the Olympic Properties

M. Wüthrich, here.

FTC Sues 1-800 Contacts, Charging that It Harms Competition in Online Search Advertising Auctions and Restricts Truthful Advertising to Consumers

FTC, here.

US Government Now Has An Official Open Source Software Policy

TechDirt, here.

GPL-Klage gegen VMware abgewiesen, hier.

HEIST is a big DEAL

D. Carroll, here.

Apple versus the banks, here.

How Uber Manages Drivers Without Technically Managing Drivers

FastCompany, here.

Yelp, TripAdvisor: Google’s mobile ‘best-of lists’ hide our content

SearchEngineLand, here.

Instagram castrated Snapchat like Facebook neutered Twitter

TechCrunch, here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...