Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin Failed

NYTimes, here

Chris Sagers on United States v. Apple & the Purpose of Antitrust Law

Ipse Dixit Podcast, here

Algorithms and Collusion: Has the CCI got it wrong?

B. Chandola, here

Understanding the Sharing Economy

D. Coyle & S. O'Connor, here

Non-Price Competition in Digital Markets

OECD Panel, Video here

A philosopher argues that an AI can’t be an artist

MIT Technology Review, here

California could be first state to bar drug makers from paying competitors to delay release

LATimes, here

When competition law met data protection: the Bundeskartellamt’s Facebook decision

F. Bostoen, here

European Champions

IGM Forum, here

BMW und Daimler wollen Roboterauto-Allianz schmieden

FAZ, hier

Why data flows matter to M&A

Cliffordchance.com, here

The left needs to get radical on big tech – moderate solutions won't cut it

E. Morozov, here

Insights and Impacts of the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry

R. Sims, Video here

Olympische Spiele - auch Sportler dürfen werben

Sportschau.de, hier


La Quadrature du Net, ici

Ever seen an Unwinding Order before?

CMA. Tobii AB / Smartbox Assistive Technology Limited and Sensory Software International Ltd merger inquiry, here

Why an OECD Competition Open Day (journée porte ouverte) *now*?

A. Capobianco, Video here

Néo-fordisme, retour de l'empire romain... 6 scénarios sur le futur du travail

Usbek & Rica, here

On Price Geysers

P. Marsden, Video here (from 50:25). Do watch it!


And yes, this is the Jet d'Eau (59:58) - it'll always remind me of pills from now on - unsure it's a good thing...

...and this looks like the Lac Vert facing the Mont Blanc Chain (Mer de Glace on the left) (1:00:03) - nice, easy hike if you know the short cut to skip the crowd...

Antitrust Enforcement Needs to Evolve for the 21st Century

EFF, here

DSGVO-Bilanz: Erstklassiges Gesetz, mangelhafte Durchsetzung

Heise.de, hier

Experian pulls planned purchase of start-up rival ClearScore

FT, here. More here.

Cade aprova compra da Fox pela Disney com restrições

CADE, aqui

Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework in the United States

Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, here

Governing the Game Changer – Impacts of artificial intelligence development on human rights, democracy and the rule of law

COE, Video here

HSBC forges partnership with commercial lending platform NepFin

FinExtra, here

The Responsible Consumer in the Digital Age: On the Conceptual Shift from ‘Average’ to ‘Responsible’ Consumer and the Inadequacy of the ‘Information Paradigm’ in Consumer Financial

C. Stănescu, here

I asked an online tracking company for all of my data and here's what I found

PrivacyInternational, here

Reform des Urheberrechts birgt auch datenschutzrechtliche Risiken

bfdi.bund.de, hier

Google Assistant aura doit à son propre bouton sur plusieurs smartphones

Numérama, ici

This Japanese news app quietly pushes traffic to millions

Axios, here


Wired, here

A Skeptical View of Information Fiduciaries

L. Khan, D. Pozen, here

Third-Party Data Is A Bad Habit We Need To Kick

AdExchanger, here

Why 65 Intellectual Property Scholars Filed an Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Google’s Petition for Cert in the Oracle Case

P. Samuelson, here

Brave Will Reward Its Browser Users With a Way to Earn Offers From Brands

AdWeek, here

US drugmakers defend pricing under fire in Senate

FT, here

Let’s Tackle Real Antitrust Problems. AT&T Isn’t One.

Bloomberg Opinion, here

FTC brings its first case against fake paid reviews on Amazon

TechCrunch, here

Equifax and harm created by data breach

Enlightening Video Clip, here

Key Antitrust Lawmaker Sees ‘Reawakening’ in Congress to Perils of Big Tech

Variety, here

Google completely terminated our new business via our Google Play Developer Account

M. Dodson, here

Platforms, promotion, and product discovery: Evidence from Spotify playlists

L. Aguiar, J. Waldfogel, here

Comments/critiques on the EU's High Level Expert Group on AI's "ethical guidelines"

J. Bryson, here

More Internal Facebook Documents Leak Online, Revealing How Facebook Planned to Sell User Data

GizModo, here

Bundeskartellamt erwirkt Öffnung der Werbemöglichkeiten für deutsche Sportler und ihre Sponsoren während der Olympischen Spiele - IOC und DOSB verpflichten sich zu Änderung der Werberegeln

Bundeskartellamt, hier

Innovation in the mass entertainment industry: maybe ask the Romans

IPKat, here

EU-Kommission will Gegengewicht zu Mastercard und Visa schaffen

Handelsblatt, hier

New FTC task force to tackle competition in tech sector

FT, here

Examining the impact of digital platforms on competition in media and advertising markets

R. Sims, here

The Bundeskartellamt’s Facebook Decision- What’s not to like? Well…

ChillingCompetition, here

Confessions of a location data exec: ‘It’s a Ponzi scheme’

DigiDay UK, here

How Amazon took 50% of the e-commerce market and what it means for the rest of us

TechCrunch, here

Online advertising

OECD Digital Economy Paper, here


OECD Digital Economy Paper, here.

