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WEKO büsst Nikon wegen Behinderung von Parallelimporten

Medienmitteilung, hier

EU-Russia Summit

Videos available here

EU General Court on Access to Documents in Competition Cases

Case T-437/08, CDC Hydrogene Peroxide Cartel Damage Claims (CDC Hydrogene Peroxide) v
European Commission, here. For a first take on (and background to)  this ruling read @kartellblog..

Enforcement Cooperation in International Competition Policy

Alessandra Tonazzi (Italian Competition Authority) speaking  at Trento University
December 7, 2011
4 pm, Room 3C.
Presentation here

Will out-of-commerce books soon be managed by a collective management society in France?

C. Jasserand, here

How Crocs Are Helping Apple Stomp On Samsung, here

Use It, or Lose It: In defence of the critical role of “fair use”, here

Public bodies and competition law

OFT, here

Privacy: A Lesson from the Playroom

J. Brill, here

EU Commission consults on review of current regime for technology transfer agreements


Assessment of potential anticompetitive conduct in the field of intellectual property rights and assessment of the interplay between competition policy and IPR protection

P. Regibeau, K. Rocket, here

HathiTrust's filed response to the lawsuit

The Authors Guild, Inc. et al v. Hathitrust et al., here.

Der Referentenentwurf (RefE) zur 8. GWB-Novelle

C. Dobler, hier (Danke an @JohannesZoettl). 

EU Commission opens formal proceedings to investigate sales of e-books

Press Release, here

SOPA and people with print disabilities, here

New Transport Authority in Italy

Announced at the Post-Cabinet's Press Conference.  


AGCM, C9812B, qui

Europeana Licensing Framework

Done deal on the EU patent?

European Parliament, here

Library and Archive Groups Delighted by Conclusions on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions at WIPO, here.


Svetlana Avdasheva (Institute of Industrial and Market Studies, Higher School of Economics, Moscow) speaking at Trento University
December 5, 2011
3 pm, Room 3C.
Presentation here.

Public Access to Historical Records

M. Pallante, here

The Personal Computer Is Dead

J. Zittrain, here

Unleashing Europe’s potential for growth: The role of competition policy

J. Almunia, here.
From the speech: " Fair and robust competition rules mean – among other things – integrating those markets which, in practice, continue to operate at national level; promoting innovation; encouraging the restructuring of mature European industries; and fighting against protectionism" and  "(R)ecently we have seen a rise in the strategic use of IPR. Take for example the mobile communications industry, where it seems that everybody is suing everybody else for patent infringements, often to block certain products from entering the market.
I have instructed my services to look closely into how intellectual property rights are used; for instance, we have recently asked Apple and Samsung to send us information on their patents for smartphones.
Our enforcement practice has also taught us that IPR strategies may be a concern also in the pharmaceutical industry.
In addition, we will soon be launching a stakeholder survey on the operation of the current antitrust regime of technology transfer agreements, which will expire in 2014.
An important issue will be to assess whether innovation is being properly disseminated to industries and consumers under the current regime."

Rémunération pour la copie privée

Assemblée Nationale (F), Discussion du projet de loi, ici

La Sacem s'oriente vers la taxation du cloud computing, ici

EU-US data privacy storm blows cloud off course, here.

Public Domain Calculation

EuropeanaConnect, here

Copyright Policy and Practice in Electronic Reserves among ARL Libraries

D.Hansen, W. Cross, P.  Edwards, here.

Rapport du Conseil fédéral suisse sur les utilisations illicites d'œuvres sur Internet


Educators Worried About SOPA/PIPA's Impact On Education, here

EU-Kommission legt sich mit Facebook an, hier.