Fintech Developments: FTC, FDIC, OCC and More

Manatt, here

Keine Verfahrenseinleitung gegen die Lufthansa wegen Preishöhenmissbrauchs

Bundeskartellamt, Fallbericht hier

Bayern-Fußballstar James führt eigene Kryptowährung ein

FAZ, hier

Brad Smith:"the single greatest cost was the distraction...we missed search"

Recode, Video here (at (8:32).
Missed: not aware or didn't dare (to hamper Google et al. because of the annoying DoJ's antitrust laser beam)?

Going to show this video to my students...forever.

Funny though that antitrust might be considered a distraction by Big Tech, while many of their tools are generally considered weapons of mass distraction.

Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared user’s private audio

ArsTechnica, here.

Dutch lender ABN Amro’s website slowed by cyber attack

FT, here

Making Sense of the Intricacies of Online Advertising Market: The French Autorité de la concurrence ’s Take

I. de Silva, here

Amazon’s Finance Ambitions Are Drawing Attention From the Fed

Bloomberg, here

Zuckerberg set up fraudulent scheme to 'weaponise' data, court case alleges

The Guardian, here.

Cryptocurrencies: Commodity Dynamics and Cartelization

P. Heilberg, here.

U.S. Launches Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Reuters, here.

Russia’s Gazprom dodges fine in EU antitrust settlement

FT, here.

Commission imposes binding obligations on Gazprom to enable free flow of gas at competitive prices in Central and Eastern European gas markets

EC, Press Release here

Are all these GDPR-consent emails even necessary?

iapp. here

Whatsapp gibt Nutzerdaten an Facebook weiter, hier. S. auch hier.

Privacy and Freedom of Expression In the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Article 19 and Privacy International, here

The International Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation

I. Rubinstein, B. Petkova, here

Legal and regulatory issues businesses should be thinking about now when it comes to AI.

Hogan Lovells, here


The Verge, here

Big Brother Goes Digital

NYBooks, here

Sustainable Financial Services in the Digital Age

UK Finance, here

Online platforms and exclusionary abuses – Unlockd vs. Google- a seminal case in the making?

Coreblog, here

The need for a new personal data infrastructure

Mydex, here.

Google says India anti-trust ruling could cause 'irreparable" harm': document

Reuters, here

Antitrust nearly slew Microsoft. Can it adapt to tech giants like Facebook?

San Francisco Chronicle, here

Tech Platforms and the Knowledge Problem

F. Pasquale, here

Diskussionen zwischen KI-Systemen sollen Entscheidungen nachvollziehbar machen, hier

Brokers, dealers and the regulation of markets: Applying finreg to the giant tech platforms

Synthetic Assets, here

‘60 Minutes’ Report Targets on Google Antitrust Risks

Bloomberg, here

‘Crush Them’: An Oral History of the Lawsuit That Upended Silicon Valley

The Ringer, here.


ABIDA, hier

Deutsche vertrauen Algorithmen nicht, hier

Activists turn tables on companies as EU privacy law comes in

Reuters, here

All Roads Lead to Rome: Enforcing the Consumer Welfare Standard in Digital Media Markets

M. Delrahim, here

Is Blockchain Hype, Revolutionary, or Both? What We Need to Know

S. Oh, S. Wallsten. here

Platforms and Infrastructures in the Digital Age

P. Constantinides, O. Henfridsson, G. Parker, here

U.S. vs. Microsoft: 20 Years Later, Lessons Learned and the Path Ahead

Yelp Video, here.

Highest exposure to antitrust enforcement (Panel 1)?
G x x x x
F x
Amazon x x x

(Gary Reback getting more depressed after each panel).


Corralling the Info-Monopolists

Project Syndicate, here

New Commissioner Says FTC Should Get Tough on Companies Like Facebook and Google

ProPublica, here.

Algorithmic Accountability

ABIDA, hier

The GDPR was never going to change behaviour overnight

G. Buttarelli, here

Australian regulator investigates Google data harvesting from Android phones

The Guardian, here.
No Oracle's submission to be found here.
I think Gary Reback mentioned that "they" tried to bring data protection into the EU Android investigation but didn't succeed in convincing the EC (check here si jamais).

Google's plans to use AI to help the blind

CNN, here

Morgan Stanley to Follow Goldman in Bet on Brazilian Fintech

Bloomberg, here.
"Lively" competition enforcement factored in by investors, or competition authorities getting active because of the economic relevance of the sector?

