The boundaries of the “premium sports rights” category and its competition law implications

M. Montejo, here

Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single Market

O. Batura, N. van Gorp, P. Larouche (and L.Filistrucchi), here.
TNO/Ecorys/IViR Report here

Musicians: canaries in the coalmine

J. Lanier, here.
WIPO Magazine, Interview here

Who's downloading pirated papers?, here.

What is the European Commission’s problem with Google and Android?

M. Martyniszyn, here

Will blockchains remove the need for an intermediary?

iDate, here

Airbnb dumps Berlin holiday flats before city crackdown

IrishTimes, here

Bathroom supplier fined £826,000 for restricting online prices

CMA, here.

"The CMA will issue its formal infringement decision shortly."

Google Shuts Out Competitors on Android? Hardly

NYTimes, here

Exploring the Boundaries of Big Data

WRR, here

Google Tests Feature That Lets Media Companies, Marketers Publish Directly to Search Results

WSJ, here

Competition Tribunal rules against TREB in dispute over home sales data, here.
CB's press release, here

PayPal Says Federal Trade Commission Investigating Venmo

Bloomberg, here

Whoa, Amazon isn't just making money. It's making more money than ever.

Wired, here

TripAdvisor acquires HouseTrip as home-rental market consolidates

VentureBeat, here

Waze downplays exploit that let researchers track users

TechCrunch, here

Le Sénat adopte une disposition contre les abus de Google, ici

Buchungsportal darf nicht mit eigenen Hotel-Sternen werben

FAZ, hier

Consumers not breaching copyright by circumventing with VPN, AU Government agency says, here.

Draft Report here

Colgate fined over price fixing

CPI, here.
ACCC's press release, here

How GDPR changes the rules for research

The Privacy Advisor, here

Data protection regulations and international data flows: Implications for trade and development

UNCTAD, here

Facebook considering a number of ways to let users earn money from posts

DigitalTrends, here

ICOMP on Statement of Objections against Google Android

7 Top Takeaways from EU’s Google-Android-Tying Charges

S. Cleland, here

Appropriability and the European Commission's Android Investigation

D. Auer, here

Google, Online Search and Consumer Confusion in Australia

A. Scardamaglia, A. Daly, here

EC Statement of Objections on Google's Tactics in Mobile

B. Edelman, here

Paranoid About Android

Bloomberg, here

Android’s Model of Open Innovation

Google, here

Commission sends Statement of Objections to Google on Android operating system and applications

EC, Press Release here.
Commissioner Vestager's Statement here.
Factsheet, here.
Press conference, recordings here (Statement) and here (Q&A)

Negative externality: my paper's massively outdated now.

Hankook Tire fined in China for resale price maintenance

Yonhapnews, here

Competencia y economía colaborativa

ElPeriodico, aquì.

Europe is targeting Google under antitrust laws but missing the bigger picture

J. Powles, here

Advancing the Internet of Things in Europe

EC, here

Fair Use and its politics, at home and abroad

J. Hughes, Presentation here

Statement Regarding Investigation into Alleged Anti-Competitive Conduct by Google

Competition Bureau (Canada), here

Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market

UK House of Lords, here.

Nice, informative read. The irony is, though, that given the actual pace of technological and other developments, some parts of it already feel a bit old.

Judge Andrews permits Microsoft’s SEP-based antitrust claims against InterDigital to proceed (Microsoft v. InterDigital)

Kelley Drye & Warren, here.
Order here.

Trading start-ups are preparing major bank antitrust suits

Reuters, here

Automakers welcome new EU data protection rules

ACEA, here

Data brokers : le pétrole et l’iceberg

CNIL, ici

How to reboot the FTC, here

ABA Antitrust Section’s Spring Meeting—What You Need to Know

Perkins Cole, here

Watermarking and Blockchain Challenges

Copyrightandtechnology, here

Lyft Is Gaining on Uber as It Spends Big for Growth

Bloomberg, here

Das Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverleger Hintergründe und wesentliche Fragen

T. Kreutzer, hier

Say Nay to the Neighbouring Right!

B. Hugenholtz, here

Benefits of Competition and Indicators of Market Power

CEA, here

Wettbewerbspolitik in digitalen Märkten: Sollte Datenschutz eine Rolle spielen?

