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EU Commission closes procedural case against Servier

Here. From the press release: "In light of Servier's arguments which would require significant further investigation, the Commission has decided to close the case, and instead focus on the substantive enforcement of competition rules in a number of pending cases, including one involving Servier". Was the Commission flabbergasted  by Servier's backfire?

EU reform of the data protection rules

EU Commission's Proposals: Communication, Regulation, and Directive. More info (impact assessment etc.) on the EU Data Protection Reform 2012 website. Watch also the press conference (questions from 15:27).
On the last move made by Google (here) in the privacy arena, Madame Reding commented that it was "a first step in the direction of more privacy".
Interestingly, the Commissioner also makes rather clear that she has "expanded the high level German data protection rule to 26 other Member States". Briefly, "one-stop shop", "no minimal rules" but "solid rules...technologically neutral".