Microsoft stops offering alternative browsers to Windows users in Europe

PCWorld, here

ETH-Bibliothek document delivery service is admissible, here.

Federal Court's press release ici; Judgment 4A_295/2014 hier

Governments Should Make Markets, Not Just Fix Them

M. Mazzucato, here

Canada court to order Apple to turn over records in iPhone probe, here

EU court ruling could make it easier to get patents for cell therapies, here

How to crack the algorithm

Tnooz, here

WIPO: Study On Copyright Exceptions Stimulates Broad Discussion With Author

IP-Watch, here

Deux ententes entre fabricants de produits d'hygiène et d'entretien sanctionnées

Autorité de la concurrence, magnifique Communiqué de presse ici, Décision ici

IP, Standard Setting, and Injunctions

M. Dolmans, OECD Competition Committee, here

Intellectual Property and Standard Setting

OECD Competition Committee, Note by the United States, here

Global internet authority ICANN has been hacked

TheVerge, here

Independent Library Report for England

Presented to Government by William Sieghart and an expert panel, here

Google looks to head off U.S. antitrust lawsuit over Android, here.

An organism which is incapable of developing into a human being does not constitute a human embryo within the meaning of the Biotech Directive

CJEU Case C-364/13,  here.

The art – and science – of scaling in the two-sided marketplace

TheNextWeb, here

A Nobel Laureate, Darth Vader© and Access to Health: Balancing IP and Competition in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Giovanni Napolitano
World Intellectual Property Organization 

4th December, 2014, 2 p.m.

DEM - Conference Room
Trento University 

How the UN is using open data to tackle Ebola, here

Virgin Media sets the cat among the pigeons – Ofcom examines Premier League football

Brian Cave, here.

Google settles Internet trolling court case, here

Suède : Les éditeurs lèvent les restrictions sur le prêt numérique, ici.

Structural Remedies in the Google Case?

I-Comp, here.

Why Textbooks Count: A Policy Paper

T. Oates, here

Brief of Amici Curiae Antitrust Law Professors in O'Bannon v. NCAA

Google launches 'Contributor' payment service, here

Update on Trademark-Related Aspects of the Domain Name System

WIPO Secretariat, here

Europeans Have Authority To Seek Google Break Up Though Unlikely To Do So

SearchEngineLand, here

RBS apologises for 'incorrect' evidence to MPs' committee, here

Where Creativity Thrives: BitTorrent 2014 User Study, here.

Copyright Issues in Education and for the Visually-Impaired

A. Adler, here

Online Advertising Techniques for Counterfeit Goods and Illicit Sales

Stroppa et al., here.

Obama Scores on Net Neutrality, here

In Europe, Slower Growth for e-Books

NYTimes, here.

Top Dutch speed skaters want EU to act on Ice Derby ban, here.

Open Letter here

Understanding patents, competition and standardization in an interconnected world

ITU, here.

Die möglicherweise teuersten Taxis der Welt und der Uber Effekt: Gratis-WLAN in Schweizer Taxis, hier.

(BTW - Jemand sollte mal ein Paper über "The Swiss Paradox" schreiben: die angeblich innovationsreichste Nation der Welt mit einer der unproduktivsten Wettbewerbsbehörden. Oder hamma schon?)

Court: Google Can Arrange Search Results Any Way It Damn Pleases, here

The Uncertain Scope of the Public Performance Right After American Broadcasting Companies v. Aereo, Inc.

M. Sag, here


UK House of Commons Library Research Paper, here

The Competitive Effects of Across-Platform Parity Agreements

Paolo Buccirossi
LEAR, Rome

Friday, 28th November, 2014 – 1.45 p.m.

Room 2B
Department of Economics and Management
Trento University, Italy

Airbnb and Hotels: What to Do About the Sharing Economy?, here.

Autorité de la concurrence saisie sur les relations contractuelles entre les hôteliers et les centrales de réservation sur internet

Reuters, ici.

Silicon Valley Antitrust: Syllabus

H. Kaiser, here.

Confessions of a price fixer, here.

The Ladies Vanish, here

High-Cost Generic Drugs — Implications for Patients and Policymakers

J. Alpern, W. Stauffer, and A. Kesselheim, here

Au ministère de la Culture, inquiétudes autour du marché de l’occasion numérique

NextImpact, ici.

Est-ce que les juges européens seront moins frileux et plus imaginatifs que la plupart des politiciens nationaux? De toute façon, bon sujet à débattre dans le cadre de la Concertation nationale sur le numérique.

Internet of Things – Top 10 privacy and data protection concerns

JDSupra, here.

Federal Circuit: Novelty in Implementation of an Abstract Idea Insufficient to Overcome Alice

Patentlyo, here.

Google v. Oracle ~ Brief of Amici Curiae Intellectual Property Professors


In Twist, Publishers Appeal Their ‘Win’ in GSU Copyright Case, here

Big Data and the Underground Railroad, here.

Re-Balancing Copyright: Insights from the EU Consultation

L. Dobusch, here.

Justice Department Probes Generic Companies After Price Hike Reports, here

Competition Law Risk: A Short Guide

IRM and CMA, here.

Germany and Britain agree on closing 'patent box' loophole: officials

Reuters, here.
Statement here.

The 18 Companies Going After Airbnb Internationally

CBInsights, here

European Union Approves Directive on Antitrust Damages Actions

JonesDay, here

Rate Parity: Challenging the Authority of Competition Authorities

Dorian Harris, Skoosh.

4th December, 2014
10.30 a.m.