N. Jentzsch, hier

Copyright Fight Club, here

Ensure Hyperlinking Will Not Infringe Copyright Law: Advocate General Wathelet’s Opinion On Gs Media, here

Some Online Bargains May Only Look Like One

NYTimes, here

How Australian business views the sharing economy

NAB, here

Deterrence in EU merger policy

J. Clougherty , T. Duso, J. Seldeslachts, here

Perchas iguales, wifi o cafetera… así son las restricciones a la vivienda turística

CNMC, aquì

Argentine capital's gov't says Uber illegal, will be penalized

Latino.FoxNews, here

Personal Data Services Promise User Privacy

Networkcomputing, here

Opinion 01/2016 on the EU – U.S. Privacy Shield draft adequacy decision

WP29, here

Antworten auf die Fragen für das Fachgespräch „Kartellrecht und Plattformen“

Bundeskartellamt, hier.
J. Haucap, hier.

Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv),  Hier.
A.Baums, hier.

Google weiß, wo die Deutschen surfen

Brisant, Sendung hier

Former FTC Commissioner: UFC investigations, antitrust lawsuit ‘ultimately about consumers’, here

Sorry, but Uber Isn’t Conspiring to Fix Ridesharing Prices

J. Meyer, R. Meyer, here

The era of AI-human hybrid intelligence

TechCrunch, here

Bloops and Blips Ahead for Bots, here

Not So Fast! Qualcomm Cannot Use “Curious Quirk” of U.S. Discovery Law In Korean Antitrust Proceeding

Proskauer, here.

FBI paid professional hackers one-time fee to crack San Bernardino iPhone

WashingtonPost, here

A global guide to antitrust/competition law—what, why, for whom?

D. Gerber, here

The Dynamic Structure or Regulatory Innovation Networks

M. Jennejohn, here


A. Ezrachi, here

Energy market investigation: Consultation response

Centre for Competition Policy, here

Oxford professor calls for European ethical codes on patient data

TheGuardian, here

Uber pone techo al costo de su servicio en la Ciudad de México

Expansion, aquì. ’s giving $20 million to engineer a better world for the disabled

Wired, here

Freigabe des Zusammenschlusses von Online-Dating-Plattformen

Bundeskartellamt, Fallbericht hier

Finland, the land of vertical search engines

InfoWorld, here

In Bots We Trust?, here

What Is Cognitive Economics? Understanding the World Through New Types of Data

Inverse, here

Using data from social networks to understand and improve systems, here

BMW Launches "Premium Airbnb For Cars"

TheDrive, here

Is Uber even part of the sharing economy?

Fastcoexist, here

Here's How Nike Became a Platform Business

M. Van Alstyne, G. Parker, S. Choudary, here

Why Platform Disruption Is So Much Bigger than Product Disruption

J. Vasquez Sampere, here

Keeping pace with a changing environment: What this means for enforcers

A. Chrisholm, here

Uber is the victim of Judge Rakoff’s curiosity in antitrust case

Reuters, here.
Opinion and Order here.
Original Complaint here.

Deep Learning for Chatbots, Part 1 – Introduction

WildML, here

Quo Vadis FTC? (Endo Complaint)

D. Goldstein, R. Reznick, here

A bunch of big US websites say they're likely to support legal action against ad blockers

Businessinsider, here.

Leading government's 'data revolution'

UKauthority, here

Big data and competition: Facebook faces antitrust probe over privacy terms

Taylor Wessing, here

How to Spot a Monopolistic Search Engine

M. Luca, here

Vermarktungsmodell für die Vergabe der Bundesligarechte ab der Saison 2017/18 gebilligt

Bundeskartellamt, hier

Points de rencontre entre régulation concurrentielle & protection des données

B. Lasserre, Vidéo ici.

Pourquoi l’Autorité française ne se saisit-elle pas aussi de Facebook ?

B. Lasserre, Vidéo ici.

Bots, explained, here

Here’s why the music labels are furious at YouTube. Again., here

How Google Plans to Solve Artificial Intelligence

T. Simonite, here

Why ad blocking, a form of digital self-defense, is not a net neutrality violation

Strand Consult, here

The Conspiracy of Algorithmic Price-Fixing

A. Rosenblat, here

New Decision in Georgia State University E-Reserves Case Released; 41 of 48 Claims of Infringement Found to Be Fair Uses

ARL Policy Notes, here

Tech Giants and Civic Power

M. Moore, here.

Updated Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines

Competition Bureau Canada, here

How Antitrust Law Could Reform College Football: Section 1 of the Sherman Act and the Hope for Tangible Change

M. Edelman, here

Uber CEO must face price-fixing lawsuit by passengers: U.S. judge, here

Smart Homes and the Internet of Things

Atlantic Council, here

Shifting Perspectives: Redesigning Regulation For The Sharing Economy

MaRS Solution Lab, here

FTC Sues Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Others for Illegally Blocking Lower-Cost Generic Versions of the Branded Drugs Opana ER and Lidoderm

Press Release, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...