GDPR will pop the adtech bubble

D. Searls, here.

Asus to pay 65m euro settlement for price manipulation

Asia Nikkei, here. Case here

Guidance on Transaction Value Thresholds for Mandatory Pre-merger Notification

Bundeskartellamt, here. Draft for public consultation.

Why so much debate about personal data misses the point

Mydex, here

Facebook Plans to Create Its Own Cryptocurrency

Cheddar, here

'Big Brother' AIB now spying on customers' social media accounts

Irish Independent, here

Quel menu pour nourrir l’intelligence artificielle? Pouvez-vous passer la carte?

A. Strowel, ici

Artificial Intelligence for the American People

The White House, here. See also here.

Europa lädt das Update hoch

Die Zeit, hier. 🐌

Ticketmaster could replace tickets with facial recognition

The Verge, here.

ETH-Professor zu umstrittenen Belohn-Apps von Krankenkassen: «Mir sind sie zu intransparent»

AZ, hier.

Uber/Grab merger: Appointment of monitoring trustee to monitor compliance with CCCS’s Interim Measures Directions

CCCS, here

Uber’s self-driving car saw the pedestrian but didn’t swerve – report

The Guardian here

What is edge computing?

TheVerge, here. 🐌

Jan Philipp Albrecht: "Ein großer Schritt voran", hier

Study on emerging issues of data ownership, interoperability, (re-)usability and access to data, and liability

Deloitte for DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology, here.
(rating: 🐌🐌 medium slow reading required).


Algorithms as Illegal Agreements

M. Gal, here.

Amazon, the Elephant in the Antitrust Room

NYTimes, here

Amazon Offers Retailers Discounts to Adopt Payment System

Bloomberg, here

Radical Markets and...the Blockchain

E. Posner, G. Weyl, here (from 5:33:16).

Entwurf der ePrivacy Verordnung – Neue Fassung zum aktuellen Stand im Rat der Europäischen Union

De Lege Data, hier

La défense de la création passe par la régulation

F. Nissen, ici

Digitalisierung im Alltag: 4 von 5 Deutschen verwenden Online-Bezahldienste

WiWo, hier


AdAge, here

Online platforms under fire as EU pushes for transparency on search results

EurActiv, here

Big tech, power and responsibility

FT, Big Picture, Audio here

Is Blockchain Hype, Revolutionary, or Both? What We Need to Know.

TPI, here

Why the net giants are worried about the Web 3.0

G. Zago, here

ACCC chair Rod Sims puts Google, Facebook on notice, here

Canberra creates a brave new data world

The Mandarin, here

It’s not just monopoly and monopsony

EPI, here

Analyse: Warum an den Payment-Coup der Deutschen Bank ein paar Fragezeichen gehören, hier

Microsoft Pay comes to Outlook, integrating Stripe, Braintree, Sage, Wave and more

TechCrunch, here

I thought you might like this visualization of the terms and conditions of the different apps


Datenschutz und Technikgestaltung

J. Pohle, hier.

Implications of E-commerce for Competition Policy

OECD, Background Note, here.

(Many overlaps with previously discussed topics; and plain vanilla shopping is the new e-commerce).

Ripple Sued for Securities Law Violations

CryptoLaw, here

Questions and Answers: Directive on Security of Network and Information systems, the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

EC, here. 

JPMorgan files blockchain interbank payment patent

FinExtra, here

How Essential are Standard-Essential Patents?

M. Lemley, T. Simcoe, here

Instagram quietly launches payments for commerce

TechCrunch, here.
...and data quietly going to Facebook?

EU considers using algorithms to detect anti-competitive acts

Reuters, here

A Comparative Study of Competition Law Relating to the New Economy: A Case Law in the European Union

J. Sop Choi, here

Amazon and the Unwisdom of the Populist Crowd

Truth on the Market, here

Gegenentwürfe zum Datenkapitalismus sind nötig

Netzpolitik, hier

Conditions d'application du droit de la concurrence au secteur agricole

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

A fair deal for consumers in Belgium

M. Vestager, here. And, not mentioned in the text:

How Much Is It Worth to Use Facebook? It Depends

C. Sunstein, here

Jack Ma's Free Spending Ways Are Spooking Alibaba Investors

Bloomberg, here


S. Jeong, here. 

Karl Marx: Bewunderer und Verächter des Kapitalismus

FAZ, hier

Comcast’s bid to acquire Sky and its effects on competition in the EU

D. Geradin, here

The Fallacy of the Free Market

J. Kwak, here