EDPS Guidelines on assessing the proportionality of measures that limit the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data

EDPS, here

UK cannot examine Facebook until it has clarity on Brexit timing - CMA

Reuters, here

The Shaping of a European Consumer Welfare Standard for the Digital Age

A. Reyna, here

India proposes new e-commerce regulations with focus on data rules

Reuters, here

Summary of proposals from Andrew Tyrie, CMA Chair, to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

CMA, here.
And the whole letter here (HT @RegCom_UChile)

What consumers need to know about the upcoming credit card from Apple and Goldman Sachs

MarketWatch, here

Schmutzige Tricks und Betrug: So brutal ist der Kampf auf dem Amazon-Marktplatz

Etailment, hier.

UK competition regulator seeks more power

FT, here

EC salmon price-fixing probe

UCN, here.

Lina Khan, a Top Antitrust Thinker, Joins Democratic Staff in the House, Putting Silicon Valley On Alert

Daily Beast, here

How Big Data Is Changing The Nature of Consumer Lending

Smart Data Collective, here

The real reason why Facebook and Google won’t change

S. Zuboff, here

A mixed manifesto for EU industrial policy

FT, here

Facebook needs regulation – here’s why it should be done by algorithms

E. Giovannetti, here

Bosses face tougher sanctions under radical CMA overhaul

SkyNews, here

What is the economic value of data?

Mydex, here

Up and Down the Stack Through a Nerd’s Eyes: Making The Internet Better the Internet Way

A. Sullivan, here

Les API c’est bien… en abuser ça craint !

C. Quest, here

Apple closes two Dallas stores in apparent bid to ward off patent trolls

ArsTechnica, here

Everyone can have an opinion, but to write an Opinion you need conviction

N. Wahl, here

Consumer Data Right in Energy

ACCC, here

Datenschutz ist wichtiger als Eigenstumsrechte an Daten

FAZ, hier

Digital platforms: The need to restrict surveillance capitalism

G. Greenleaf at al., here

Facebook and Google Are the New Data Brokers

C. Hoofnagle, here

WhatsApp wird 10: Wie ein Messenger die Welt eroberte

Heise, hier

Facebook verweigert trotz BGH-Urteil den Zugriff auf das Konto einer Toten

Heise, hier

Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis — and let advertisers target them directly

Los Angeles Times, here

California leads the way on data regulation

FT, here

Putting Technology to Good Use: The Role of Corporate, Competition, and Tax Law

J. Armour et tres viri, hic. 

Google 12.11.18 Hearing QFR Responses

Google partially backtracks on Chrome changes that would break ad blockers

ArsTechnica, here

Der Finanzminister grübelt über die Blockchain

FAZ, hier.

Discrimination in the Age of Algorithms

J. Kleinberg et al., here.

Data Trusts and other shaggy dog shortcuts

Mydex, here.

Real-time bidding and the GDPR

J. Ryan, here.

Darkening of the digital dream

The Hindu Business Line, here.


FinExtra, here

UK says Huawei is manageable risk to 5G

FT, here

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El “puzzle” de frases que marcaron la Jornada Fintech de la CNMC

CNMC Blog, aquí.

“Hollywood is now irrelevant,” says IAC Chairman Barry Diller

Recode, here. 

I can’t manage another word of Shoshana Zuboff’s Surveillance Capitalism

D. Coyle, here

AWS and Microsoft reap most of the benefits of expanding cloud market

TechCrunch, here

Making the data revolution work for us

M. Vestager, here


K. Künstner, hier

Führende Ökonomen kritisieren Peter Altmaiers Industriepolitik

Zeit.de, hier

Warum eine "Datenteilungspflicht" kein gutes Instrument ist

S. Louven, hier

India watchdog probes accusations that Google abused Android - sources

Reuters, here

L’UFC-Que Choisir obtient la condamnation de Google

QueChoisir, ici

Japan sets sights on tighter anti-trust regulations for Big Tech

Reuters, here

Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Amazon eingeleitet

BWB, hier

'Tinder for cows' matches livestock in the mood for love

Reuters, here

INTERNET PRIVACY: Additional Federal Authority Could Enhance Consumer Protection and Provide Flexibility

GAO, here

UN report dismisses fintech sandboxes in developing economies

FinExtra, here.
UNSGSA Report here

Facebook, Exploitative business terms pursuant to Section 19(1) GWB for inadequate data processing

Bundeskartellamt, Case Summary here

Porsche warns UK buyers of 10% Brexit surcharge

Yahoo, here

Why bankers should drop their fear of fintech regulatory sandboxes

American Banker, here

'Internet of things' spurs broad interest in standard essential patent licensing

Out-Law, here

Facebook acqui-hires Chainspace team for blockchain push

FinExtra, here

Google’s GDPR Policies Throw Digital Media Into Disarray

AdExchanger, here

Hotel booking sites to make major changes after CMA probe

CMA, here

Commission prohibits Siemens' proposed acquisition of Alstom

EC, here

EU competition rules on vertical agreements – evaluation

EC, here

Overview of Fintech Regulation in the United States

Covington, here

Bundeskartellamt untersagt Facebook die Zusammenführung von Nutzerdaten aus verschiedenen Quellen

Bundeskartellamt, hier.


