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Populism: The Phenomenon

Bridgewater, here.

Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware

MotherBoard, here

Maurice Stucke discussing "Virtual Competition" at Harvard University

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 05:00 pm Trento Time, live webcast here

Alleged Collusion Cloud Over Airline Industry Shows Some Signs of Dissipation

Holland & Knight, here

Health Law, IP and Human Rights: Standardised Packaging of Tobacco

S. Palmer, Presentation here (slides and video)

Vestager: “We have found in more than one case, that there was a case of misleading information”

WSJ, here

Using Intellectual Property Tools to Achieve Human Rights Ends: The Example of the Marrakesh VIP Treaty

L. Helfer, Presentation here.

Big data in social sciences: a promise betrayed ?

The Undercover Historian, here

Mining Is The New Reading

IP-Watch, here

Banks and Tech Firms Battle Over Something Akin to Gold: Your Data

NYTimes, here

These AI bots created their own language to talk to each other

Recode, here

"I am concerned that there will be..political antitrust"

ProMarket, here

Halter sollen Eigentümer von Fahrzeugdaten werden, hier.

Supreme Court Uses Imagination in Ruling Cheerleader Uniform Designs Can Be Copyrighted

HollywoodReporter,  here.

ECN+: Proposal for a Directive to empower the competition authorities of the Member States to be more effective enforcers and to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market

EC, here

RCEP: Competition Chapter Leaked

Keionline, here

Deal in sight for Amazon in e-books case against EU

Euractiv, here

Une stratégie pour la France en matière d’intelligence artificielle

Le Gouvernement, ici.
A voir aussi ici

Co-regulation in EU personal data protection: the case of technical standards and the privacy by design standardisation 'mandate'

I. Kamara, here.

A Patent Case That Affects Everyone

Bloomberg, here.


ICO highlights that GDPR requires businesses to understand and explain the rationale of decisions taken by machines, here.

From Marrakesh to Brussels: the long arm of the EU copyright lobby

CEO, here.

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here.

"It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a meeting of minds is still science fiction (emphasis added)". This excruciatingly reminds me that it has been rather long since I've been back from a refreshing break and that I've still a couple of posts pending...

EC introduces new anonymous whistleblower tool

Press Release, here.

Age of Algorithms: Data, Democracy and the News

Kavli Conversation, Video here (from 07:12).

('Outrage is the new porn'; 'everyone wants to hand off the responsability for extremely difficult decisions'; apps disentangling algorithms as transparency).