Copia privata: la Siae gioca a babbo natale contro la Apple

G. Scorza, qui.
Consumatore italiano ben più "tollerante" di quello britannico (e la buffonata dell'acquisto ed elargizione di telefonini difficilmente immaginabile oltremanica):
"The Government do not believe that British consumers
would tolerate private copying levies. They are inefficient,
bureaucratic and unfair, and disadvantage people who
pay for content."

The HathiTrust Decision

R. Picker, Presentation, here

El debate sobre la interoperabilidad informática en el derecho de autor comunitario

B. González Otero, aquì.

Like clueless guinea pigs

E. Morozov, here

Indemnización de daños y perjuicios por boicot a raíz cártel del seguro de daños decenal (SDD): Notas a propósito de la sentencia del juzgado mercantil no 12 de Madrid de 9 de mayo de 2014 (MUSAAT v. ASEFA, CASER y SCOR)

F. Marcos, aquì.

Exclusivité des droits de diffusion des matches de rugby: accord suspendu

Autorité de la concurrence, Décision n° 14-MC-01 du 30 juillet 2014, ici; communiqué de presse ici.

Alinéa 234: "Une pratique consistant à réserver l’attribution de droits attractifs à l’opérateur dominant est donc susceptible de contribuer à la fermer le secteur de la télévision payante en France.
Comme le souligne le CSA, cette atteinte au marché serait d’autant plus néfaste que les pratiques dénoncées interviennent alors que le principal concurrent de l’entreprise dominante, la société beIN Sports, n’est actif sur le marché que depuis deux ans, et qu’il
est encore en phase de conquête d’abonnés."

FSF congratulates UK Government on choosing Open Document Format, here

UK Private Copy Debate

House of Lords, Official Report, here (pp. 1553-1582).

UK Goverment: "The presence of the contract override
clause gives users, consumers and businesses certainty
and clarity that the exceptions apply in all circumstances
regardless of the detail of a contract. Without such
clauses restrictive contract terms could prevent the
uses permitted by the exceptions, thus preventing benefits
from being realised. This is not merely a hypothetical
fear. Many responses to the various consultations have
told us that contracts permitting access to copyright
works frequently contain terms that prevent users
from carrying out activity that otherwise would be
permitted by law (...). The law will apply to contracts regardless of
the date on which they were formed but will take effect
only after the new law comes into force. The contract
override provisions simply ensure that, where the law
provides for an exception to copyright, people are able
to rely on that law without having to work out whether
there is a contract term to the contrary creating a
whole patchwork of different legal situations.
Ensuring that the personal copying exception cannot
be overridden by contract terms will mean that consumers
are given clarity and certainty over what they can do
with the media they buy. Most people assume that the
law already allows them to make the type of personal
copies covered by our legislation. Very few people read
the detailed licensing terms that accompany digital
downloads. We want the goods so we just tend to
accept the terms. Ensuring that the new law on personal
copying applies in all circumstances, regardless of
contract and licensing terms, will bring much needed
clarity to the law and fairness for consumers, which I
welcome" (p. 1575).
 "The Government believe that the copyright system has not
kept pace with the digital revolution. As a result, a
great many intuitively acceptable activities are illegal
or uncertain. These changes relating to private copying,
parody and use of quotations form part of a package
that should make copyright works more valuable to
all, give users clarity about their rights and build
respect for copyright in the process. They will contribute
to a more modern statute book that meets the challenges
of an increasingly digital and changing world" (p. 1580).

EU Data Protection law: a 'right to be forgotten'?

House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Home Affairs, Health and Education, here

Amazon finally explains what it wants from Hachette: lower ebook prices, here

DOJ's final form brief in the Apple ebook case


Skyscanner to play leading role in price parity ruling challenge with Skoosh as support, here

European DPAs meet with search engines on the “right to be forgotten”

Press release WP29, here

Dénigrement et abus de position dominante

Décision n° 14-D-08 du 24 juillet 2014, Autorité de la concurrence,ici.

Colombian Student Faces Prison Charges for Sharing an Academic Article Online, here.

YouTube Music’s Head Quits, a Setback to Paid Service, here

EU Copyright Consultation Report: Relevant Quotes

L. Dobusch, here

Summer Reading: Misused English Words and Expressions in EU publications

European Court of Auditors, here.

Right to be forgotten and the Google judgment

EU Council, here

Wettbewerb auf den Finanzmärkten

Monopolkommission, hier

Kriminalisierung von Kartellrechtsverstößen in Deutschland?

Monopolkommission, hier

Wettbewerbsdefizite auf Taximärkten

Monopolkommission, hier

“Problem Practices” in EU Competition Law

N. Petit, here

Google, Facebook & Co – eine Herausforderung für die Wettbewerbspolitik

Monopolkommission, hier

The EU Commission Decision against Servier – a New Dimension to European Pharmaceutical Antitrust?

S. Gallasch, here

Data Retention after the Judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union

F. Bohm, M. Cole, here

Online Copyright Infringement: Discussion Paper

Australian Governement, here

EU May Need Extra Concessions From Google Antitrust Probe, here.

"Ohne Lidl wären wir eingeschlafen"

FAZ, hier.

Two Barcode Resellers Settle FTC Charges That Principals Invited Competitors to Collude, here.

Open document formats selected to meet user needs, here

Embracing the open opportunity

N. Kroes, here

La SACEM signe un accord avec Netflix

Numerama, ici.

Review of the Balance of Competences between the United Kingdom and the European Union (Competition and Consumer Policy)

BIS,, here.

Let’s Talk About Android – Observations on Competition in the Field of Mobile Operating Systems

T. Koerber, here.

Guidelines on recommended standard licences, datasets and charging for the re-use of documents

EC, here

Les contrats de partenariats : des bombes à retardement ?

Senat, rapport d'information n. 733. ici.

Bundeskartellamt: Brussels reaches legal limits on Google antitrust settlement

FT, here.

Court rejects ban on second hand e-book sales, refers to Europe, here.
Google's translation of the Court's order here.

Verkoop tweedehands e-boek mag, hier.

Are trade agreements setting our domestic copyright policy? The case-study of intermediary liability, here.

When economics met Antitrust : the second Chicago School and the Economization of Antitrust law

P. Bougette, M. Deschamps, F. Marty, here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...