Wired, here

Privatheit in Zeiten der Digitalisierung

Leopoldina, hier

Personalisierte Manipulation, automatisierte Ungleichheit, quantifiziertes Misstrauen?

W. Christl, Video hier

Schrödinger’s Robot: Privacy in Uncertain States

I. Kerr, here

I Cut the 'Big Five' Tech Giants From My Life. It Was Hell


The New Legal Landscape for Text Mining and Machine Learning

M. Sag, here

Only 17% Of Consumers Believe Personalized Ads Are Ethical, Survey Says

Forbes, here

Is Europe closing in on an antitrust fix for surveillance technologists?

TechCrunch, here

The security of access to accounts under the PSD2

P. Wolters, B. Jacobs, here

The Adtech Crisis and Disinformation

J. Ryan, Presentation here.


J. Newman, here

Brave New World: what will open banking mean for Australia?

Stone and Chalk, here

Executive Order on Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence

White House, here



Nudging Citizens through Technology in Smart Cities

S. Ranchordas, here

On a comprehensive European industrial policy on artificial intelligence and robotics

European Parliament resolution of 12 February 2019, here

Facebook mulled multi-billion-dollar acquisition of gaming giant Unity, book claims

TechCrunch, here

Jack Ma's Ant Buys U.K.'s WorldFirst in a Giant Step Abroad

Bloomberg, here

Agro-Chemical Mega-Mergers and Innovation – Between Competition Law, Regulation and IP Rights

I. Lianos, here

Online platforms required by law to be more transparent with EU businesses

EP, here

The Surveillance Industry and Human Rights

EPIC, here

Emojis and the Law

E. Goldman, video here

A heart-shaped logo cannot be registered as an EU trademark

T-123/18, here.

Amazon's Wish List with Stacy Mitchell

Art19.com, here


E. Bailey, here

Alexa, are you exploiting me?

BEME News, Video here


Francetvinfo, ici

FinTech and market structure in financial services: Market developments and potential financial stability implications

FSB, here

Is Amazon Violating the Sherman Act?

S. Sussman, here

Economics for Inclusive Prosperity: An Introduction

S. Naidu, D. Rodrik, and G. Zucman, here

Economics After Neoliberalism

Boston Review, here

Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Final Report

House of Commons, here

Digital Ad Revenue Tops $26B In Q3 2018

MediaPost, here

Regulators Create Sandboxes as a Place to Foster Fintech

Bloomberg, here

Your Smart Light Can Tell Amazon and Google When You Go to Bed

Bloomberg, here

We’re all being manipulated by A/B testing all the time

Fast Company, here

Ad IDs Behaving Badly

S. Egelman, here



The whistleblower, politician and journo who hauled the banks before a royal commission

ABC News, here

Robotaxis: can automakers catch up with Google in driverless cars?

FT, here

Our Thoughts on Facebook’s WhatsApp + Messenger + Instagram Integration

Public Knowledge, here

Proceeding with caution – a survey on central bank digital currency

BIS, here

Now Your Groceries See You, Too

The Atlantic, here

The Tech Industry Is Dead! Long Live the Tech Monopolies!

TabletMag, here

FTC Decision on Staples' Acquisition of Office Supply Wholesaler Essendant

The Data Inspectorate initiates supervision against Google

Swedish Data Protection Authrity (Google translate), here

Innovation Policy Pluralism

D. Hemel, L.Larrimore Ouellette, here


COE, here

German Court determines the limits of private copying

IPKitten, here

Response to IAB statement

Open Rights Group, here

Comment of the Global Antitrust Institute, George Mason University School of Law, on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission's Digital Platforms Inquiry, Preliminary Report


Entscheidungen in Zeiten des Internets: "Es braucht den Mut zum Scheitern"

Heise.de, hier

Mark Zuckerberg’s Delusion of Consumer Consent

J. Turow, C. Hoofnagle, here

Apple restores Google’s own internal iPhone apps after privacy brouhaha

ArsTechnica, here

Regulatory Sandbox and Competition of Financial Technologies in Taiwan

A. Chen, here

Web Privacy Measurement in Real-Time Bidding Systems. A Graph-Based Approach to Rtb System Classification.

R. van Eijk, here

Tech giants are the new gatekeepers

Axios, here

Wettbewerb schützen

J. Haucap, hier

Andreas Mundt auf Podcast!

LTO, hier