Ad blockers as industry-wide wake-up call, here

Modernizing Regulation in the Canadian Taxi Industry

Canada Competition Bureau, here.

Consumer Actions after the Adoption of the EU Directive on Damage Claims for Competition Law Infringements

J. Drexl, here

'Exhaustion' in the Digital Age

R. Hilty, here

What is your car saying about you?

Fiaregion1, here.
Video here

Uber and the Rule of Law: Should Spontaneous Liberalization be Applauded or Criticized?

D. Geradin, here

Green Light or No, Nest Cam Never Stops Running, here

Microsoft settles suit tied to compliance with EU antitrust case, here

Mozilla: We’re not getting money from Google any more, but we’re doing fine

ArsTechnica, here

Bundesgerichtshof zur Haftung von Access-Providern für Urheberrechtsverletzungen Dritter

Urteile vom 26. November 2015 - I ZR 3/14 und I ZR 174/14, hier

On the IP/Antitrust Interface

A Conversation, Video here.

Whither Uber?: Competitive Dynamics in Transportation Networks

B. Edelman, here.

Google’s investments, acquisitions, and strategy

CB Insights, here

Call for Inputs: Big Data in retail general insurance

FCA, here

Algorithm Predicts Relationship Success Through Couples’ Tone Of Voice

TechCrunch, here

Regulating platforms? A competition law perspective

Chillingcompetition, here

A Car Dealers Won’t Sell: It’s Electric

NYTimes, here

Google Says Local Search Result That Buried Rivals Yelp, TripAdvisor Is Just a Bug, here

Reflections on the use of big data and its implications

Essex University, Submission to the 'Big Data Dilemma Inquiry', here.

Competition Law and the Pharmaceutical Sector in India

S. Mondal and V. Pingali, here

European Data Market

IDC and Open Evidence for the European Commission, DG CONNECT, here.

Consumer groups expose manufacturers for collecting data from connected cars, here

Government Response to the Harper Review, here

Developments in Antitrust Cases Against Sports Leagues

Panel, AAI, Audio  here.

Perspectives on Europe

M. Vestager, Text here. Podcast here.

Superintendência-Geral do Cade instaura processo administrativo contra taxistas no caso Uber, aqui.

The Big Data Dilemma

UK Parliament, Science and Technology Committee, here.

ABA Head Rings Alarm About Amazon Books and Antitrust Laws, here

New international conventions are needed to govern the Internet, here

FOIA'd lobby documents that Dutch Government received regarding Data Protection Regulation, here

The open-data revolution is only getting started

TheEconomist, here

Qualcomm Sinks as South Korea Accuses Company of Breaking Law

Bloomberg, here.  See also iam, here

Pardon the Interruption: Competition and Disruptive Business Models

S. Weissman, here

The Missing Role of Economics in Privacy Regulation at the FTC

J. Wright, Video here (from 08:15).

Experts compare Duke lawsuit to other antitrust cases, here

Bedingungen für Lieferanten: Kartellamt unterliegt im Streit mit Edeka, hier.

OLG Düsseldorf, VI – Kart 6/14 (V), hier.

'Autorité de la concurrence clôt une enquête à l'encontre d'Adidas

Autorité de la concurrence, ici

The Supreme Court Needs to Intervene and Bring Rationality to Tying Law – and It May Wish to Look at Loyalty Discounts as Well

TruthOnTheMarket, here

More Evidence Of How Copyright Makes Culture Disappear In A Giant Black Hole

TechDirt, here

Android: Почему мы не согласны с этим решением?

Googlerussiablog, здесь

Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception

R. Shiller, Book Talk, Video here.

Phishing ("an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details - and sometimes, indirectly, money- often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication").
Phools: not in the Indian sense (flowers in Urdu پھول) - just idiots.

