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Online platforms and data protection

EDPS, here.

"Despite the essential role cloud services play for the deployment of online services, EU consumers still do not seem to fully trust cloud-based services...As a result, finding privacy-friendly solutions for cloud computing services represents one of the main challenges for online platforms... Boosting research and marketing of solutions increasing transparency and user's control over their data (such as “personal data management systems”) is essential to offer a higher level of protection and thus increasing users' trust.

Einheitliche Glühweinpreise: Kartellamt ermittelt, hier.

Disruptive innovation and competition

A. Tonazzi, Presentation here.

Der Bürger als Datenproduzent

Faz,  morgen:

"Warum soll Persönlichkeit, die in einem Lichtbild(werk) verkörpert ist, mit Blick auf die Verwertung auch schutzbedürftiger sein als reine persönliche Daten, wie der Pulsschlag ?"

Digital Regulation

B. Lasserre, Video here.

Growth Through Trust

The CMA, the slave trade and the commercial use of consumer data

MyDex, here.

"At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, let us draw an analogy. Imagine an 18th century Competition and Markets Authority calling for information about the slave trade. If this 18th century CMA accepted the status quo – that the ‘market’ in question is people being traded rather than people being able to trade in the market in their own right – it might have asked how slaves may generate benefit for their owners, how slaves are collected, bought and sold, what contractual arrangements apply to the trading of slaves (including pricing), what restrictions firms have in acquiring slaves, and so on. In other words, it might have asked the sorts of questions that the CMA is currently asking about personal data – assuming that individuals have no right or ability to use/trade their own data for their own purposes in their own right."

Watch also MyDex's testimony to the House of Lords' EU Internal Market Sub-Committee (Online Platforms and the EU Digital Single M…

Standard Essential Patents: The End of IP Rights Enforcement? - Seminar

Disruptive Innovation and Competition - Seminar

Freedom to Innovate (and the Internet of Cranes)

J. Zittrain, Video here.

Competition Advocacy and Disruptive Innovation: The CMA Writes to the FT


"...the proposed rules would undo much of what is novel about these businesses.New taxi business models have the potential to increase choice and deliver what passengers want: shorter waiting times, lower prices and increased responsiveness...

Of course there is a role for regulation, especially where safety is an issue. But technologies, such as satellite navigation, cashless payment systems and user ratings platforms, have the potential to overtake the role of regulation, and safeguard consumers by empowering them with information.The guiding principle of a competitive market is that the consumer is in the driving seat. The job of a competition authority, therefore, is to consider the potential benefit to customers from innovations that enable them to exercise choice — and allow businesses, both new and established, to decide how best to meet demand. ... Consumers, who often benefit from technological disruption, can struggle to make their voices heard. But watch what they…