Entscheidung des Amtsgerichts Bonn in Sachen Pfleiderer

AG Bonn vom 18. Januar 2012, hier. Mittelung des Bundeskartellamtes hier


Provvedimento qui

Megaupload: A Lot Less Guilty Than You Think

Cyberlaw.stanford.edu, here

Neelie Kroes on SOPA, MegaUpload, and Cloud Computing

Vieuws.eu, Interview, here (from 01:53). 

Galaxy-Tab-Urteil - Richterspruch ohne Gewinner

Handelsblatt.com, hier

EU Commission opens proceedings against Samsung on licensing standard essential patents

Press Release, here

Pitruzzella (Antitrust): bene il rating antimafia

IlSole24Ore, qui.

Relearning to forget

The Economist, here

The Sky is Rising: On the State of the Entertainment Industry

M. Masnick, M. Ho, here. Compare it with M. Lemley, Is the Sky Falling on the Content Industries?, here

Public Access to Digital Data:Responses to US OSTP's Request for Information


Plagiat universitaire : le pacte de non-lecture

Lemonde.fr, ici

Strong medicine for law breakers – NDRC’s first antitrust action in the pharmaceutical sector under the Anti-monopoly law

Hogan Lovells, Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation
Client Quarterly Newsletter, p. 18 f., here

Private data, public rules

The Economist, here

Ein Bärendienst an der Forschung

Nzz.ch, hier

EU Commission closes procedural case against Servier

Here. From the press release: "In light of Servier's arguments which would require significant further investigation, the Commission has decided to close the case, and instead focus on the substantive enforcement of competition rules in a number of pending cases, including one involving Servier". Was the Commission flabbergasted  by Servier's backfire?

EU Data protection reform and Cloud Computing

N. Kroes, here

UN Special Rapporteur Talks Human Rights, Internet at GW Law

Techpolicy.com, here

In line with the international competition best practices? - The new competition law in Brazil

D. Herrera Moraes, here

MegaUpload : entretien exclusif avec le responsable technique

Zdnet.fr, ici

Global Data Privacy Laws: Forty Years of Acceleration

G. Greenleaf, here

EU reform of the data protection rules

EU Commission's Proposals: Communication, Regulation, and Directive. More info (impact assessment etc.) on the EU Data Protection Reform 2012 website. Watch also the press conference (questions from 15:27).
On the last move made by Google (here) in the privacy arena, Madame Reding commented that it was "a first step in the direction of more privacy".
Interestingly, the Commissioner also makes rather clear that she has "expanded the high level German data protection rule to 26 other Member States". Briefly, "one-stop shop", "no minimal rules" but "solid rules...technologically neutral".

LAPSI's Policy Recommendations as to the Competitive Issues that the Re-Use of PSI raises


Einschränkungen der Preisgestaltung im Einzelhandel aus wettbewerbsökonomischer Perspektive

J. Haucap, hier

The EU Data Protection Reform 2012: Making Europe the Standard Setter for Modern Data Protection Rules in the Digital Age

V.Reding, here

E-Books going public through crowdfunding

Publishingperspectives.com, here

Researchers find smart meters could reveal favorite TV shows

News.Cnet.com, here

Ökonomen in Demut. Oder: Soll Vater Staat Brust-OPs verbieten?

Fazit, hier

Google’s New Privacy Policy Aims At Integrating YouTube

Paidcontent.org, here

Banking sector and State aid

J. Almunia, here

Algorithms and competition

M. Vestager, here . Large friendly letters? "It's true that the idea of automated systems getting together and reaching a...