Collusion and Cartels: Successes and Challenges

J. Harrington, here

Towards a Broader View of Competition Policy

J. Stiglitz, here. Video, here (from 11:30).

Anti-Monopoly Enforcement: Protection and Promotion of Technology Innovation

S. Ming, here

Perspectives on judging competition law cases: the role of economic evidence

F. Jenny, here

Chinese Anti-Monopoly Guide on Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights: A Comment

K. Wong-Ervin, J. Wright, D. Ginsburg, B. Kobayashi, here

Zwangslizenz: Patentverwerter Sisvel siegt mit Arnold Ruess und Eisenführ, hier

Professor's legal win will make MOOCs more dynamic, here

Small telcos and consumer groups team up against former monopolies

Euractiv, here

Examen, au regard des règles de concurrence, des activités de normalisation et de certification

Autorité de la concurrence, Avis du 17 novembre 2015, ici

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

C. Christensen, M. Raynor, R. McDonald, here

Sprawling? Pssht—no one streamlines everything from books to bots like Amazon

ArsTechnica, here

Platform Cooperativism

Conference, Videos here

Growth in an increasingly intangible-intensive economy

J. Haskel, Video here

Bundeskartellamt leitet Verfahren gegen Audible/Amazon und Apple ein, hier.

ACX marketplace, FAQs, Distribution: "Exclusive to ACX means your finished audiobook will be sold only through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Any audiobook made using ACX will be distributed through these online retailers. Note that Audible has an exclusive relationship with iTunes (i.e. to get your product into iTunes' audiobook store, you have to go through Audible)."

YouTube Launches Its Long-Awaited Music App

TechCrunch, here

Données personnelles, plateformes et concurrence. Quelle régulation par le droit de la concurrence ?

Déjeuner Procédure, Présentations ici.

EU Council approves trademark reform, despite UK and Dutch reservations, here

Securing Private Communications

A. Arnbak, here

Proposed guidance for firms outsourcing to the ‘cloud’ and other third-party IT services

UK Financial Conduct Authority, here.

The UK government embraces open source via a government-centric fork of LibreOffice

Techrepublic, here

The UN launches an app to let you donate a meal to refugee children

VentureBeat, here

Yahoo Updates Search Experience For Firefox Users On Desktop

SearchEngineLand, here

Google’s New “About Me” Page Lets You Control What Personal Info Others Can See

TechCrunch, here

Has the search result ruling stopped the internet working?

ICO, here

Einwilligungslösungen von Google

HmbBfDI, hier

Google’s map display box could have boosted traffic to rivals, product manager says

MLex, here

European Ecommerce, here

Guidance on the approval of voluntary redress schemes for infringements of competition law

FCA, here

Processing personal data of people who do not have a Facebook account via cookies and social plug-ins

President of the Court of First Instance in Brussels, Belgium, 9th November 2015, English summary here; ruling in Dutch hier

World Intellectual Property Report 2015 - Breakthrough Innovation and Economic Growth

WIPO, here

Achats et emprunts de livres : quelles sont les habitudes des Français ?, ici

Netflix im Datenschutz-Check, hier

The ITC does not have authority over the internet, according to Federal Circuit

TheVerge, here

Critical Algorithm Studies: a Reading List, here

Nike makes changes to running app following investigation by Dutch DPA

CBPweb, hier (Dutch). 

Disney’s smartwatch prototype can identify and track everything you touch

ArsTechnica, here. 

TensorFlow, Google's open source AI, signals big changes in hardware too

Wired, here

Mergers and disruptive innovation

J. Gans, here

Facebook must stop tracking Belgian users within 48 hours, or be fined €250K per day

ArsTechnica, here

Google Faces New Round of EU Probing Over Android Mapping Apps, here

Competition problems provisionally found in private healthcare

CMA, Report here. Notice of possible remedies here

SEPs & FRAND After the CJEU Huawei / ZTE Ruling

Shearman  & Sterling, here.
Presentations here

Ad Blockers and the Next Chapter of the Internet

D. Searls, here

La CNMC y las nuevas tarifas de propiedad intelectual

CNMCblog, aquì.

