Germany Takes Aim at Internet Giants

Bloomberg, here.
Jahresbericht 2017 hier

OECD on Blockchain Technology and Competition Policy

Videos: 12 and 3

Epic's first Fortnite Installer allowed hackers to download and install anything on your Android phone silently

Android Central, here

Google Korea faces antitrust probe for abusing game firms

The Korea Times, here

Dreist, dreister, Eventim, hier. S. auch
Bundeskartellamt untersagt Exklusivvereinbarungen zwischen CTS Eventim und Veranstaltern sowie Vorverkaufsstellen (04.12.2017), hier.

Statement of the EDPB on the data protection impacts of economic concentration

EDPB, here.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Central Banking

Bank of Canada, here

Competition, Stability, and Efficiency in Financial Markets

D. Corbae, R. Levine, here. Discussion here

How is Fintech changing the competitive structure of the financial service industry?

A. Schoar, here

How EU Markets Became More Competitive Than US Markets: A Study of Institutional Drift

G. Gutiérrez and T. Philippon, here

Understanding Weak Capital Investment: the Role of Market Concentration and Intangibles

N. Crouzet, J. Eberly, here. See also the Discussion here

Increasing Differences between firms: Market Power and the Macro-Economy

J. Van Reenen, here. See also here

Are Superstar Firms and Amazon Effects Reshaping the Economy?

NYTimes, here

Google tracks your movements, like it or not

NYTimes, here.

Cade pode investigar Google sobre sistema operacional para celulares, diz Valor

Reuters, aqui.

Qualcomm settles $774m antitrust dispute in Taiwan

FT, here

Norwegian banks co-operate on account aggregation programme

FinExtra, here

Two Views of Exclusion: Why the European Union and the United States Diverged on Google

W. Kovacic, here


Concurrences, ici

Online Dating: Modern Love

The Economist, here

Blockchains Are a Bad Idea

J. Mickens, Video here.

ACCC's probe into Facebook and Google critical in bringing issues to the forefront

Financial Review, here

Privacy as a Non-Price Competition Parameter: Theories of Harm in Mergers

S. Esayas, here

Apple v. Pepper, Amicus Curiae Verizon

Endgültiger gemeinsamer Leitfaden zur neuen Transaktionswert-Schwelle in der Zusammenschlusskontrolle in Österreich und Deutschland veröffentlicht

BWB, hier

UK Financial Services Customer Survey 2018

Accenture, here

"Wir nehmen ja auch keine Rücksicht auf das Geschäftsmodell eines Steuerhinterziehers"

SZ, hier

Changes in Third-Party Content on European News Websites aft er GDPR

Reuters Institute, here

Google's data collection is hard to escape, study claims

CNN Tech, here. Study here

Platform companies have to learn to share

FT, here

Making markets deliver essential medicines

M. Vestager, here

Facebook taps banks, but for chatbots not purchase data

TechCrunch, here

Google reveals Android P is named Pie, begins rollout to Pixel phones

VB, here and here

Why Apple Pay Is the Highest-Rated Mobile P2P Payment Service

Consumer Reports, here

Facebook to Banks: Give Us Your Data, We’ll Give You Our Users

WSJ, here

How Excessive Pharmaceutical Patenting is Extending Monopolies and Driving up Drug Prices

i-mak, here.

Dynamische Preisdifferenzierung

Verbraucherzentrale, hier.

Taxi and Uber Drivers Are United in Backing a Cap on Ride-Hail Vehicles

NYTimes, here

Tech Policy: State Attorneys General Pose Antitrust and Privacy Enforcement Risk to Google and Facebook; Could Initiate Android Case Like They Did US v. Microsoft

Capitol Forum, here

SAMR Policy: China Launches First Antitrust Probe into Digital Platforms, SAMR Official Says

Capital Forum, here

Grab wants to go way beyond ride-hailing in Asia, co-founder Hooi Ling Tan says

Recode, here

Fortnite Android ne sera pas sur le Google Play

Numérama, ici

Hard Questions: How Should Facebook and Other Companies Protect Privacy While Letting People Share Their Information Between Apps and Services?

FB Newsroom, here

Ausgerechnet mit ApplePay & GooglePay könnten deutsche Banken wieder Relevanz im DigitalPayment erhalten!, hier

Blockchains: Regulating the Unknown

M. Finck, here

Er hat das Telefon neu erfunden

FAZ, hier

All you need to know about the Srikrishna panel’s draft data protection law, here

Understanding Google's Search Platform and the Implications for Antitrust Analyses

J. Yun, here

Regulating Big Tech?

R. Epstein, here

German Appellate Court Rules on ICANN Request to Preserve WHOIS Data

ICANN, here

Google Maps Says ‘the East Cut’ Is a Real Place. Locals Aren’t So Sure

NYTimes, here

ACM start marktstudie appstores voor mobiele telefoons

ACM, hier

Lessons for Australia in the EU’s algorithmic price war that ripped off consumers

R. Nicholls, here

RGPD : une extension ajoute un refus global sur les sites utilisant le module Quantcast Choice

Next Impact, ici

Who has been advising Carrefour on its strategic cooperation with Google?

Clifford Chance, here

Parity clauses of now banned in Sweden for the benefit of consumers and hoteliers

TravelDailyNews, here. See also here.

Google’s Secret China Project Sparks Anger Among Workers

Bloomberg, here

Blockchain innovation in Europe

European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum, here

The New Pythagoreans

C. Gilliard, H. Culik, here

UK appoints former Obama adviser to lead tech review

FT, here

What are data-opolies and should we be worried about them?

Competition Lore, Podcast here

When is a business a platform?

Competition Lore, Podcast here.


Audit the algorithms that are ruling our lives

FT, here

Remedies for Robots

M. Lemley, B. Casey, here

20 ways Democrats could crack down on Big Tech

Axios, here. Paper here.

Power Buster: EU Competition Commissioner MARGRETHE VESTAGER on populism and optimism

Anger Management with Nick Clegg, here (on the data economy: at 30:00).

Managing Competition on a Two-Sided Platform

P. Belleflamme, M. Peitz, here

Intellectual Property and Antitrust Review: Europe

T. Vinje, here

Fairness and Enforcement: Bridging Competition, Data Protection and Consumer Law

I. Graef, D. Clifford, P. Valcke, here

Global Online Piracy Study

J. Poort, J. Quintais, M. van der Ende, A. Yagafarova, M. Hageraats, here

Rod Sims in conversation with Caron Beaton-Wells

Competition Lore, here

Opinion: "Are You A Bot?" Is The New "Are You A Cop?"

R. Calo, M. Lamo, here

How to define and regulate “data of general interest”?

B. Pailhès, here

Economic models of data: A complex relation between supply and demand

P. Belleflamme, here

Merger policy in the age of Facebook

A. Prat, T. Valletti, here. The. Paper is here

ECJ annuls Nestlé’s KitKat bar shape trademark

FT, here

The upside of making personal data portable

Mydex, here

Décision Android : comment les smartphones ont pris le pouvoir et comment le leur reprendre

Le Monde, ici

Market review into the supply of card-acquiring services

PSR, here