Trento University
DEM - Conference Room
Via Inama, 5
Trento, Italy

Australian Smokers Now Support Plain Packaging Of Tobacco, here

Copyleft and the GNU General Public License: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Guide, here.

Sony Developing New DRM to Make Used eBooks Viable

GoodEReader, here.

Retail banking: Current concern

TheEconomist, here.

Android Investigation

S. Ashall and T. Soames, Presentation here

BGH-Urteil: Die „kostenlose Zweitbrille“ ist jetzt verboten, hier

FTC Settlement Bars Patent Assertion Entity From Using Deceptive Tactics

FTC, here.

Statement by European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager on tax state aid investigations

European Commission, here.

(Pronunciation reminder here).

Google Search and the Law on Dominance in the EU. An Assessment of the Compatibility of Current Methodology with Multi-Sided Platforms in Online Search

M. Herz, here

How To Measure Success: Agency Design and the FTC at 100

M. Ohlhausen, here

Is Expedia playing hardball on hotel rate parity with Hyatt, Starwood?, here

Open Research Data, here

Defining the internet of things - time to focus on the data

TheGuardian, here

Standards: Competition and Innovation?

J. Pierce, M. Medzmariashvili, ici.

Google, Amazon and Apple less transparent than Gazprom, says report, here

¿Qué opinas sobre la economía colaborativa? Consulta pública (I), aquì

PCAs and banking services to SMEs: final decision on market investigation reference

CMA, here

Invalid But Infringed? An Analysis of Germany's Bifurcated Patent Litigation System

K. Cremers, F. Gaessler, D. Harhoff, C. Helmers, here.

Qualcomm Discloses FTC Probe of Business Practices, here.

Data-driven cities

TheEconomist, here.

Verlage knicken beim Leistungsschutzrecht ein, hier.

From the antitrust mailbag: manufacturer-imposed requirements

FTC, here.

Q1: Are the wondering retailers generally satisfied with this type of explanation?
Q2: Does it apply to platforms as well?

The Fondue Conspiracy

Sepp Barmettler, the Cheese Rebel
NPR: Planet Money, Podcast here.

More about the Cheese Union (Käseunion) in A. Thier, Schweizerische Kartellrechtstradition und „more economic approach,“  621, at 640 ff., here.

Update: I tasted the Sbrinz cheese for the first time after listening to the NPR Podcast. Delicious indeed, and already a competition policy scholar's favourite.

BGH decision "Yellow dictionary" colour trade mark dispute

IPKat, here.

Big Data and the Future for Privacy

N. Richards, J. King, here

Oeuvres transformatives : faut-il faire de YouTube le « Seigneur des Mashups » ?, ici

The Technology Transfer Block Exemption, here

Case C-470/14, EGEDA – will a state-financed ‘private copy’ scheme deliver fair compensation?

Eulawradar, here

Inter Partes Review: An Early Look at the Numbers

B. Love, S. Ambwani, here

Agency 2.0: Competition Authorities Will Need to Think - Again

Agreements between Amazon and publishers are starting rolling out, see here and here. It is not very hard to predict that these agreements will come to be scrutinized quite closely by competition authorities on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. While, it seems, conspiracy theories this time round could be safely ruled out, it would be high time to develop comprehensive assessment criteria with regard to vertical restraints triggered by, or in the context of, electronic platforms.  

Google Penguin 3.0: Worldwide Rollout Still In Process, Impacting 1% Of English Queries

SearchEngineLand, here.

Honeywell Gets EU Complaint With DuPont Over Car Coolant, here.

E-Book-Preise: Amazon einigt sich mit Bonnier, hier

Big, bad Amazon

TheEconomist, here

"Why are you searching here for your lost keys? Because there is light here": Reflections on Competition Policy in Europe

J. Fingleton, Video here. Speech notes here

European Commission settles cartel on bid-ask spreads charged on Swiss Franc interest rate derivatives; fines four major banks € 32.3 million

Press Release, here

Competition Enforcement: A Practical Perspective

A. Mundt, Video here.

"The ECN is a unique success, and a model for other areas of law."

The role of competition authorities in fostering growth and consumer welfare

P. Roth, Presentation here; Video here

Banks: Too Big to Manage Ethically?, here.

Amazon: it’s not the power, it’s the lost focus

J. Gans, here

European Commission proposes ratification of Marrakesh Treaty to facilitate access to books for visually impaired persons

Press Release, here

Uber Economics: There is no such thing as bad publicity, here

82 Things Publishers Do (2014 Edition)

The scholarly kitchen, here

Brussels Antitrust Seminar Demonstrates Shifting European Landscape For Competition Enforcement In Wake Of ECJ MasterCard Judgment, here

Public libraries: the right to digitise and the right of reproduction

S. Yakovleva, here.

Amazon closes a contract with one major book publisher (not that one, though), here.  For more speculations see here and here.

More on Android, here

European Pharmaceutical Antitrust after Groupment des Cartes Bancaires – Time to Rethink the Approach to Pay For Delay Settlements?

S. Gallasch, here

Antitrust Analysis of Reverse Payment Settlements After Actavis: Three Questions and Proposed Answers

J. Wright, here

In Georgia State University E-Reserves Case, Eleventh Circuit Endorses Flexible Approach to Fair Use

ARL Policy Notes, here.

Why The Justice Department Won't Go After Amazon Even Though Paul Krugman Thinks It's Hurting America

BusinessInsider, here.

Simon & Schuster Strikes Amazon Deal Reviving Agency Ebook Pricing

DigitalBookWorld, here.