Sharing data to form alliances, here

Competition Policy in International Agreements

EP, Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, here

Apple Reaffirms Its Superpower Over Android, here

Facebook is censoring links to competitor social network Tsu and deleting old mentions, here

The EU-U.S. Safe Harbor Agreement on Personal Data Privacy: In Brief

US Congressional Research Service, here

Who cares about extended collective licensing?, here

Section by Section Commentary on the TPP - Copyright

K. Weatherall, here

ACCC chair welcomes digital disrupters, here

Competition enforcement is outside politics

M. Vestager, here

The Amazon bookstore (hi, future!), here

A shift to a decluttered digital economy

D. Coyle, here

The impact of e-commerce on the consumer sector- view from a Bank of England Agent, here

Facebook Plans to Use Your Location to Lure New Advertisers, here

Former Rabobank traders convicted in U.S. trial over Libor rigging

Reuters, here

Academic Search Engine Grasps for Meaning, here

Economía colaborativa

A. Lamadrid, aquì.

Google says EU antitrust charges don't take into account that search is free

TheVerge, here

Napster returns in Canada as music streaming service

FactMag, here

The Changing Economics of App Development, here

Not Just Academics Fed Up With Elsevier: Entire Editorial Staff Resigns En Masse To Start Open Access Journal

TechDirt, here

Sharing Economy: Crowd-Based Capitalism and Platform as a "Neutral" Demand Funnel?, here.

Banning Uber like trying to stop the printing press, says Brussels

FT, here.

Unpaid crowd complementors: The platform network effect mirage

K. Boudreau, L. Jeppesen, here.

Promoting innovation through competition

R. Sims, here.

Copyright Captures APIs: A New Caution For Developers

TechCrunch, here.

Google is not doing enough to stop online piracy, JustWatch research suggests, here.

How Expedia will help HomeAway battle Airbnb

Tnooz, here.

Firefox Now Offers a More Private Browsing Experience, here

People's Deepest, Darkest Google Searches Are Being Used Against Them

TheAtlantic, here

Creating a copyright exception for education — four principles to keep in mind

Communia, here

Verbraucher würden für mehr Datenschutz zahlen, hier. . 

Trunki v Kiddee: battle over children's luggage reaches supreme court

Theguardian, here

Filmrezension: „Democracy – Im Rausch der Daten“

Netzpolitik, hier

Lufthansa touts Google as big-name partner, direct-connects starting elsewhere, here

Axel Springer: Adblock-Sperre ist ein Erfolg, hier

A cartoonist transforms the iTunes Terms & Conditions into a graphic novel. It's amazing., here

Google Sued by Rival Whose Maps Got Lost on the Internet, here

Towards comprehensive public & private sector whistleblower protection

OECD, Presentation here

Commission consults on boosting enforcement powers of national competition authorities

EC, here

Roadmap to modernise copyright rules

European Commission, here

Who Owns the Patent on Nutmeg?, here

Das digitale Leben nach dem Tod wird zum Geschäft, hier

Who Knows What About Me? A Survey of Behind the Scenes Personal Data Sharing to Third Parties by Mobile Apps

J. Zang, K. Dummit, J. Graves, P. Lisker, and L. Sweeney, here

Competition and Antitrust in Internet Markets

J.Haucap, T.Stühmeier, here

Kartellrecht und Wettbewerbspolitik für Online-Plattformen

Lisa Hamelmann, Justus Haucap, hier

Amazon opens its first real-world bookshop in Seattle

ArsTechnica, here

UOKiK concludes proceedings in the hotel online booking case, here

Vertical restraints

International Seminar, Programme here; Videos here.
L. Peeperkorn (38:27)
- intrabrand matters, s. softening of competition;
- advice: pick up newer economic literature;
- RPM: inefficient means to achieve efficiencies;

Open Data: Six Stories About Impact in the UK

Omidyar Network, here

Competition Authorities: Views on Disruptive Innovations

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, here.
Competition Commission of Singapore, here.
European Commission, here
Canadian Competition Bureau, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...