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I motori di ricerca devono pagare le notizie, qui. V. anche G. Scorza "Agcom, Sovrana assoluta dei contenuti", qui e, dello stesso autore, "Web: e i diritti (d’autore) di 'noantri'?", qui. In questione è quello scempio dell'art. 5 del DDL collegato alla legge di Stabilità 2014, qui.

Open Data in Transition: Trento Conference

The Holy See on the TPP

Statement, 9th Session of the Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization
Bali, here (p.4-5).

Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules

Here.Press Release, here.

Some highlights:

"The principle of EU exhaustion of the distribution right applies in the case of the distribution of physical copies (e.g. when a tangible article such as a CD or a book, etc. is sold, the right holder cannot prevent the further distribution of that tangible article). The issue that arises here is whether this principle can also be applied in the case of an act of transmission equivalent in its effect to distribution (i.e. where the buyer acquires the property of the copy). This raises difficult questions, notably relating to the practical application of such an approach (how to avoid re-sellers keeping and using a copy of a work after they have “re-sold” it – this is often referred to as the “forward and delete” question {The UsedSoft ruling had an answer to that} as well as to the economic implications of the creation of a second-hand market of copies of perfect quality that never deteriorate (in contrast to the second-hand market for …


R. Picker, Class Slides  here.

Brussels to launch antitrust probe into sales of pay-TV rights

Financial Times, here.

"Joaquín Almunia, the EU competition commissioner, last year sanctioned a “fact finding” effort in light of the (Murphy) ruling to see whether barriers to cross-border access merited antitrust scrutiny and possible enforcement action.

Some investigators are now poised to step up their inquiries into whether “absolute territorial protection clauses” break competition law. These stop licensees from selling to other countries or accepting unsolicited demands from overseas customers to pay to access the content.


Maurits Dolmans, a partner at Cleary Gottlieb, said the 2011 Premier League case concerned satellite sports broadcasting and the court left open whether it could be applied at all to other distribution channels and other forms of content.

“The Commission will have to take into account different economic factors,” he said. “Forcing EU-wide licensing may be attractive for consumers in richer countries, who may pay less, but not necessarily for con…

Le policy universitarie in materia di Accesso Aperto alla scienza: l’esperienza dell’Università di Trieste

Seminario, 27 novembre 2013, Università di Trento, qui.

Saluti della Rettrice - prof.ssa Daria de Pretis

Introduzione – prof. Roberto Caso, delegato della Rettrice per l’Open Access e le politiche contro il plagio

La policy dell’Università di Trieste in materia di accesso aperto – prof. Fabio Benedetti, Presidente della Commissione di Ateneo per l’accesso aperto dell’Università di Trieste

15.30 - 16.00