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The Second Decade of the International Competition Network: Challenges Ahead?

Oliver BUDZINSKI, University of Southern Denmark, "The Governance of Global Competition:  Challenges for the Second Decade of the ICN"

Alessandra TONAZZI, Italian Competition Authority, "The Governance of Global Competition: ICN’s Next Decade" Friday November 26, 2010 8:30 am
Trento Economics Faculty, Law Department
Room 3
via Verdi 53
Trento - Italy


Closed captioning (stream text) at the following link: (pw: wipo4me). Final Conclusions (from KEI)

Cameron on reviewing IP laws to make them fit for the digital age

From the speech:
"The founders of Google have said they could never have started their company in Britain.
The service they provide depends on taking a snapshot of all the content on the internet at any one time and they feel our copyright system is not as friendly to this sort of innovation as it is in the United States. Over there, they have what are called ‘fair-use’ provisions, which some people believe gives companies more breathing space to create new products and services. So I can announce today that we are reviewing our IP laws, to see if we can make them fit for the internet age."
See also the IPO's press release on the scope of the review.