Stack is the new Platform, here.

The Great Data Race

Norwegian Data Protection Authority,  here.

After the sharing economy

Transmediale Panel, Audio here (from 01:32).

Developments in the Prescription Drug Market: Oversight.

M. Merritt, here

Living fully human lives online is all about taking control, here

AI is Trasforming Google Search, here

Google removes Samsung's first Android ad blocker from the Play Store

TheVerge, here

Using Antitrust Law to Challenge Turing's Daraprim Price Increase

M. Carrier, N. Levidow, A. Kesselheim, here

Drug Firms Expected to Defend Huge Price Increases in House Testimony

NYTimes, here

Cisco To Buy Jasper Technologies For $1.4 Billion

TechCrunch, here

How Age UK pocketed £6m bung from E.ON and pushed expensive power deals to OAPs

TheSun, here

Fertility Industry Group Settles Lawsuit Over Egg Donor Price Caps

Blogs.wsj, here

Privacy in the EU and US: A Debate between Max Schrems and Peter Swire

Audio here

Apple Ordered To Pay $625M To Patent Troll In FaceTime Lawsuit

TechCrunch, here

UK challenger bank Mondo releases API to let customers play with their own data

Finextra, here

Power to the people – is privacy the future of online marketing?

moreaboutadvertising, here.

“EU US Privacy Shield” (Safe Harbor 1.1) “European Commission may be issuing a round-trip to Luxemburg

M. Schrems, here

EU Commission and United States agree on new framework for transatlantic data flows: EU-US Privacy Shield

Press Release, here.

Here It Comes: The Myanmar Competition Act

Allenovery, here

Competition and innovation

A. Crisholm, here

Gorgeous New 4-D Printing Process Makes More Than Just Eye Candy, here

“Of data and men”: fundamental rights and freedoms in a world of big data

A. Rouvroy, here

Investigation into Tesco

Groceries Code Adjudicator, here

Don’t Panic. Making Progress on the “Going Dark” Debate

Berkman Center for Internet & Society, here.
Keys under doormats Report here

People are turning their smartphones into spying devices for just $5/month, here

Winners & Losers in the Global App Economy

Caribou Digital, here

Every Step You Fake: A Comparative Analysis of Fitness Tracker Privacy and Security

Open Effect, here

Monitoring the Digital Economy & Society 2016 - 2020

EC, here

Alphabet: Suchmaschine treibt das Geschäft, hier

Google Search Probe by U.S. Should Get New Look, Utah Says

Bloomberg, here

The Internet of Emotions: Putting the person back into personalization

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Mastering The Fourth Industrial Revolution, here

HRS kritisiert fehlende Gleichberechtigung

Tophotel, hier.

Lists are the new search

B. Evans, here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...