Off-topic: la légèreté c'est très dur à faire

Cabu interviewé par Charles Sigel,  Podcast ici.

Digital vs. Print: Reading Comprehension and the Future of the Book

J. Tanner, here.

(missing from the analysis, though: tablets powered by great apps like GoodReader, used indoor and positioned at a convenient angle - moreover, not clearly stated that reading and taking notes with whatever medium are two distinct processes)

Silicon Valley economists

TheEconomist, here.

Today: Supreme Court reviews Google v. Oracle Petition; Interoperability Ruling Under Scrutiny

J. Band, here

Google Compare auto insurance comparison shopping site to be launched soon?, here

Le blocage administratif des sites terroristes est sur la rampe, ici

CAT on the Eurotunnel/SeaFrance merger


The "very unusual difference in outcome between the application of the UK and French domestic merger regimes to the same transaction gave rise to some comment."

OLG Düsseldorf erklärt Paritätsklauseln von HRS für klar wettbewerbswidrig, hier.

Mitteilung des OLG Düsseldorf hier.

Bundeskartellamt dazu hier.