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A Typology of Privacy

B.-J. Koops, B. Clayton Newell, T. Timan, I. Škorvánek, T. Chokrevski, M. Galič, here.

Why Microsoft just made a big bet on bots

The Verge, here.

(Interestingly, MS fought hard against the browser replacing the desktop OS as the new platform, as every antitrust scholar knows; now MS - not alone, though - is "on the other side" and pushing hard for the bot store to replace the app store. Reactions from the incumbents at risk of being displaced or general and rather peaceful transition towards the new largely AI-fueled paradigm?).

Microsoft CEO: ‘Bots are the new apps'

Mashable, here.

Vertical restraints: new evidence from a business survey

Accent and Oxera for the CMA, here.
See also the Summary note of the CMA roundtable on vertical restraints 16 January 2015, here.

"What vertical restraints are businesses using and what are their main motivations for doing so?"
Seriously, did they expect businesses to answer "for anti-competitive reasons"?

Counterfeit crackdown: Microchips hidden in luxury heels & bags

TheMemo, here.
See also here.

Brexit - Gaining or losing the competitive edge?

Allen & Overy, here.